The Best Bridesmaid Dress Tones for Fall Weddings

Choosing the colors of your bridesmaid dresses is an important task on the wedding schedule after you have found your wedding attire, venue, and chosen an aesthetic. When it comes to picking the dress for your bridesmaid, many brides start by looking for the right tone colors. However, it isn’t always the easiest decision.

Fall features an undeniable beautiful, and the splendor of growing leaves is inspirational to many sparkling and saturated tones for fall. If you are searching for fresh fall tone colors for your bridesmaid dresses, we have compiled this handy guide that will match with the idea of your dream wedding.

Fall Wedding is On Trend Now 



Fall has gradually taken over as the most popular wedding season these years, especially in 2020, due to the COVID-19 situation. With the pandemic severely affecting our lives, many wedding events, unfortunately, have been either postponed or canceled. Therefore, this fall season is already packed with events.

Fall is a beautiful season of the year. With its crisp spell, this season offers many inspirational ideas for fall bridesmaid dress colors. You can pretty easily take cues from the woodland settings, golden leaves, and general moody feels of fall in terms of picking a beautiful tone for the dresses of your bridesmaids.

Below we shall provide you some pointers that will help all fall brides on picking the right tone for their bridesmaid dresses.

  • There is a brilliance that comes along fall fashion. You can skip those all-white, summertime pastels dresses, or the alike through infusing a bit more hue into the entire look.
  • This fall is all about deep dark greens, burgundy, and classic navy blue tones for those who are seeking a sort of bold vibe. There is nothing more splendid than a richly saturated dress that contrasts elegantly with the warm hues of fallen leaves.
  • Do not hesitate to choose lighter tones. Earthy and neutral tones embody the rustic nature of autumn. You may mix and match them with glitter and sequin accents for adding a charismatic touch. While purple is a playful hue that is subtle enough for being a neutral plus looks nice on everyone.
  • Even a husky mauve and creamy ivory look chic and beautiful, with elegantly contrasting to fall’s vivid colors. This color is a good pick if your autumn wedding is held at a place that lacks colors or decorations; in this way, you’ll make it look more vivid. You can pair these tones with a bouquet of vibrant blooms to make things pop.
  • The flowers that you will select for the bouquets should also be considered. Fall is a beautiful time to include herbs, branches, grasses, and even the seasonal produce in the floral arrangements. These will further pop your wedding vibe.
  • Also, you don’t have to be afraid of the brisk temperature. Covering your girls up in a scarf, shawl, jacket, or pashminas does not diminish their look, instead, these pieces can uniquely accessorize their dresses.

Need Some Inspiration for a Fall Bridal Party Look?

In this hard COVID-19 situation, where not much can be done about planning a bridal party as all of us have to remain in our homes to stay healthy, you do not have to compromise on something lower than what you had thought regarding your best friend’s dresses on your wedding.

Here we have put together some of the best tones for bridesmaid dresses for fall weddings. Dresses in the shades of purple, burgundy, dark green, navy blue, and metal colors celebrate this season. Check them out for some best fall bridesmaid dresses ideas and make sure you have it all covered!

1. Metal tone provides warmth in this crisp season.



It can gorgeously complement the white dress of the bride. Bonus? This mesmerizing shade looks beautiful on nearly every skin tone as well. Both metallic lace and sequin dresses bring a sense of glamorous glint that will make your bridesmaids look radiant. Why not choosing a different dress style and keeping to one tone?

2. Burgundy tone is a staple of fall weddings. 



It is waggish in feel, however, still remains ideal for an exquisite affair. Bold brides can add a little pop to their bridal party with this popular color tone for bridesmaid dresses for fall. With long lace sleeves and an empire waist style, this dress gives a totally elegant look to your team.

3. Nothing’s more classic and timeless than the shade of navy blue.


While it is a year-round trend of the bridal party, it never appears as relevant as it looks in fall. It brings a regal touch, which is largely unparalleled. To give less of its formal vibe, you can outfit your bridesmaids with different necklines or just choose one, like this classic high-round neckline.

4. You cannot compete against a shade like dark green.



It serves as a breathtaking backdrop for a bridal cream or white. Accented with red lips and complementing bloom bouquets, this hue is a stylish fall fantasy. As you can see in this picture, choosing a certain color and let styles be different is absolutely trendy and stylish.

5. Purple is a pretty color combination that will truly be memorable.

It represents elegance and nobility and adds a nice surprise to your bridal party. This regal tone works great on all kinds of skin tones and perfectly sums up a fall style.

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