8 Hairstyles Ideas to Match Wedding Guest Dresses

Been invited to a wedding and have no idea of what dress to choose, and even less idea of what type of makeup and hairstyle you are going to choose? Don’t panic! We will give you the best hairstyle ideas to match wedding guest dresses and look radiant on that wedding.

As it is widely well-known, the bride and her bridesmaids should obviously put a lot of effort in their outfit, makeup and hair for the bid day; but that doesn’t mean that the wedding guests shouldn’t do any efforts at all.

To start with, you should first choose your dress and then start thinking of what type of hairstyles can match it. Remember: it is the hairstyle that needs to adapt to the dress, and not the other way around. Sometimes, hairstyle choosing for wedding guest dresses can be a bit stressful but we are here to help you out.

In this article, we will give you some tips for wedding guest dress and hairstyle matching that will guide you in your choosing process in order to be the star of the night.

Why Hairstyle is Important for a Wedding Guest?

If you’re wondering why is it so important to have an appropriate hairstyle at a wedding, you should probably start off by asking yourself what a dress is without a matching hairstyle. You probably know the answer.

You may have seen this scene before: a beautiful lady at a party wearing a stunning dress, amazing shoes, a beautiful purse, and the hair…nothing. Plain, loose hair that doesn’t speak for itself. Well, you should know this is a terrible mistake to make since the dress and the hair go hand in hand together and they help reinforce each other. You certainly cannot be elegant by just wearing the perfect dress. There’s more to that: hairstyle choosing for wedding guest dresses is a must.

8 hairstyles Ideas to Match Wedding Guest Dresses.

As promised before, we are going to guide you and give you the best hairstyle ideas to match wedding guest dresses in order to help you choose the one that’s the most appropriate.

1. An elegant curved twist


Instead of having your hair pulled straight back you can try this alternative: a side twist wrapped around the head and ending at the neck nape. It looks natural and romantic. Take into account that you need to have minimum shoulder-length hair.

2. A messy bun with a braided crown


This hairstyle is perfect for those types of hair that are stubborn when styling them. It starts with a thick braid that goes all around one side of your head and then ends in a messy bun. Again, shoulder-length hair (at least) is needed for this style.

3. A country-style bun


This country-style, messy bun is an ideal choice of you have a casual wedding maybe outdoors. It looks simple and romantic and the good news are you can easily pull it off.

4. A romantic braided ponytail


If you are a ponytail fan, this could be a perfect fit for you since it’s comfortable but remains elegant and sweet with the braid surrounding the ponytail. With this hairstyle you’ll forget about watching out your hair all night.

5. Rocker-style hair


If you’re more of a rebel woman and want to keep you real style at the wedding, you can turn to this edgy hairstyle which clearly proves not all braids need to be sweet and romantic. The good thing about this style is that you don’t need have a very long hair to wear it. It can be adapted to almost every length.

6. Princess-like hairstyle


Lucky enough to have a very long hair that resembles that of Rapunzel? Then this beautiful style may be appropriate for you. Dare to wear it with some embellishments to give it a special touch.

7. Pin style with curls


With a special 1940s touch, this romantic updo with pin curls will make you look stunning and romantic. This proves that you don’t really need to be modern all the time. This is another hairstyle which you can wear if you have long or short hair.

8. Viking-style braid


This bubble braid with a Viking look is a perfect fit for those with extremely long hair. It involves a ponytail, the bubble braid and lots of pins and elastics. A perfect hairstyle for bold women!

Tips for Wedding Guest Dresses and Hairstyle Matching.

All right, we gave you some hairstyle ideas to match wedding guest dresses that are incredibly stunning, now let’s take a look into some dresses ideas and tips for wedding guest dress and hairstyle matching.

1. Elegant, Relaxed Wedding Guest Dress

This beautiful floor-length dress is ideal for both celebrations at night and midday and can be perfectly fitted with hairstyles numbers 1, 3, 4 and 8.


2. Fresh, Romantic Off-Shoulder Wedding Guest Dress

This romantic long dress is the perfect choice for a celebration held during the day, especially outdoors in a garden or in the countryside. The hairstyles that match it are numbers 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8.


3. Flowy Tulle Wedding Guest Dress

With a natural flowy look, this gorgeous floor-length dress suits almost every hairstyle. You can match it with styles numbers 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7.


4. Elegant, Formal Wedding Guest Dress

This dress option is probably more suitable for those women who don’t want to show too much. With a V-neckline and sleeves, it has everything it need to look perfectly elegant. The hairstyles that can match this one are numbers 1, 3, 4 and 7.


5. Sweet, Romantic Wedding Guest Dress

Keeping up with the romantic looks, this is another option for both day and night. You can combine this one with hairstyles number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.


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