How To Wear Oversized Outfits In Style

As more and more people think we should wear comfortable outfits and athleisure items become popular since the beginning of this year, we can see more and more celebrities and Instagram influencers wear oversized outfits.

Although these oversized outfits look casual, actually there are many tips to wear them in style. Today we will show you how to wear oversized outfits in style this year, keep scrolling for more styling inspirations!

1. Oversized Tops: No More Tuck In Your Tops

Many people used to tuck in their oversized tops to make a chic look. However, more and more people don’t do this anymore, they just wear it in the most original way to create a super lazy and casual vibe.

oversized tops

If you decide to wear an oversized top, then we suggest you go for a fitted bottom which will make a well-balanced look. Jeans and bike shorts are both good choices to pair with an oversized top.

If a fitted bottom is not your style, you could try some comfortable shorts or miniskirts to show more of your sexy legs. Don’t forget to pair with a scandal to complete your hot look!

2. Oversized Pants: Looser And Longer

Compared to skinny pants, oversized pants are more comfortable to wear. This season’s oversized pants are looser and longer which have a more casual vibe.

oversized pants

Jogger pants are loose and comfortable, nowadays they can be worn anytime and anywhere and not just for jogging.

If you want to make a fashion statement with oversized pants, we suggest you pair them with a fitted top, yes, the same styling tip of the oversized top which we just introduced- keep balance.

3. Oversized Dresses: Loose and Without Any Waistline

When it comes to the most popular dress this year, oversized A-line dresses must be on the list. Compared to the popular wrap dresses and milkmaid dresses, oversized A-line dresses are more friendly to people in any body shape.

oversized dresses

If you want to try an oversized A-line dress this year, we suggest you go for a short one especially when you have a petite type. Because the long oversized A-line dress will make you look shorter. The picture will give you an idea of what we mean.

Under normal conditions, a pair of comfortable flattie can complete a cute and comfortable look.

Of course, you can go for a sexy high-heeled sandal to make a statement just as the picture above shows.

That’s today’s introduction about how to wear oversized outfits in style. Are you getting inspired after our introduction? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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