The Top 3 Accessories You Need This Spring

  Sometimes, the accessories are the star of the show. The right accessories can infuse a wardrobe with fabulous personality and originality. Today I will introduce the top 3 accessories you should be rocking this spring! Let’s check it out! 1. Statement Earrings Bolder is better when it comes to earrings this spring because statement earrings is one of the most visually arresting Spring 2019 jewelry trends. Statement earrings showcase an inner composure and innate confidence. You can wear them anytime, anywhere and they only enhance your outfit. 2. Baker Boy Caps Having trouble looking for a great accessory in this transitional weather? Baker boy caps are the way to go! You can choose from a variety of different styles, textures and materials so that you can incorporate them in any kind of outfits. And you can save yourself from a bad hair day with a cute baker boy cap! 3. Chunky Sneakers The chunky sneaker is one of the most talked about sneaker trends in recent years. Big designers and fashion IT girls have been sporting chunky sneakers as of late. Plus, they are super comfortable and can make you look a little taller. That’s today’s introduction of 3 accessories you should rock this spring. Are you getting inspired? Tell us in the comments below!   You can also check out other articles about fashion inspirations by clicking here: Try A Colorful Trench Coat This Spring! Get a Pair of New Shoes to Welcome Spring 2019 How to Style a Classic Trench Coat Try Something Different: Our Favorite Blouses  
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5 Spring Break Style Ideas

We are only a few weeks away from the end of winter and spring break is right around the corner. Going on holidays to some fun, exotic full-of-party destination? Make sure you pack everything you need to look fantastic. To pack the perfect suitcase, you need to make sure you choose the most fashionable, last-minute trendy clothes that will make all eyes turn on you; after all, spring break lasts a blink of an eye and you need to enjoy it till the last minute. What to Wear On Spring Break Spring break is coming earlier this year and students are already anxious and eager to finish winter (and classes) and go enjoy the always beloved spring break in the sunny weather. Going on a trip, perhaps to Mexico or maybe the sandy beaches of Florida and need help with your spring break style? Here’s a list on what stylish things you can wear for these wonderful holidays if you want to look stylish and, pack light and feel comfortable as well. Tank Tops These are the in thing this coming spring 2020 and can be combined with any bottoms you want plus they are super comfortable. Day Dresses and Rompers Both fashionable pieces are perfect for a sightseeing day or for going to the beach as well. Also, they are a good choice when you run out of ideas on how to mix and match your clothes. Maxi Skirts You may haven’t noticed this but, the longer the skirt, the cooler you will feel. We know miniskirts are beautiful, but rest assured that maxi skirts dress you up a bit more. Hats and Sunglasses These are classic accessories that will help you complete your outfit. Go ahead and choose your favorites! Spring Break Fashion Essentials 2020 Packing your suitcase and have no idea of what to include in it? We previously advised you on some trendy clothes you can take to your spring break holidays; let’s now devote ourselves to a list of Spring break fashion essentials 2020 you cannot miss to combine and match your favorite spring break outfits 2020. Bathing Suit Don’t you dare forget it! In fact, pack two or three so that you can keep changing them: from string bikini to a cut out bathing suit to the one piece. Comfortable Outfit It is highly important that you carry one outfit in which you feel totally comfortable; you’re definitely going to want to wear this during your long flight or maybe during a hangover morning! Going-out Outfit As it’s spring break you’re probably going to go out a lot at night, so don’t forget to choose a sexy outfit for those occasions. It can be a sexy romper or a beautiful bodysuit. Shoes Take into account every occasion: cute sandals or flip-flops for the beach, wedges or heels for partying, and a pair of sneakers for walking. Trendy Sunglasses As we mentioned in the previous list, sunglasses are essential. However, we want to warn you that bringing your expensive ones is not the best idea as you may end up losing or destroying them; so go ahead and choose a trendy, chip pair! Appropriate Bags This is very important as you will need to carry one for each activity you do. A beach bag is a must, a small backpack for daytime, and a clutch for your night parties! Party Dress Last but not least, you should take a beautiful dress with you in case you are invited to a formal party because let’s be honest, rushing to a mall to get the perfect dress will definitely make you waste precious time. 5 Dress Ideas of Spring Break Dress Style Alright, we gave you an idea of the trendiest pieces of clothing and a list of must-haves for your spring break fashion 2020 and as we mentioned in the list above, taking a formal dress may be an excellent idea. If you agree, go ahead and peep these 5 ideas for spring break dresses. 1. Elegant Front-Wrapped Spring Break Dress If you have an elegant style and don’t want to show too much, this ¾ sleeve, floor-length dress may be a good option for you. Feel sexy without having to show too much skin! It comes in dark green as shown in the picture and burgundy as well. Pair it with silver or gold heels together with the same color handbags, which will surely make you, stand out across the crowd. 2. Delicate A-Line Spring Break Dress This gorgeous floor length dress features a double V-neckline with a flowy tulle skirt and a sequin belt which makes this dress sexy and sophisticated at the same time. If sophistication is your first rule when buying a dress, this option may be your perfect fit. If you are a fun of pink, then don’t hesitate to give it a try of this pink spring break dress, which will make you more beautiful and lovely. 3. Sexy Sequin Maxi Spring Break Dress This gorgeous dress features a sequined chest with a V-neck and a flowy tulle skirt that gives it a delicate touch. If you want to feel like a princess and keep a comfortable feeling in the party, this is a perfect fit which features a delicate belt and a comfortable skirt. Show off your good shape with this sequin maxi spring break dress and be the queen of the party. 4. Sweet Tulle Evening Dress for Spring Break Another good choice if you want to feel like a princess. The light, flowy effect created by the tulle skirt together with the delicate belt makes this one a perfect gown for any formal parties you may have. Get all eyes turned on you with this stunning dress. You can choose this one in grey, dusty blue and white. The best spring break dress is the one which suits your skin tone and body shape perfectly. Give it a try! 5. Subtle Off-Shoulder Spring Break Dress If you want to show some skin and yet maintain an elegant image, this off-shoulder, floor-length gown may be your perfect choice: sweet, comfortable and sexy at the same time. With a romantic touch thanks to its ruffle sleeves, you can choose between pink, dusty blue and black. You can also check out other articles about gorgeous dresses 2020 spring and spring break style ideas by clicking here: 5 Tips to Style a Short Cardigan This Spring Lace Dress Trends You Will Love This Spring 5 Black Dresses Trends 2020 Dress to Kill: Style and Fashion for Evening Dress Primer in 2020 By M. Guillermina Bagilet

