How to Choose a Square Neckline


Square shaped items have been making a splash in the fashion world, such as square toe sandals which I introduced before. Today, let’s talk about square necklines, this classic 19th century look was having a big resurgence last spring and I think it will continue to dominate all throughout this year.

Square necklines have a vintage vibe which is quite charming and feminine. If you are looking for a flattering outfit that is adaptable to any occasion, go for something with a square neckline. It can be a low or high cut, revealing just the right amount of skin for a demure effect. Here are some of my suggestions about how to choose the perfect square neckline, let’s check it out!

1. Big or small square neckline?

Big and small square necklines have different styles. If your goal is to show off your gorgeous neck and shoulders, then I suggest you choose a big square neckline. And relatively speaking, larger square necklines are more popular than small ones.

Heart shaped square necklines are a subcategory of big square necklines. This style is usually low cut and adds some sexy appeal over a flat square neckline.

Compared to large square necklines, small square necklines are more suitable in daily life as they are less exaggerated and dramatic than larger options.

2. Ordinary or puff sleeves?

When you choose a square neckline outfit, whether it is a dress or blouse, short or half sleeves are wise choices; and short puff sleeves are the most perfect.

square neckline

Broadly speaking, the practicability of square neckline tops is higher than square neckline dresses. Because you can pair it with simple jeans or skirts to create various different looks.

That’s today’s introduction of a square neckline. Are you getting inspired now?

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