Top 10 Most Beautiful Plus Size Dresses

Up until a few years ago, nearly all of the fashion industry’s attention was directed towards developing dresses and items for women that fit the ‘size zero’, ‘slim’ or ‘fit’ mold. While clothes came in thousands of different designs, patterns, and colors; they only came in a limited number of sizes meant for a small portion of the female population.

In recent years, however, awareness has increased due to activists speaking up on the issue and companies have finally started to become more inclusive and considerate. Thanks to that, these days all sorts of clothes are available for women of all sizes.

Looking For a Flattering Plus Size Dress?


With all these new and innovative options available, if you are looking for flattering dresses for plus size you won’t find trouble. If you’re looking for something that suits your body type and accentuates those curves rather than makes them look unnatural or disproportionate, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to give you some ideas on what kind of dresses would compliment your looks and make you look gorgeous.

These dresses vary in their design, make, their particular embellishments, cuts, and degree of formality. So, you can go through them and choose what you feel comfortable with most or what makes you feel like you. You can even mix up the designs to create something entirely unique for yourself.

Top 10 Beautiful Plus Size Dresses

The ever-pretty plus size section has long been neglected in main-stream fashion services but at long last, it has finally been recognized and has started to receive the attention it so deserves. After all, a huge chunk of the female populace falls under this category and it is nothing to be ashamed of; carry your curves with pride! With these recent developments, plus size dresses for women are now readily available, and below we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 picks of these dresses. You can modify each according to what you like best.

1. Simple and sophisticated velvet dress


Velvet is one of those materials that give such an elegant and royal look that it’s hard to take your eyes off it or resist the temptation to get. You could get a dress made of a plain piece of velvet material or add some other embellishments to it like so beads, pearls, or some rhinestones. Either way, it’s not going to let you down.

2. Short dress with attractive print pattern


Wrap dresses with simple necklines and made of fabric with some cute or funky prints on it are becoming quite the sensation. These dresses are usually shorter i.e. a bit above your knees but you can modify them to whatever length you’re comfortable with.

3. A shift or long dress

If you’re looking to pair up your outfit with something else like a leather jacket, a cute coat or some shawl, etc. a shift or yoke dress, or any type of simple long dress than ends a bit below your knees would be an excellent choice, especially in the winter season. It would be highly comfortable as well as trendy and cool. Wear some leather boots underneath and you’re good to go!

4. Button-up striped dress


If you want something really chic but casual, something you could wear to a stroll or a trip to the mall but also something that would make you look stylish while doing even these simple tasks, this one is just for you. It’s quite simple; a dress that goes just below your knees, with a collar and a loose belt. It doesn’t get niftier than that.

5. A shirtdress

This might not sound too flashy at first but trust us, it’s an upcoming and innovative fashion trend that is here to stay. This dress is the perfect blend of casual and formal and comes in so many patterns and design specifics, you can’t go wrong with it! You can also accessorize it with a belt or some other jewelry.

6. A strapless empire dress


This lush and beautiful dress is for formal events in which you’d like to look your best. It features a subtle V-neckline and a floor-length skirt made of sheer material with lots of frills.

7. Ball-gown dress


Ball-gowns are classic and have dominated the industry for as long as we can remember. They are evergreen and can be worn at almost any event. This ball-gown has thin straps for extra support, a silk blouse, and a beautiful skirt with multiple layers that goes down to your feet.

8. Delicate V-neck empire dress


A simple yet striking dress with a blouse made of a lacey material, with embroidery embedded in it, a deep V-neck, ruffle sleeves, and a silk belt to cinch the waist and make your curves more prominent. It also has an empire skirt of chiffon underneath, layered upon a shear base cloth.

9. Short-sleeved shiny A-line dress


For those of you that are bold enough to completely embrace your body, this one is for you. A tight fitted dress that hugs your body in all the right places and makes you look stunning. The dress has sequins on it which make it shiny, a V-neck, and a modified A-line style which makes it very eye-catching and vivid.

10. A black maxi dress with ruffle sleeves


When all else fails, black always comes to the rescue. The color itself projects style and emotion of self-confidence. It gives a dark, charming vibe which makes it hard to resist. Add a broad V-neck, a little accentuation at the waits, and some simple chiffon butterfly sleeves to give it a further up-grade and you are all set!


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