How to Style a Classic Trench Coat

As everyone knows, a good trench coat is timeless addition to our closet that we’ll wear for years to come. And the most classic color of trench coat is an earth tone color like khaki or camel! However, many people would argue that earth tone trench coats are not friendly to people with dark complexions as it can make them look listless. Is this really the case? No! Today I will show you how to style a classic trench coat to make you look more vigorous and chic. Let’s check it out! 1. Pick white as a transition The easiest way to achieve a vigorous but not too obvious look when wearing a classic trench coat is to pick a white layering piece. No style restrictions, a white T shirt, a white blouse or white sweater are all ok. 2. Colorful accessories make you standout Of course you can layer colorful clothes underneath a classic trench coat. However, a large area of colorful cloths usually means easy to make mistakes. So I prefer to suggest adding some colorful accessories, such as a pair of colorful shoes, a colorful beret and a colorful silk scarf. 3. Belt it Oversized clothing is super hot these years. When it comes to oversized classic trench coats, I suggest go belted if you are petite. 4. Pair with dresses or skirts If you want to try a more unusual style when wearing a classic trench coat, then forget your trousers! Dresses and skirts neutralize the trench coats’ tough vibe and help you to build a both cool and interesting look. 5. Show your skin Last but not least, remember to show your skin when you wearing a classic trench coat which makes you look more vigorous. Such as tying up your hair, opting for a low collar layering piece or just show your legs. That’s today’s introduction about how to style a classic trench coat. Are you planning to wear your trench coat in a new style? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!   You can also check our other articles about styling tips by clicking here: Get a Pair of New Shoes to Welcome Spring 2019 5 Tips to Style a Short Cardigan This Spring Why Sock Boots are the Perfect Pair for Dresses and Trousers How to Rock Burgundy Red: 3 Color Pairings that Can’t Go Wrong Earrings! What You Didn’t Know Your Outfit Was Missing!   Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!

