5 Hot Plus Size Prom Dresses Styles in 2024

Plus size women usually have a difficult time picking a stylish prom dress because most plus size prom dresses look baggy and unattractive. As a result, women with extra kilograms usually try to put on larger and shapeless dresses to hide the flaws of the figure which look more unattractive. So it must be pointed out that it’s important to choose the right way of highlighting plus size women’s natural curves.

For a modern plus size lady, all you need to do is to be able to find styles among the variety of plus size dresses that will really fit you. The good news is that plus size prom dresses trends in 2024 is all about fitting plus size women, making you look trendy and confident! Let’s check the latest plus size prom dresses ideas in 2024!


2024 The Hottest and The Latest Plus Size Dresses Styles

1. Bold Colors Plus Size Prom Dresses

No matter how much a woman weights, she is still beautiful in all the possible ways. When it comes to prom, women start their preparations and the first thing they begin with is the prom dress. Prom 2024 is all about fun, lightness and colors, which mean color option is extremely multiple next year.

The range of colors from bold red to rich burgundy is one of the most feminine shades, suitable for a fashionable outfit. Sky blue and emerald are also considered classic shades of trendy plus size prom dresses in 2024.

2. Interesting Prints Plus Size Prom Dresses

Interesting prints are also on trend for plus size prom dresses 2024. The floral pattern is stylish and traditional because it allows you to choose a suitable pattern on the dress. Beyond this, zebra pattern, circular and diagonal strips are also ideal solutions for plus size prom dresses 2024. For the length of those interesting dresses, we suggest not shorter than knee line.

3. Velvet Plus Size Prom Dresses


Did you ever consider make a statement at the prom? Here is the answer- velvet plus size prom dress! The fabric is luxurious and comfortable, we believe that you’ll love the look either way for its irresistible softness. We highly suggest you try mixed materials such as velvet and sequins!

4. Plus Size Shirt Dresses

Whatever your body type is, shirt dresses always look sexy and attractive. They are a perfect choice for plus size women due to their feature of sitting loose on the body. There are no limits to what color or length should these plus size shirt dresses be. However, you shouldn’t consider maxi length plus size prom dresses 2024 if you are typically under 5 feet 3 inches tall.

5. Plus Size Prom Dresses 2024 with Deep Neckline


It’s difficult to image plus size prom dresses without a neckline. Deep necklines (such as classic deep V neckline) go to women of all ages. Designers are all for opening and showing the appropriate body part in this fashion season, as a result, we have interesting plus size prom dresses 2024 at our disposal which are the sexiest solutions.


How to Choose The Best Plus Size Prom Dresses For Your Style


Many plus size women shay away from prom dresses because they think they are limited when it comes to dressing their body type, or dresses are only for the “skinny girls”, but it is not true. Remember that dress for your shape takes patience and a lot of trying on dresses. A perfect plus size prom dress can be your best friend.

Please check our previous post here to know your body type first and learn the dress tips below:

  • Look for a plus size prom dress that creates a waist for you at the smallest part of your upper body. Or the skirt should flow out from the waist or create a waist.
  • Flattering necklines for the plus size women are deep V neckline, sweetheart neckline and the scoop neckline which can emphasize your assets.
  • Long sleeves are a good way to hide the excessive fullness of the hands.


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