How to Choose the Perfect Sheer Blouse

When it comes to sheer blouses, your first impression may be that they are too sexy or that they only work on the runway. However, this season’s sheer blouses are stylish and can be worn in everyday life. For example, Elle Fanning chose three different sheer blouses to wear at Cannes Film Festival which were cute, age appropriate, and still on trend.

Then how to choose the perfect sheer blouse this season? Keep scrolling for my tips! Let’s check it out!

1. Choose loose blouses rather than close-fitting blouses

Remember to avoid close-fitting sheer blouses, because they are out of style and can easily age you. Loose sheer blouses are much more Instagram-friendly, and they always help you to create an impressive look even without any accessories.

sheer blouse

2. Opt for only partial sheer blouses

If you do want to purchase a sheer blouse, but aren’t fully committed to the look, strategically placed sheer elements are an excellent option. The first sheer element which I highly suggest is sheer sleeves. When picking sheer sleeves, opt for voluminous sleeves for a vivacious and romantic effect.

The second sheer element is sheer patterns. And the most common element is polka dot. The white sheer blouse in black polka dot is really popular this season, we can see it everywhere.

3. How to choose a layering piece when wearing a sheer blouse

The biggest issue when styling a sheer blouse is how to choose the right layering piece. The wrong item layered underneath can easily kill the romantic vibe of your sheer blouse. Some of the biggest designers like Saint Laurent and Chanel, have solved this problem by adding opaque pockets or ruffles to cover the breasts.

Of course, in more cases, these decorations are still more high fashion than everyday wear. Black sheer blouses and black bras are the most classic and safest choice for everyone and black bras are always a good pair for sheer blouses in any other colors. Or you can choose the same color of bra and sheer blouses just like Victoria Beckham did. Wearing a stylish bralette is an excellent choice for adding another pretty romantic element to your look.

That’s today’s introduction of how to choose the perfect sheer blouse. Are you planning to add it to your wardrobe this season?


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