5 Tips to Style a Short Cardigan This Spring

  When it comes to cardigan sweaters, I would guess that most of you prefer long cardigans as they have been trending hot for the last few years. However, I want to talk about how to style a short cardigan sweater today as these shorter sweaters have begun climbing in popularity over the last two years and I expect we’ll see a surge in popularity this spring. Here are 5 tips to style a short cardigan sweater, let’s check it out! 1. Tuck the Short Cardigan into Trousers or Skirts Button up the cardigan and tuck it into trousers or a skirt. The higher waisted the better! This creates an empire waist which elongates your legs and overall makes you appear more slender. Plus by buttoning up your cardigan you essentially make it a simple sweater- you get two great pieces for one! 2. Unbutton the Short Cardigan (But Not All of Them!) Another way to create an empire waist and visual interest is to unbutton the short cardigan, but remember not all of them. In addition, some unfastened buttons creates a more casual vibe. 3. As Layering Piece If spring weather where you live is still erring on the side of cold, then layering a short cardigan underneath a thicker jacket is a great option. Short cardigan sweaters are perfect layering pieces that can easily be paired underneath most coats. I highly suggest you try to pair a V neck short cardigan underneath a suit coat for a both cool and sexy look. 4. Belt It! The easiest way to give a short cardigan sweater instant shape is to add a belt especially when you want to create more shape in your waist. 5. Wear It Off Shoulder Last but not least, do not wear too neatly. The most popular way among fashionistas to wear a short cardigan sweater is simply only show one shoulder especially when they are taking photos. This creates an effortless cool girl vibe that is perfect for casual outings. That’s today’s introduction about how to style a short cardigan sweater in spring. Are you ready to try it? You should be!   You can also check our other articles about fashion tips by clicking here: Earrings! What You Didn’t Know Your Outfit Was Missing! Why Sock Boots are the Perfect Pair for Dresses and Trousers Uninspired When Shopping? It’s Time to Try Corduroy! How to Rock Burgundy Red: 3 Color Pairings that Can’t Go Wrong Get a Pair of New Shoes to Welcome Spring 2019   Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!

Why Sock Boots are the Perfect Pair for Dresses and Trousers

  I didn’t understand why sock boots were so popular until I finally got a pair myself. Now I think that whoever designed these shoes is truly a genius because sock boots can pair perfectly with any style of trouser or dress. Think I am exaggerating? Let’s check it out! We received some comments from our readers asking what shoes to pair with flare or bell-bottomed pants in cooler months. It’s really tricky because leather shoes or sneakers are too cold while ordinary ankle boots or high boots usually cannot pair harmoniously with wide legged pants. This is where sock boots save the day! Sock boots are usually made up of nylon or elastic knitted fabrics which are soft and stretchy so they can perfectly wrap your feet, ankles and calves. Pointed sock boots balance the larger proportion of the flare pants and help you to build a chic look. For pairing skinny pants, I suggest you opt for the same color of pants and sock boots which elongates your legs and makes them look more slender. In addition to pants, sock boots can also pair well with dresses. However, I have to caution that sock boots are not very friendly to mini skirts or short dresses as they will cut you at a weird place in your calf making you look shorter and wider. On the other hand, sock boots are best friends with long dresses and skirts. It is the perfect chance to show your ankle which is the most slender part of your leg when you opt for a pair of sock boots to pair with your long dress or maxi skirt. That’s today’s introduction of sock boots, do you plan to add it to your shoe cabinet in 2019? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!   You can also check our other winter dressing tips posts by clicking here: How to Rock Earth Tones this Winter 4 Essential Color Pairings The More Sweaters, the Better is Wrong You Only Need These 4 Must-Haves Earrings! What You Didn’t Know Your Outfit Was Missing! How to Rock a Dress in Cooler Months 3 Tips for How to Tie a Scarf Uninspired When Shopping It’s Time to Try Corduroy!
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What Kind of Hosiery to Wear with a Prom Dress

