Bridal Make Up Tips: The Dos And Don'ts You Should Know

It’s not an easy job deciding on the ideal bridal makeup for your wedding day, unless you just decide to play it safe with a nude-like makeup look, which is not at all bad: nude lips and a subtle eyeliner flick. If, on the contrary, you want to go for a bolder option like smoky eyes and fuchsia lips, you need to be really careful with your choice so as not to spoil your look for the big day.

In this article we will give you many bridal beauty tips on everything you need to do to feel stunning during your wedding day and what you shouldn’t do to avoid ruining that very special day. If your wedding is near and you need some beauty tips, go ahead and continue reading this special wedding guide.

Dos: Things You Need to Do to Feel Beautiful on Your Wedding Day

To start with, let’s take a look at the wedding makeup looks Dos list, where you’ll be able to grab a general idea of what things are important to do during the beauty process while getting ready for your bid day.


1. Choose waterproof makeup: this may seem an obvious thing to say but many of us tend to buy regular makeup as it is easier to take off. Why waterproof? Well, even if you’re not a weeping willow, you may need it.

If you are having your bridal makeup done in your wedding day, this is not a problem. However, if you are a total pro and you’re going to do it by yourself and everything you have is regular (not waterproof) makeup, here’s a cheap solution: you can buy a quick-drying coat to make your makeup water proof: you can apply it to your blush, eyeliner, lipstick and shadows. Basically, a miracle.

2. Stick to styles that match and enhance your natural beauty: this rule applies if you want to go for a natural look. Don’t choose colors and styles that don’t fit you. For example, if your eyelids are naturally pink, try to choose a similar color to enhance that beautiful and natural feature of yours. If the tone of your lips is berry-like, a similar lipstick will always emphasize that characteristic. A delicate eyeliner style combined with a neutral, soft lipstick will achieve an excellent natural bridal makeup result.

3. Be careful with dramatic styles! If, on the contrary, you want to choose an intense, dramatic bridal makeup style, make sure it suits your face and your dress. These makeup styles can be a good thing to choose when your dress is simple without many details; however, if you chose a complex dress, try to go simpler on the makeup. A beautiful dramatic makeup could be red lips combined with half-smoky eyes.

4. Remember the under-eye concealer: again, another tip that may seem obvious yet it’s not, especially if you are having your makeup done by yourself. What’s important to consider here is balance: too much will look exaggerated and none of it can show some nasty eye bags or dark circles. For a fresh face, choose the appropriate color according to your skin tone; yes, this means that you shouldn’t go for a lighter tone. When putting it on, don’t apply too much pressure. This bridal makeup tip will help you show a beautiful, fresh face on your big day.

5. Put on blush on your cheek apples: some women do not like wearing blush, so if you’re one of those let me tell you that together with a moisturizer, blush can make your skin look absolutely radiant, glowing and healthy; and believe me, this is the ideal bridal makeup look you want. What’s more, it’s one of the easiest products to apply since you can do it with a stick or a powder brush.

5. Be loyal to your style: last but not least, this tip is the most important one. If you’re not a natural-makeup-user, then choosing a natural, soft makeup will make you feel rather naked. On the contrary, if you always go for natural styles, don’t go and choose something too colorful or dark for your wedding day, you won’t feel comfortable.

Don’ts: Keep Them in Mind to Avoid Ruining Your Big Day

Now that we’ve gone through some things you should do when choosing your bridal makeup looks, the nasty part comes: a list of things you shouldn’t do during your wedding bridal makeup choice.


1. Don’t choose a lighter or darker foundation: stick to your natural skin color. Choosing a snow-white foundation to make your skin face look lighter or, on the contrary, choosing a darker one to make your face look tanned will only give you a messy appearance. Remember it’s not only your face which plays a part, your neck, bust and arms will also participate and let me tell you you don’t want two different skin colors on your wedding night look as this, apart from sloppy, will give you a rather scary look.

2. Don’t go for full smoky eyes: Although this look may be perfect for night party or just a night out, it may be a bit too much for your wedding day. Silver combined with black shadows are an intense choice, so if you are certain you want to choose this, you may want to try it first together with your dress and hair done.

3. Don’t use a dark liner for your lips: this is one of the most common mistakes women make when lining their lips. A dark liner only gives you a poor, unnatural look and it also ages your mouth, making you look some years older. What should you do instead? Choose a liner that matches your lip color or else stick to the exact color lipstick you’re going to wear.

4. Don’t put on fake, heavy lashes: this rule applies specially for weddings taking place during the day. In general, most fake options tend to hide your natural eyelashes, damage your waterline and hinder its growth. Another negative aspect of them is that they may make you look like you’re in a costume. What do I recommend? Save these falsies for the night only if you feel very insecure about yours. If not, just enhance them with a good mascara and get ready to shine on your big day.


All in all, these are some useful bridal tips you can follow when choosing your ideal wedding makeup for your dream night!

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