Why You Should Try Sleeveless T-Shirt And How To Wear It In Style

Summer is the best chance to show your skin! How many sexy tops have you added to your summer wardrobe this season? As we said in many previous posts, crop tops, tank tops, and knit tops are all one big trend this 2020, we think you have seen them in many fashion magazines and Instagram.

Woman in beige cotton camisole shirt, studio shot.

So, do you want to try something new and special? If your answer is yes, please keep scrolling for more outfits inspirations! Today, we will introduce a new item- sleeveless T-Shirt for women and show you how to wear it in style, let’s check it out!

1. Sleeveless T-Shirt Is Friendly To Most Body Shapes


This season’s new sleeveless T-shirts are a far cry from the unfashionable vests of the past. As the picture above shows, there is a shoulder pad in this new sleeveless T-shirt which perfectly wraps your shoulders, so you don’t need to worry about your thick shoulders if you have.


Compared to a tank vest, this new sleeveless T-shirt easily makes you look more slender. The pictures of Instagram influencers Sara Karlsson and Maria Barteczko will give you an idea of what we mean.


If you work out a lot and have beautiful muscles, of course, you can go for a new sleeveless T-shirt to show them off!

2. How To Wear Sleeveless T-Shirts In Style?

These new sleeveless T-shirts are typically neutral style items, so we suggest you go for a minimalistic look when you wear them.

  • Loose pants are best friends with sleeveless T-shirts



Loose suit pants are the top recommendation to pair with these new sleeveless T-shirts without a doubt. Add a belt to complete the neutral look.



As a versatile item, loose jeans are another great choice to go. Compared to suit pants, jeans are more of a casual vibe.


You can also try sports pants as the athleisure style is a big trend this year.

  • Pair with monochromatic skirts to make a mix-and-match look





Yes, these new sleeveless T-shirts are neutral style items, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t pair with skirts. We suggest you go for monochromatic skirts which look simple and full of high fashion.

  • Go for golden necklaces to enhance your outfit




If you want to wear some accessories or add something more to your new look, we suggest you go for a golden necklace which easily enhances your outfit. Sometimes the accessories are the star of the show. We believe the pictures above will give you some new inspirations!

That’s today’s introduction to the new sleeveless T-shirts and how to wear it in style. Are you going to add it to your shopping list? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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