How To Choose Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

After you’ve carefully shopped your wedding dress, the next step is to think about what kinds of bridesmaid dresses your girls will get to wear. We have to admit that finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses can be almost as tricky as choosing your dream dress itself because you will deal with various personalities and different taste preferences of your girls. Here are three questions you should consider first: What color and fabrics for bridesmaid dresses coordinate your wedding theme/style? What bridesmaid dress style can flatter your girls’ bodies? What’s the budget for bridesmaid dresses?

Don’t worry and fret, today we will share some useful ideas about how to choose affordable bridesmaid dresses and dresses color guide. Let’s check it out!

1.What Is The Best Color For Bridesmaid Dresses?

• Blue Bridesmaid Dresses


The soft and calming light blue bridesmaid dresses go so wonderfully well with white wedding dress and create a serene vibe when they match together. It is a refreshing choice which lends itself to a variety of different wedding decorations and seasons.


If you like something brighter, we suggest you try navy blue which is more eye-catching than light blue. Navy blue is a perfect bridesmaid dress choice if you want to add a bolder touch to your wedding. What’s more, compared to light blue, navy blue is more friendly to different skin colors and body types, if you have no idea about choosing which color of your bridesmaid dresses, then navy blue is always a smart and safe choice!

• Purple Bridesmaid Dresses


No matter your wedding theme/style is, you can always find a perfect purple bridesmaid dress to coordinate. For a rustic wedding, deep plum tones nicely complement the natural outdoor details for its rich hues. For a spring or summer daytime wedding, lilac shade can add a romantic garden party vibe. If your wedding has a more vibrant palette, orchid or gentle lilacs shades of purple are the perfect match.

·Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses



Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are the first choice of many new couples for their fall and winter wedding. This rich, luxurious hue is a sophisticated and gorgeous choice for cooler months whether your wedding is going to be woodsy and rustic, sleek and modern, or anything in between, burgundy can pair amazingly with a wide range of colors and flatters on every skin tone.

2.How Long Should Bridesmaid Dresses Be?



From the point of traditional view, long bridesmaid dresses were the only proper choice and the short bridesmaid dresses were too casual for a wedding or even a bit absurd. However, nowadays wedding became more casual and new couples are going more with their personal preference rather than what tradition says and heck. Long bridesmaid dresses are elegant, classic and chic, while short bridesmaid dresses are fun and sweet! You should choose bridesmaid dresses style according to your wedding theme/style and personal preference! Here are two critical pieces you definitely should consider when choosing your bridesmaid dresses:

• The Formality of Your Wedding.

If your wedding is a formal event, such as taking place in a church, then we suggest you choose long bridesmaid dresses even high neckline or sleeves. If your wedding is more casual, low-key, maybe in the backyard of your home, then short bridesmaid dresses will fit right in!

• The Season And Climate.

Make sure that you consider the possible temperatures and weather conditions of your big day. Because it will be very terrible if your girls wearing thick, heavy, long bridesmaid dress to take outdoor pictures in summer, or being freezing cold while wearing thin, short bridesmaid dresses in months.

3.How Early Should You Order Bridesmaid Dresses?

Many brides don’t realize that they need more time to prepare their bridesmaid dresses. To ensure you don’t have to rush the search and order process, it’s necessary that you should shop at the right time.

• 6-8 Months Before Your Wedding: Inspirations and Sizes

Once you’ve shopped your wedding dress, use it as inspiration for your bridesmaid dresses and confirm your girls’ sizes. Unlike many bridesmaid dress brands, Ever-Pretty carries sizes from 04 to 26 (US size) online, and over one hundred different bridesmaid dress styles are at an average price of $50 in high quality!

• 3-5 Months Before Your Wedding: Place Your Orders

It may sounds a bit silly to order bridesmaid dresses 3-5 months before your wedding, but it’s really important to do this, because you need to consider the time of customization, delivery and alternations.

• 2 Months Out: Alternations

Once the bridesmaid dresses arrive, your girls need to make any alternations which can take anywhere from one to two months.

4.The Guide to Help You to Buy Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses.


Here comes to the big question- how to buy affordable bridesmaid dresses? Let’s make a long story short:

  • Plan Your Budget for Bridesmaid Dresses and Stick to It.

Create a budget for bridesmaid dress, we suggest the maximum is under $100, and try your best to resist impulse shopping.

  • Know Discounts, Coupon, Promotions and Credit Card Rewards Program before Buying Bridesmaid Dresses.

Sign for email newsletters of the store which you will shop, it’s the easiest way to stay on top of their promotions.

  • Compare Prices When You Shop for Bridesmaid Dress.

When you find the perfect bridesmaid dress, we suggest you use a price-comparison engine/site, such as Google shopping, Price Grabber or ShopSavvy to make sure you’re getting the best price.

  • Check the Shipping Information and Return & Exchange Policy.

You should check the shipping information if you want to shop online and receive the bridesmaid dresses before a specific date. For return and exchange policy, it is always important to read it. Under normal condition, final sale and clearance products tend to have the strictest policies, and please be sure to save your paper/electronic receipts because you will need it if you need to return or exchange.

After all the ideas about how to choose affordable bridesmaid dress and dress color guide which we rounded up, do you have any inspirations or go-to strategy? Tell us in the comments below!

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