Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for Casual Weddings 2021

Casual weddings are becoming more and more common these days in which the pandemic constantly changed all our plans during the past year. Many couples had to put off their weddings and then had to arrange them again with a short time notice.

For these reasons, casual weddings are becoming trendy. If you plan to celebrate your wedding in a casual, relaxed way, then this guide about casual wedding dresses might be useful for you. Keep reading and make your choice!

What Should and Shouldn’t Bridesmaids Wear for Casual Weddings

The bridesmaid dress is very often a controversial dress to choose from since it obviously needs to be beautiful, but it cannot spark over the main dress: the wedding dress. For this reason, many brides and bridesmaids tend to have a hard time choosing the dress as the process takes time and a lot of effort.

To save some of that time and effort, we’ve designed this humble list of what bridesmaids should wear and what they shouldn’t wear when choosing a casual bridesmaid dress. Take a look!

· Bridesmaids should wear a comfortable dress:


This is absolutely true for any type of wedding, and if we’re talking about a casual one, then better! Bridesmaids are supposed to be next to the bride, supporting and helping her with anything she might need. So how are they supposed to fill this role if the dresses are not comfortable?

· Bridesmaids shouldn’t wear too many sparks:


A little bit of shine is ok for a bridesmaid dress, but too much is simply too much. The bride always has to be taken into consideration and the bridesmaid dresses should be chosen accordingly. After all, no one wants to see a group of bridesmaids shining more than the bride herself.

· Bridesmaids should wear a simple dress:


If the wedding is casual, it’s always preferable that the bridesmaids wear a simple, minimalistic dress. Of course, this doesn’t mean they have to choose awful dresses. Sometimes, less means more.

· Bridesmaids shouldn’t wear short dresses:


If the wedding is casual then probably the dresses will be minimalistic. Choosing short bridesmaid dresses that are at a knee level or shorter could be too much informality for a wedding.

How to Style your Look for a Casual Wedding

If you are looking for beautiful ideas to style casual bridesmaid dresses for outdoor weddings or you simply want some tips for a regular casual wedding, these may be helpful!

· Choose heels that are not so high:


Especially if the wedding is taking place in a garden or the beach. The sand and the grass floors could be dangerous if you’re out there walking in super high heels. No one wants accidents at a wedding!

· Choose light jewelry:


Choose light jewelry provided that your bridesmaid dress is subtle and simple. You can add colorful necklaces and earrings. If the dress is quite impressive, just opt for subtle jewelry or simply none at all.

· What about a hat?


An outdoor wedding could mean a sunny area! Hats are always cute and decorative. Not only do they protect you from the sun but they also add a special, country style to your outfit.

· Choose minimalist purse:


If you’re going to take a purse with you, choose one that isn’t too big or too bright. Remember at a casual outdoor wedding, bridesmaids need to remain as subtle and simple as possible.

· Light make-up is perfect:


Choose light makeup whether the wedding takes place during the night or the day, after all, it’s a casual wedding!

Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses for Casual Weddings

Starting to feel the adrenaline of choosing your dress? This list of 5 bridesmaid dress ideas for casual weddings has been specially designed for you!

1. Elegant Spaghetti Strap Below-The-Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress


This charming and elegant bridesmaid dress is made of exquisite chiffon and features delicate spaghettis traps, an asymmetrical pleated bodice that perfectly fits and embraces your bust area, and wide straps that are fastened around your waist to emphasize your beautiful curves. The flowy skirt adds a romantic special touch to the dress. If you want an elegant bridesmaid dress for a casual wedding, this is the perfect option for you!

2. Classic Double V-neckline Tulle Bridesmaid Dress


This amazing dress is perfect for any casual weddings both outdoors and indoors. It features a double deep V-neckline with a ruched bodice that adds elegant detail. The maxi skirt is floor-long and it’s made of tulle, adding great volume! If you’re a bridesmaid at a casual wedding and you want to remain elegant and classy, this is the perfect dress for you!

3. Beautiful Short Bridesmaid Dress


This incredibly beautiful short bridesmaid dress features an off-shoulder neckline, adjustable shoulder straps for extended comfort, ruffle sleeves, and a delicate applique for a special touch. The flowy skirt made of tulle adds lots of volume to the dress.

4. Stylish Asymmetrical Bridesmaid Dress


The most stylish bridesmaid dress of all time, this asymmetrical dress will surely make a statement at the wedding. The midi dress features a ruched bodice for extra volume, a double v-neckline, and an asymmetrical skirt. Perfect for any type of wedding!

5. Minimalistic Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


This chiffon maxi dress has a minimalistic style, making it a perfect option for casual weddings. It’s sleeveless and it features a rucked bodice with a rucked belt around the waist to enhance your curves, a deep v-neckline both on the front and the back, and a floor-length skirt.

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