Prom season is notably one of the best experiences of school. Many people look on to their prom night memories many years later with longing and happiness. It is more than just dates and dances, prom is a time to pull out your best dresses and have fun with the people you love. Photos will be taken to forever remind you of this night that ushers you into a new phase of adulthood. Why Should You Wear Hosiery? Having a great prom experience majorly comes from getting the right outfit that flatters you and makes you feel confident. The perfect prom dress is complemented by a proper choice of hosiery. Depending on the type of dress, a good pick will make you feel more feminine and well groomed. How to Choose Hosiery for Prom Dress? When it comes to choosing the hosiery for your prom dress it is not much straightforward as it come in different types, shades and texture. So, you need to know which pantyhose, stockings and tights may suit you. As there are many colors in the market such as neutral, skin-toned or black. Yet many factors come into play when selecting in between these and they should be carefully considered. However, there are fun colors as well but you need to follow certain rules. The following are some prom dress outfit tips 2020 for wearing hosiery to prom: Pantyhose Pantyhose are ideally worn with skirts and dresses to cover the legs and their imperfections especially in a formal settings. When picking the right pantyhose, pick a color that is closest to your skin tone for a more natural look. You may wear them with stilettos or any other closed shoe. A shiny one makes the legs appear longer and is perfect for evening wear too. Sheer pantyhose may be paired with short dresses, short skirts or anything worn without bottoms to show off your legs without being indecent at the fairly formal event. What kind of prom dress is suitable for wearing pantyhose? Well, this part is quite important that which type of dress you are wearing as it will affect the look of the leggings you are wearing underneath. Short to mid length dresses: Mostly, you can wear pantyhose with short to mid length dresses as they look best. Mini skirt prom dresses: You can also look great when you wear them with mini skirt dresses. As they will allow you to look a little more modest and you can display your legs in a better way. Knee skimming prom dresses: The dresses that end around the top of the knees are considered perfect for wearing pantyhose. You can get extra warmth and an additional color to your legs. Garters To spruce things up, you may also consider wearing a garter to prom. It is a fun way of making moments with you and your date memorable. You can have one that matches his outfit or accessories to make you two look amazing together. Always match hosiery to the material of your dress. Well, if you have chosen a dress which s darker in tone then you must not wear transparent garter with it. You would rather pick darker toned hosiery or you must choose semi-transparent types, so that you look classy in it. How to choose the perfect garter for your prom dress? The garter color should match either the color of the prom gown or the accents on the jewelry. The garters come in different materials that you may choose according to your liking. It could be satin, lace, fishnet, mesh or even leather. Stockings Stockings are also a good idea to fit into your prom look. They are quite feminine and attractive especially when paired well. They could be thigh high or knee high depending on the length of the prom dress that you will be wearing. Pair stockings with long skirt dresses. You can choose either a more structured dress or a looser skirt when wearing stockings. As most come with adhesive silicone bands for attachment and keeping the stockings up. To rev things up, pick a pair with a beautiful print to add onto the prom dress. You can also experiment with different materials like lace to find the best fit. What is suitable to wear in mermaid prom dress? Well, mostly women wear shape wear under mermaid style prom dress as it totally covered and you can show off your body type in a best way. How to protect yourself from injuries? Get stockings that come with extra paddings under the feet. These will make your feet comfortable especially in heels that you might be wearing for a while. Many people love wearing pantyhose because they offer an extra layer of padding between the shoe and the skin, thus protects you from friction related injuries. For the same reason it also offers protection from friction burns caused by your thighs rubbing together. Always Choose the Right Type of Prom Dress. To be able to choose hosiery for your prom dress, you will need to pick the right prom dress first. Pick a dress that flaunts your beautiful features and complements your body type. Incorporating hosiery into your prom outfit is also another way to keep warm as it adds a layer to your clothing by holding in the heat that your body is producing. This could be of help especially in cold weather. To conclude, as it is previously considered a thing of the past, fashion experts are bringing back the hosiery haze in 2020. Most can be seen throwing in pantyhose, stockings, body stockings, socks and tights into their styles and outfits, even to red carpet events. They are a great way to funk up your prom outfit to something nobody will stop talking about for days on end. You can also check out other articles about gorgeous dresses 2020 and dress tips by clicking here: Lace Dress Trends You Will Love This Spring Red Prom Dresses 2020 You Will Love Dress to Kill: Style and Fashion for Evening Dress Primer in 2020 2020 Evening Gowns Trends

Uninspired When Shopping? It’s Time to Try Corduroy!

