What to Wear to a Bridal Shower: Brides & Guests Guide 2021

For some women, bridal showers can be defined as a glorified hen-fest where the bride basks in the attention of family and friends or a party for a wedding where the attending guests wonder if the gift they picked up last minute is the same as anyone else’s. Regardless of presents and those ephemeral details, pictures and memories will last forever.

Whether you plan to participate in silly matrimonial games, or taste test cocktails for the big day, as a bride or as a guest, making sure you look good doing it should be on the mind of anyone attending.

What’s a bridal shower?


A bridal shower is a party that can set the tone for a perfect wedding. Mainly attended by women, showers can range from casual to haute couture. These soirees can occur at multiple types of venues and what you wear should be as memorable as the shower.

An event as grand as this requires extensive planning to ensure that both the bride and her attending guests enjoy themselves all while looking forward to the future event.

When choosing the best outfit for a bridal shower, keep happy, floral, and festive tones in mind. Black is great for a night out but maybe a little too sexy for a bride’s second-biggest day.

Speaking of sexy, you might want to save the tight, revealing clothes in your closet for date night.

Now, don’t get confused, showing off a little skin is no problem, but it may be best to keep your, um, assets under wraps! If you must wear dark colors, settle for a soft inviting gray, or a neutral navy.

Abiding by the unspoken rules of bridal shower do’s and don’ts can be made simple with this guide; ensuring you look your best photo-ready, and stylish self. Often guests worry about upstaging the bride, and the bride may worry that she is trying too hard.


Giving off your desired impression, all while dressing appropriately is one of the few things all participants worry about. It is important to remember that the vibe you want to give off, is chic and polished, but ready for any bridal shower shenanigans.

Still confused? Don’t wanna stand out in a bad way at the shower? White is always a color that can flatter most skin tones and body shapes, photograph well, and provide a classic look fit for any type of shower.


When searching for a white dress, long white dresses will always give off a more formal impression. White is also one of the easier colors to accessorize, making it a top pick for events such as this. A party guest or bride can easily pair an eye-catching piece of jewelry to a simple white dress, and make a casual outfit look posh.

With a long white dress, you can give off whatever impression you like from formal to casual, tropical to elegant. With the right dress, you can make the right statement for the festivities!

Bridal shower dress ideas for the bride

Bridal shower dresses for the bride are hard to come by. As the bride, aren’t you expected to wear white? The decision is totally up to you, but if we’re sticking to tradition, this guide is totally here to help you make the right choice. After all, why should you be ashamed of taking advantage of your “bridal status”?

1. The Sweetheart:


This dress is perfect if you want to give off a subtle and innocent, yet sexy vibe. Simple and modest with a twist, this dress is sure to make any bride the most stunning in the room.

2. The Tease:


One of the sultrier choices on our list, if a bride wants to turn heads at her shower, then look no further. This strapless number is for the more daring readers who want to demand attention.

3. The Royal Bride:


This look is perfect for the bride who wants to ooze elegance at her shower.

4. The Beach Babe:


The dress is the perfect choice for a laid-back bride going for a beachy look at her shower.

Bridal shower dress ideas for guests

Most would think that white dresses for a bridal shower are a big no-no for a guest attending, but the main point is to look your best and to avoid upstaging the bride. With the bride’s permission, a long white dress can provide a tone of elegance for a bridal shower. Even if the theme of the shower is casual, we all want to dress to impress, right? Nothing says “I’m the center of attention” like a flattering white dress.

1. The Artsy Dress:


This choice is perfect for our bohemian guest who wants a softer look at the shower. For the more delicate and free-spirited woman.

2. The Debutante:


Going for a more playful look? This casual but classy look is one of our more formal choices that can give a casual shower look, a more youthful appearance.

3. Fragile, like a bomb:


Want a more delicate look, but still attempting to keep your firecracker status? This dress is the perfect balance of light and chic.

4. The Pixie:


A chiffon dress that will help show off a girl’s glowing legs with an “I’m ready for anything” statement.

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