10 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Eloping (Updated in 2021)

Planning an elopement? Getting married is a beautiful thing to do as it means choosing your partner for a lifetime. Whereas some couples like to do it surrounded by their loved ones, some others prefer to do it alone in the privacy of having each other.

If you are planning your elopement and are looking for a beautiful dress to wear during that special moment, then this guide will be absolutely useful for you!

What is Eloping and Why Couples Do It

Eloping basically means getting married without telling anybody, especially parents, other family members and friends. As taboo as it may sound, this practice is pretty common and couples even choose romantic destinations to visit and elope there. Some possible reasons why couples choose to elope are:

· Because their parents disapprove of the union:


This might sound a bit ancient, but it still happens to the present. When parents are not happy with the couple, they may choose to do it secretly.

· Because of economic reasons:


Celebrating a wedding with a reception and party can be cheap if you try hard, but in the end, it always requires money. Some couples decide not to get married when there’s no money at all, but some others put love first and decide to get married anyway. A great way to do it without spending a cent is by eloping.

· Pregnancy:


This might sound quite old-fashioned for some peoples, but it all depends on the culture. Sometimes, when a woman gets pregnant, the couple prefers to get married quickly and avoid any slow arrangements. As a result, they elope.

· Adventure:


Sometimes couples want to have an adventurous wedding in a romantic spot different from their city. Eloping is a great way of doing so!

If you found enough reasons for eloping already and want to start looking for beautiful and practical eloping dress ideas that are absolutely affordable, keep on reading!

5 tips for choosing your elopement wedding dress

Ready for eloping? Let’s take a look at these 5 tips for choosing eloping dresses for a wedding:

· Consider the destination:


Where is the wedding going to take place? The beach? A small church? Maybe Vegas? You need to adapt the dress to the place. If it’s the beach, probably a beach-looking wedding dress would be good. Vegas, on the contrary, might need a bit more glamour.

· Comfort is a priority:


Eloping is fun and informal! Choose a dress in which you are certain you will feel absolutely comfortable, whether it’s an off-shoulder dress, a knee-length one, etc. Whatever you choose will be perfect. Remember: no one will be there to criticize!

· No need to spend too much:


We all know wedding dresses are worn only once and sometimes it’s a pity to spend too much money on them. Well, eloping takes even less time as there are no formal reunions with family and friends, so unless you really want to spend a lot, remember you don’t need to do that!

· Choose it with your partner:


This is a bit untraditional, but eloping is too. If you can’t take your mom or best friend with you when choosing the dress, why not taking your partner? It might be fun and you can make sure he’ll love the dress. This is only for very bold brides!

· Buy it online:


Want to save even more? Then a great option is buying your dress online. Just make sure it’ll arrive on time!

10 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Eloping in 2021

If you are ready to choose your elopement wedding dress, take a look at this list of 10 beautiful dresses:

1. Elegant Fishtail Eloping Wedding Dress


you’re looking for an elegant wedding dress that remains modern in its design, this beautiful dress is a great option. It features flutter sleeves, a deep V-neckline, a rhinestone belt that accentuates the waist, and a mermaid skirt.

2. Minimalist V-Neckline Eloping Wedding Dress


This gorgeous A-line chiffon wedding dress features a delicate satin belt that embraces your waist, a pleating detail on the bust to add volume, a V-neckline, flutter sleeves and a floor-length skirt. A great option for eloping!

3. Informal Off-Shoulder Eloping Wedding Dress


Planning a beach elopement? Take a look at this one! With an off-shoulder neckline, this beach wedding dress features an elegant empire waist and an elastic band at the back with a sexy high split.

4. Romantic A-Line Eloping Wedding Dress


This absolutely romantic wedding dress features a round neck and see-through short puff sleeves, a sexy pattern that repeats in the legs area, making it even sexier. This one is also perfect for the beach or any other informal occasion!

5. Classic Lacy Eloping Wedding Dress


Elegant by itself, this beautiful wedding dress features a deep V-neckline both at the front and at the back, short, ruffle sleeves and an A-line style. All made from lace, a soft layer of tulle covers it completely for a mysterious look.

6. Glamorous Fluffy Eloping Wedding Dress


If you want your dress to have glamour all over it, this is a great idea. It features a high-low skirt and a sexy, deep V-neckline. The ruffle sleeves and the fluffy tulle add volume and drama.

7. Modern High-Low Eloping Wedding Dress


Similar to the previous one, but simpler. The high-low skirt and the ruffle short sleeves make this dress absolutely modern. The tulle material adds enough volume for you to feel like a wedding princess.

8. Creative Eloping Wedding Dress with Colorful Belt


You can have a wedding dress that’s out of normal, and this is it. It features a strapless neckline with a sweetheart shape, a fishtail skirt and the most creative detail: a colorful belt that not only embraces your waist but also adds fun to the dress!

9. Romantic Lacey Eloping Wedding Dress


If you want to look absolutely gorgeous on your elopement, this dress will do the task. It features long lacey sleeves combines with tulle, a lacey bust area with a V-neckline and a huge, tulle skirt which adds beautiful volume.

10. Elegant Short Eloping Wedding Dress


Looking for something different and relaxed? This mini dress allows you to have a classic look. It features short sleeves and a beautiful golden rhinestone belt that accentuates your figure.



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