  Have you noticed that corduroy is super hot this year? I’ve been seeing corduroy everywhere when I go shopping. Jackets, trousers, skirts, even shoes! Nearly everything can be, and is, made of corduroy. Corduroy began making it’s way back on the fashion scene back in 2017 and has been steadily picking up steam ever since. I predict that this year we will see corduroy at peak levels. Are you ready to try this trend? You should be! Corduroy is no longer dated and unflattering; with new shapes and colors on the scene this fabric has gotten a 21st century update. Let’s check it out! 1. Corduroy Jackets The first item I highly recommend is a corduroy jacket. Outerwear is the easiest way to break into this trend and the heavier material of corduroy lends itself well to cold weather wear. A stylish corduroy jacket easily pairs well with items already in your wardrobe and allows you to dip your toes in the corduroy trend without committing to a full corduroy look. For cooler months, you could opt for a corduroy jacket with sherpa lining which is both warm and chic. Get another one for your boyfriend/husband to make the perfect couple outfits! 2. Corduroy Skirts Corduroy mini skirts (especially in neutral shades) are the perfect throwback item to create a retro look. You may even be able to steal one from your mom’s closet if she held onto it all this time. If you’re feeling daring you can opt for a brighter option with a matching blazer like the blue suit above. Don’t know what to pair with your new plaid blazer? Try a corduroy skirt! I suggest a rich earth tone or burgundy. 3. Corduroy Flare Pants Now that you feel comfortable with my subtle corduroy additions, go big with corduroy pants! Rocking this look is more of a commitment as corduroy flares are likely to be the cornerstone of your look. Commit to this and build your look around it. With flare pants you want to keep your upper body fitted to balance the larger proportions on the bottom. The best way to rock this trend is to opt for a flare pant with a high waist and make sure that it is still fitted even though it is a flare style. You can also opt for a pair of cropped corduroy flares if you’re feeling really daring. Pair this look with some cute ankle booties. Are you getting inspired now? Tell us your favorite corduroy item in the comments below!   You can also check our other winter dressing tips posts by clicking here: How to Rock Earth Tones this Winter 4 Essential Color Pairings The More Sweaters, the Better is Wrong You Only Need These 4 Must-Haves Earrings! What You Didn’t Know Your Outfit Was Missing! How to Rock a Dress in Cooler Months 3 Tips for How to Tie a Scarf How to Rock Burgundy Red: 3 Color Pairings that Can’t Go Wrong   Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!

How To Rock Classic Blue, The Color Of The Year 2020

2020 is here, we’re coming into a fresh decade. The color experts at Pantone have declared Classic Blue the color of the year for 2020. Instilling clam, confidence, and connection, classic blue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new decade. CNN said that this is a transmigration, because “Cerulean” was the color of the year for 2000 declared by Pantone. At that time, many people worried about the future of the world as human being was going to 2000. 20 years later, we feel nervous again. Imprinted in our psyches as a restful color, classic blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. Many fashion magazines said that “classic blue” is actually royal blue because it is elegant, peaceful, aristocratic and can be worn in many formal occasion.  Although classic blue is a little dark which usually associates with autumn and winter, however, it is super popular in fashion runway spring and summer 2020, which turns out classic blue is low-key but has a sense of high fashion. Here comes the question- how to pair with classic blue in our daily life? You’ve come to the right place! Today we will introduce three color pairings which are really easy to copy! Let’s check it out! 1. Classic Blue Outfits with Baby Blue Layer Clothes Of course you can wear classic blue only, such as a classic blue jeans and an upper outfit in the same blue. However, if you want to have some fun and create a more chic look, we suggest you try to pair classic blue with baby blue which is a little unexpected but harmonious color pairing. Vivid baby blue makes calm classic blue look more chic and vibrant, these two colors are the perfect complement to each other. We highly suggest you try to pairing a baby blue shirt underneath a classic blue suit for a totally unexpected and gorgeous look this season or in cooler months, trust us, you will find a new world of possibilities! 2. Classic Blue Outfits and Brown Bags Many people are big fans of blue and red. However, when it comes to classic blue which is a little dark, it’s difficult for most people to handle this color pairing in daily life. By contrast, we suggest classic blue and brown which is a safer choice and easier to try. Classic blue is elegant and peaceful in its simplicity, as well as brown. What’s better, classic blue can break the sense of heaviness which brought by brown and make brown looks younger. If you are not confident of wearing brown outfits or you think brown outfits are difficult to make a statement for people in dark complexion, we suggest you try to pair classic blue outfits with a brown bag which is a popular choice among street stars. You can also go for a caramel bag which will look brighter. Remember that, accessories are always the perfect way to try out a new color pairing. 3. Classic Blue Outfits and White Shoes White is an all-purpose color without a doubt. Under normal condition, if you don’t know which color to pair with another color, going for white can be a smart choice. When white meets classic blue, everything becomes so fresh and clean! However, a large area of white and classic blue is a little ordinary among street stars and lacks of fashion sense. We suggest you change your mind and reduce white of your look, such as change to some patterns of white and classic blue checks(such as a skirt or coat), or only wear a pair of white shoes to match your classic blue outfits. White sneakers can make people look younger and more vibrant, while a pair of white boots in cooler months can make you look chic and keep you warm at the same time.   Which color combo is your favorite in today’s introduction? Do you have any other color pairings you recommend with classic blue? Tell us in the comments below! You can also check out other articles about fashion tips by clicking here: How to Rock Burgundy Red: 3 Color Pairings that Can’t Go Wrong Best Party Dresses for New Year’s Eve 2020 5 Hot Plus Size Prom Dresses Styles in 2020 Dress Guides-Choose Prom Dresses For Spring 2020 How to Rock Earth Tones – 4 Essential Color Pairings How to Rock White and Gold This Spring and Summer    
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2020 Evening Gowns Trends

