How to Wear Sheer Black Pantyhose in Style

Sheer black pantyhose are usually associated with super sexy looks, but it’s not always easy to achieve a standout style with these classic style staples. So how do we do it? You are in luck as I have got something for you! Today I will introduce how to wear sheer black pantyhose in style. Let’s check it out!

1. First-Choose the right shoe!

Sheer black pantyhose can easily age you if you don’t pay attention to the right shoe choice. Avoid any shoe that will cut off your leg at the ankle. Booties, platform heels, Mary Janes, and sneakers are all to be avoided. Instead opt for pointed stiletto heels. These classic shoes will elongate your legs, especially if they are also in black.

Sheer Black Pantyhose

As for the color of shoes, most influencers choose black because black shoes can elongate your legs and make them look more slender when you wear sheer black pantyhose. Iridescent shoes are another popular option among influencers. Opt for a pair of iridescent shoes like in the picture above if you’re looking to add some fun to your look!

2. Second-Pick the right outfit!

When thinking of what to pair with sheer black pantyhose the key is to go short! Short dresses paired with sheer black tights and stilettos will give you the coveted “legs for days” look. Short dresses, short skirts or oversized suits without any bottoms are all excellent choices. Sheer black pantyhose are also good friends to unique LBDs when attending a more formal event.

3. Choose your style!

The transparency of sheer black pantyhose is always a controversial topic. The latest trend is highly sheer which means you can see the skin color faintly when wearing sheer black pantyhose.

You can also try knee high pantyhose which is the new trend started from Prada. It is cute to pair with platform shoes and A-line dresses.

That’s today’s introduction of how to wear black sheer pantyhose in style. Do you want to try it now?


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