Try a Wide Leg White Pants This Summer!


Have you ever had difficulty finding a pair of perfect pants that transition perfectly between air-condition rooms and hot summer heat? So how do we do it? My suggestion is- wide leg white pants! Now you might be shaking your head thinking that white pants are unflattering and that only really tall people can rock wide leg pants; that is simply not true! Actually, wide leg white pants can make you look taller and slimmer if you choose the right style.

Compared to close-fitting white pants, wide leg white pants are much more comfortable and fashionable. What’s more, wide leg white pants can pair well with lots of different tops! Let’s check it out!

1. Pair with white tops

Why not change your black pants and blue jeans to wide leg white pants when you wear white tops? It’s easy to build a unique and high fashion look when you wear white on white.

white pants and white tops

2. Pair with black tops

As the pictures above show, Karlie Kloss is a big fan of black and white. Compared to white tops and black pants, black tops and white pants look more light. Plus the monochromatic look is perfect for pairing with your bold accessories. Black is easier to absorb heat, so I suggest you choose black vest or camis in summer.

white pants and black tops

3. Pair with prints and colors

Striped and polka dot tops are good friends to wide leg white pants. It’s no exaggeration to say, wide leg white pants can pair with almost any top in daily life, whatever the color, pattern or style. The pictures above will give you an idea of what I mean.

That’s today’s introduction of wide leg white pants. Do you want to try it now?


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