Evening gown is a compulsory part of every woman’s wardrobe. Compared to short evening gowns, long evening gowns are more popular and give the chance to recognize what it is like to be a queen. We think any woman should shine through the crowd and show off her merits by following the long evening gowns trends 2020. From artisanal crochet and polka dots to an ombre look and the most popular color in 2020. Let’s find out the top 2020 fashion trends of evening gowns 2020. Welcome to what’s next!   The 5 Most Popular Evening Gown Trends In 2020 1. Ombre Long Evening Gowns We believe that you remember we couldn’t get enough ombre just a few years ago. Well, it is coming back in the form of a soothing gradient in 2020. Long evening gowns in ombre style will add an instant glamour to your look! Start with darker color and grade it down to light shades to make you look slimmer. You are sure to make a statement at any formal occasion! 2. Long Evening Dresses In Tiers The same as wedding dresses trends in 2020, long evening gowns in tiers add a sense of mystery and keep other people wondering about what exactly they see when looking at this evening gown. You can also play on the color solutions with these evening gown trends 2020. 3. Long Crochet Evening Dresses As the fashion industry looks for ways to become more sustainable, there is a special trend that embraces a slow, handmade technique that can be passed down generation after generation. Crochet is getting a cool update in 2020. It’s not your grandmother’s crochet, but feels modern with a special touch of grandmother’s handmade crochet which is one of the popular evening gown trends in 2020. 4. Long Polka Dot Evening Dresses Maybe you already had a polka dot dress hanging in the wardrobe, but next spring is the season to refresh the classic print in new shapes and sizes. Go for a graphic dot print evening gown with your favorite boots for any events in 2020 because the trend shows no sign of slowing. 5. Classic Blue Long Evening Dresses The color experts at Pantone have declared Classic Blue the color of the year for 2020, which means classic blue hues will be a popular and gorgeous option for evening gowns this year. Classic blue evening gowns are always a safe choice that you can never go wrong with it for any formal occasion. And now they are “oh so hard to resist” when classic blue becomes the color of the year.   Useful Tips For Shopping Long Evening Gowns We have to admit that shopping for the perfect evening gown is a tough task. However, you will feel like queen in it when you find the right evening gown. We will take you through some of the useful shopping tips when you are choosing you evening gown. 1. Plan Your Budget For An Evening Gown And Stick To It It is often said that you should set a budget first after you want to buy something. We suggest the maximum is $100 if you plan to get an affordable evening gown, and do your best to resist impulse shopping. 2. Know Your Body Type In order to enhance your best features, knowing your body type is the primary factor in finding an evening gown that will look great on you. Click here to find out which body type you are first. Different body types need different dress tips, check our previous post here to learn more details. By choosing a dress style that flatters your body type, you will look and feel confident and attractive. 3. Check Coupon and Discount Information In Advance Decide which store you will shop, visit each website and sign up for email newsletters, because retailers often offer coupon and discount information to their members. This step usually helps you save 10-40%. 4. Check The Shipping Information and Return & Exchange Policy If you plan to wear your new evening gown on a specific date, and you want to shop online, then you must check the shipping information before completing your payment. For return & exchange policy, it is always important to read it in case you need to return or exchange. If you don’t know where to shop your evening gown, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Ever-Pretty, you can always find affordable evening gowns. Hundreds of long evening gowns are at an average price of $50 in high quality! Most evening gowns come in a whole range of colors which make it easy to allow your individuality to shine. And good news is that evening gowns for sale 2020 is on! We have everything to make sure that your awesome new year’s look and distinctive style will captivate everyone’s attention!   You can also check out other articles about evening gowns 2020 and dress tips by clicking here: Best Party Dresses for New Year’s Eve 2020 Hey, Girl ! Choose a Best Match Prom Dress for Your Body Type? 5 Hot Plus Size Prom Dresses Styles in 2020 Dress Guides-Choose Prom Dresses For Spring 2020 How To Use Evening Dresses To Show Your Body Curve    
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The Top 10 Iconic Evening Dresses in Movie History

