Why Bridesmaid Dresses are Important in the Wedding

All eyes will on the bride as she makes her way down the aisle on her big day. Hey, have you neglected the bridesmaids in the wedding day? Did you remember their bridesmaid dresses? Actually bridesmaid dresses are very important for the wedding, because the perfect bridesmaid dresses can set off the wedding dress, flowers and invitations, and help set the tone of the whole wedding.

Here comes the question- how to choose bridesmaid dresses? Except your personal preferences, bridesmaid dresses should be suitable for the wedding theme and complement the wedding dress to perfection. Today we will introduce different bridesmaid dresses for different wedding venues and wedding styles, and you will have an idea about why bridesmaid dresses are important in the wedding. Let’s get started!

1.Classic Bridesmaid Dresses for Church Weddings


Formal weddings in a church or house of worship are definitely traditional. Brides usually choose classic and timeless wedding dresses which look grand in traditional settings. So go for classic full-length bridesmaid dresses which have structured silhouettes to reflect sophistication is the key. Avoid short hemlines or any revealing bridesmaid dresses styles (such as deep V necklines, sparkly sequin dresses, etc.), because these styles will look out of place in the setting. We suggest using single solid colors with fabrics like satin, lace or chiffon.


Ever-Pretty Classic Bridesmaid Dresses

Traditional cuts like A-line, high neckline, round neckline, long sleeves render these classic bridesmaid dresses suitable for a traditional church wedding.

2.Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses for Rustic Weddings


The beauty of a rustic wedding is casual nature of the outdoor elements. Compared to traditional weddings, rustic weddings are usually more relaxed, natural and full of local, homespun touch, these are also the reason why rustic wedding continue to be a huge hit nowadays. If you have chosen a lace wedding dress as most brides do in a rustic wedding, then your girls can never go wrong with lace bridesmaid dresses. We suggest you choosing a relaxed bridesmaid dress silhouette and consider their practicability to match the wedding venue and wedding theme.


Ever-Pretty Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Of course full-length bridesmaid dresses are good, but shorter lace bridesmaid dresses are better for a rustic wedding. You can choose a truly lace bridesmaid dress or dress with lace accents only in the bodice or skirt.

3.Short and Simple Bridesmaid Dresses for Beach Weddings


Beach weddings have been on the top of destination wedding list for years. Simple and casual styles are ideal for beach bridesmaids because a beach wedding is typical casual and relaxed. Choose fabrics that do not show sweat and are comfortable in the heat because the weather on the beach is usually hot.

short-bridesmaid-dressesEver-Pretty Short Bridesmaid Dresses

We highly suggest you choose short and simple bridesmaid dresses in bright colors or neutral shades because they will be functional on a beach wedding. A-line styles or flowy skirts are perfect for beach weddings as they allow your girls move and dance freely on the beach. One-shoulder, strapless and sleeveless styles are all suitable for the occasion and add more charm to the bridesmaid dresses.

4.Romantic Bridesmaid Dresses for Garden Weddings


Garden weddings are the epitome of romance. Surrounded by lush outdoor greenery, the nature outdoors makes the entire mood light and relaxed. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, our suggestion is romantic, feminine patterns with soft, flowy fabrics for the nature vibe for this venue.


Ever-Pretty Romantic Bridesmaid Dresses

Opt for simple and soft colors, such as pink, lavender, cream or grey, with pastels and other muted colors for charming and elegant effect. Romantic bridesmaid dresses in an A-line silhouette is perfect for garden weddings!

We sincerely hope these introductions about different bridesmaid dresses could give you some inspirations for your big day. However, always remember that these are not the only options to explore. Bridesmaid dresses play an important role in a wedding, and they should suit each bridesmaid individually. But they shouldn’t ‘win’ the bride and the wedding dress.

And there are other important things you should consider when you’re choosing your bridesmaid dresses:

At last, we suggest start your research about bridesmaid dresses early. The earlier you get on with this difficult task, the more time and more chance you will have to make a perfect option.

Here at Ever-Pretty, most bridesmaid dresses come in a whole range of colors which makes it easy for you to find the perfect bridesmaid dress. And good news is that 2020 affordable bridesmaid dresses are on sale! Hundreds of dresses are at an average price of $50 in high quality!

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