Summer 2019’s Sandal Trends You Should Follow


I received many comments from our readers asking me to introduce some summer sandals after our popular post Get a Pair of New Shoes to Welcome Spring 2019. Sure, Ever-Pretty is always here to help! To be honest, sandals are not as durable as boots and sneakers, some of them can only be worn for two seasons, so I suggest you add 1-2 new sandals every year. Today I will introduce 3 different kinds of sandals which are worth buying and 2 other trends which you should treat with caution. Let’s check it out!

1. Strappy Bare Sandals

When it comes to the list of the hottest sandals this year, strappy bare sandals must be No.1 because you can see them everywhere, fashion runways, street snaps, Instagram, etc. Yes, strappy bare sandals have been popular for years. Compared to years past, this year’s strappy bare sandals have thinner belts. The thinner the belt is, the more dangerous and sexier the strappy bare sandals look.

Strappy Bare Sandals

2. Square Toe Sandals

Square toe sandals are neither naturally sexy and dangerous, like pointed sandals, nor sweet and soft, like round toe sandals. They are in the intermediate zone, geometric, vintage and fashion. The design of this year’s square toe sandals combines with the hottest element of thin belts, so they look both sexy and vintage. Compared to other kinds of high-heel sandals, square toe sandals are more friendly to people whose feet are a little wide. What’s more, square toes and chunky heels are good friends which means square toe sandals are more comfortable to wear.

3. Golden Sandals

As I said before, I strongly suggest everyone buy a pair of light gold shoes which has high utility value. The street snaps of Amber Heard when she attended Cannes Film Festival this year showed she chose a pair of golden sandals to pair with three different outfits, the same as Alessandra Ambrosio. Golden sandals always make you look more delicate and high fashion.

4. Some Trends Which You Should Treat with Caution

Here comes some trends which are also very popular this year but you should treat with caution because they don’t suit everyone. The first are shaped heel sandals. As you can see the pictures above, you have to pay much more attention when you try to pair with them for their special design, also they may prove more dangerous to walk in. These designs are left best suited to the runway.

The second are PVC sandals. They can make your legs look more slender with their transparent materials. However, if you wear them too often, the PVC materials are easily to turn to light yellow which would look cheap and dirty, and PVC is not air permeable which means they are not comfortable to wear especially in summer.

If you already had many sandals and just want to try something different, or you just want to add something unique to your shoe cabinet, of course you can try these two new trends because they are really special and have inimitable symbols.

That’s today’s introduction of the 3 different kinds of sandals which are worthy buying and 2 other trends which you should treat with caution. Are you getting inspired after my introduction?

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