  The right costumes can make a movie character more impressive, and make a movie more enjoyable and memorable. When it comes to the iconic movie evening dresses, actually they are symbols of movie characters and fashion era at the time. And some of dress styles are so versatile, elegant and chic that they remain fashionable and practically unchanged for decades. Have you ever been attracted by the beautiful evening dresses in movies? Do you know how to choose evening dress from movies? Today we will introduce the top 10 iconic evening dresses in movie history which left a huge signature and inspiration in the fashion industry. Let’s check it out! 1.The Perfect Little Black Dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) Nowadays, little black dress is almost a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. When it comes to the reason, Holly Golightly’s (played by Audrey Hepburn) gorgeous sleeveless black dress in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) must has its name. This iconic black dress decorated with pearls that Holly Golightly wore to window-shop in New York is still a definition for a classy New York style. The movie is arguably remembered more for this iconic costume, rather than its storyline. And Audrey Hepburn herself became the epitome of glamour and elegance. 2.Sexy White Halter Dress in The Seven Year Itch (1955) Maybe you’ve never seen the movie The Seven Years Itch (1955) which stared by Marilyn Monroe, but you must have seen the image of her sexy white halter dress flying up while she stood over a subway entrance. Despite its simple design, this white dress will make any woman look elegant and chic. This classic look rises above the status of iconic to become one of the most legendary moments in movie history, inspires both Hollywood stars and fashion designers, and also becomes the most recognizable picture of Marilyn Monroe. 3.Elegant Red Evening Dress in Pretty Woman (1990) When the most iconic prostitute Vivian Ward (played by Julia Roberts) in Pretty Woman (1990) stepped out in this elegant red evening dress with a sweetheart neckline and long white gloves in Cinderella style scene, the icon outfit was born. Almost every woman from that moment wanted to be Vivian, in that red dress, with that handsome man looking at her. 4.Sexy Yellow Silk Dress in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) This sexy yellow silk dress that Audie Anderson (Played by Kate Hudson) wore in the end of movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) captivated fashion fans all over the world. This yellow dress moved like shimmering water over her slim body and was definitely the kind of dress to make a guy stare at her. 5.Backless Green Evening Dress in Atonement (2007) This backless green evening dress which Cecilia Tallis (played by Keira Knightley) wore in movie Atonement (2007) achieve the same amazing result just like Kate Hudson’s yellow silk dress in movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003). The gorgeous emerald green color was requested by director Joe Wright, and alludes to jealous and temptation which is the movie’s overriding themes. 6.Ice Blue Evening Dress in To Catch A Thief (1954) Can you believe that this dress is in a 1954 movie? When Frances Stevens (played by Grace Kelly) in the Hitchcock’s classic To Catch A Thief (1954) wore this amazing ice blue evening dress, without jewelry or accessories, the whole world was obsessed by its beauty. 7.Off The Shoulder White Evening Dress in Sabrina (1954) This stunning off the shoulder white evening dress which Sabrina Fairchild (played by Audrey Hepburn) wore in movie Sabrina (1954) was Hepburn’s another successfully iconic movie dress. 8.Amazing Brown and White Polka Dot Dress in Pretty Woman (1990) Just as memorable as Vivian’s (played by Julia Roberts) red evening dress in movie Pretty Woman (1990), the moment that she truly transformed into a sophisticated and elegant lady marked by this amazing brown and white polka dots dress, which she wore o the races. 9.Gorgeous Silk White Dress in Sex and the City Movie (2008) Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) wore one of the most gorgeous wedding dress of the century in the movie Sex and the City (2008). It is definitely the most memorable costume from this movie. 10.Stunning Yellow Evening Dress in Beauty and the Beast (2017) This stunning, billowing yellow ball gown which Belle (played by Emma Watson) in the movie Beauty and the Beast (2017) was inspired by the 1991 animated version of movie, Jacqueline (the designer) added historical touches from 18th century France to make this stunning yellow dress looked like ripped from the pages of a fairy tale. Are you getting inspired after our introduction? Which iconic movie evening dress is your favorite? Here at Ever-Pretty, 2019 evening dress on sale, hundreds of evening dresses are at an average price of $50 in high quality! Come to get an evening dress at Ever-Pretty to make you like a movie star!   You can also check out other articles about gorgeous evening dresses by clicking here: Top 5 Tips | How To Store Your Evening Dresses How To Use Evening Dresses To Show Your Body Curve Why are You not a Party Queen yet? A Prom Dress Will Help You Become the Man Eater! Hey, Girl ! Choose a Best Match Prom Dress for Your Body Type?    
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Trend Alert: Tea Dresses!

