How to Become a Photo Star by Wearing Yellow

If you ask me what color can steal the spotlight in a photo, my answer will always be yellow. This vibrant, sunny color is perfect for spring and summer! Of course I know that many of you may think yellow is too high-key to wear in daily life. Actually you can wear yellow both daily and breathtakingly only if you choose the right yellow item. How to achieve that? Let me show to you!

1. Yellow Dresses

The first yellow item which is worth buying is a yellow dress. Yellow dresses are the best choice to steal the spotlight in a photo. 

I suggest you choose yellow dresses in high saturation because they make people in fair skin fairer while make people in dark complexions looks more luminous. Take a yellow dress with you during your vacation and I believe that you will take gorgeous photos more effortlessly!

yellow dress

2. Yellow Tops

It cannot be denied that white tops are the best item to pair with any colors and you can never go wrong. However, yellow tops are the easiest item to become a photo star. Get a simple yellow sweater, a yellow blouse or even a yellow T-shirt, you are the spotlight whatever the background is.


3. Yellow Skirts

If you want to try a yellow dress but worry that it is too high-key, then you can try a yellow skirt first. A-line mini yellow skirts are more youthful and girly, I suggest pairing it with a simple white top. In addition, yellow skirts and blue tops are a classic match, especially in summer.

4. Yellow Bags

The easiest and safest way to achieve the yellow effect is to pick a yellow bag. A yellow bag always enhances your outfit, whatever color you wear. Get a yellow bag to change your look especially if your wardrobe is full of black, white and grey clothes.

That’s today’s introduction of four yellow items which are worth buying. Are you going to buy one of them?

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