How to Choose the Perfect Skirt for Different Body Shapes

Summer is here! Have you added some dresses and skirts to your summer wardrobe? Compared to skirts, of course dresses are easier to pair with. However, a skirt with different length, different materials or different styles usually means more possibilities to create a different look. Today I will show you how to choose the perfect skirt for your body shape! (Not sure what your body type is? Take our quiz here.)

1. How to choose the perfect skirt for PEAR shaped women

Pear shaped bodies usually have narrower shoulders than hips, and thick thighs. Compared to trousers, dresses and skirts are better choices. I suggest women with a pear shape choose a skirt which falls below knees as this help to create visual length in the body. When it comes to styles, A-line skirts and straight skirts are top choices as they will skim the hips evening out proportions. Women with pear shapes can also rock bodycon like no one else! This silhouette was made for you so if you feel like showing off your assest, bodycon is an excellent choice. Mini skirts should generally be avoided as they will cut your body visually mid thigh and makes your hips look wider than they are.

2. How to choose the perfect skirt for APPLE shaped women

Women with the apple body type usually have an upper body (shoulders and bust) that is wider than the hips, sometimes with a less defined waistline. A-line mini skirt and flare skirts are great choices for women with an apple shape because you can show off your slender legs and elongate your upper body. The narrow to wide silhouette of these two styles will also help to balance a wider upper body. High waisted skirts are also a great option as they will help to define your waistline. I would recommend against any style that is super fitted, such as bodycon, as it will make your look disproportionate.

3. How to choose the perfect skirt for RECTANGLE shaped women

The main difference between rectangle-shaped figures and other body types is that women with this figure type have similar waist, hip and shoulders widths. For women with a rectangle shaped body type, high waisted skirts are an excellent option as they will help to define your waist line. Beyond that you have a lot of options. If you are wearing something fitted on top you can play with proportion and pair it with a fuller skirt or vice versa. Most important is to look for skirts that have structure- so bodycon is not your friend here.

Last but not least, whatever the body shape you have, whether you are plus size or slim or somewhere in between, the most important thing is to find the best-fitting clothes for yourself and always being confident.

That’s today’s introduction of how to choose the perfect skirt for different body shapes. Are you going to add a new skirt to your summer wardrobe now?


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