  What exactly is a tea dress, you may ask? Historically, it was exactly what it sounds like- a dress worn to tea. The use of tea dresses dates back to the mid 1800s, when European women wore informal dresses made of light fabrics for afternoon tea. Tea dresses are usually floral printed or polka dot printed which naturally have a more casual vibe. Most tea dresses feature fitted waists and deep V necklines, some of them with a thigh high slit which are friendly to most body shapes. I think that’s why tea dresses are so popular now. Today, let’s talk about tea dresses and give you some inspirations to update your August wardrobe! Let’s check it out! 1. French style tea dresses Jeanne Damas (Instagram: @jeannedamas) is a famous French style influencer, she may be singlehandedly responsible for tea dresses’ resurgence. You will find that she wears tea dresses almost every day! French style tea dresses are the most popular styles without a doubt. Most French style tea dresses are pastel color and have puff sleeves which are cute and romantic. If you are looking for sweet dresses, go for a French style tea dress! 2. Vintage style tea dresses If you want to add something unique, then I suggest you try vintage style tea dresses. Different from most people’s impression, this season’s vintage style tea dresses usually combines vintage prints with contrasting colors. Retro flair goes mainstream in these chic silhouettes! 3. Ever Pretty’s choices Floral Print Casual Maxi Dress Floral Print V Neck Midi Wrap Dress High Low Floral Print Maxi Dress Long Floral Print Maxi Dress Last but not least, you can find a perfect tea dress at Ever Pretty! Hundreds of gorgeous dresses all under $100! That’s today’s introduction of tea dresses. Are you getting inspired now? You can also check out other articles about fashion by clicking here: How to Choose a Square Neckline Try a Wide Leg White Pants This Summer! Try Suit Shorts This Summer! How to Style Your T-Shirts for Summer  
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How to Choose a Square Neckline

  Square shaped items have been making a splash in the fashion world, such as square toe sandals which I introduced before. Today, let’s talk about square necklines, this classic 19th century look was having a big resurgence last spring and I think it will continue to dominate all throughout this year. Square necklines have a vintage vibe which is quite charming and feminine. If you are looking for a flattering outfit that is adaptable to any occasion, go for something with a square neckline. It can be a low or high cut, revealing just the right amount of skin for a demure effect. Here are some of my suggestions about how to choose the perfect square neckline, let’s check it out! 1. Big or small square neckline? Big and small square necklines have different styles. If your goal is to show off your gorgeous neck and shoulders, then I suggest you choose a big square neckline. And relatively speaking, larger square necklines are more popular than small ones. Heart shaped square necklines are a subcategory of big square necklines. This style is usually low cut and adds some sexy appeal over a flat square neckline. Compared to large square necklines, small square necklines are more suitable in daily life as they are less exaggerated and dramatic than larger options. 2. Ordinary or puff sleeves? When you choose a square neckline outfit, whether it is a dress or blouse, short or half sleeves are wise choices; and short puff sleeves are the most perfect. Broadly speaking, the practicability of square neckline tops is higher than square neckline dresses. Because you can pair it with simple jeans or skirts to create various different looks. That’s today’s introduction of a square neckline. Are you getting inspired now? You can also check out other articles about fashion by clicking here: Try a Wide Leg White Pants This Summer! How to Tie a Scarf to Upgrade Your Hair Style Try Suit Shorts This Summer! How to Style Your T-Shirts for Summer How to Choose the Perfect Skirt for Different Body Shapes