Make a Fashion Statement on New Year’s Eve and Throw a Party on a Budget

New Year’s Eve is one of the best and joyous events of the year. Family and friends go back home to have a get together, and if you are the host of the party, you’ll probably want to make sure that everything is perfect for both your outfit and the party but of course, within your budget.

Are You Ready for the New Year’s Eve Party?


If you decided you want to throw an amazing party this coming holiday, here are some tips for throwing a perfect but budget-friendly party:


Have a guest list: it will help you determine the number of attendees and from there you’ll have a guide to how much food and drinks you need to prepare.


Use simple but impressive decorations: we tend to spend a lot of money in decoration, which is not as essential as food, so creativity is your key on this. Be creative, you can reuse decorations or find a cheaper option to save.


Make use of the Sale: if you are hosting a party take advantage of the sales in the supermarkets when buying food and drinks.


Make a Fun Program: aside from the food and drinks, having a fun activity on the party is important. Bear in mind that the experience your guests have in your party will last forever.

How to Make a Fashion Statement on New Year’s Eve

Are you already on the “what should I wear?” and the “I must stand out!” moment of your New Year’s Eve Party? In this article I will help you choose the best New Year’s Eve outfits. But, before that, there are things to consider.
To start planning your best New Year’s Eve outfit, let’s see what the different dress styles are. There are a lot of New Year’s Eve party dresses that you can choose from, so continue reading to take a look and choose your favorite.

1. Sparkling Maxi Dress for an Elegant Party Night on New Year


This outfit is popularly worn for its simple and elegant vibe. This long elegant sequin dress features a deep slit, long sleeves and a deep V-neckline. All in all, a perfect choice if you have a party at night or a cocktail.

2. Casual Outfit with Fur Coat for New Year’s Eve Party


If you are the type of person who loves casual outfits, this one is just for you. Paired with a nice fur coat, now a casual outfit can never be sassier and more elegant for you New Year’s Eve Party. You can play along with this outfit; by adding an elegant hat, a few accessories and you’re good to go for your evening party.

3. Short Sexy Dress for New Year’s Eve Party


This next outfit will make you feel bolder and sexier. If you want to flaunt your skin and sexy curves, then this might be for you. This comes with different clothing material options such as Velvet, Chenille, Metallic fabric, Leather, etc. You can also do more about this outfit my adding accessories and a pair of high pumps.

4. Elegant Sequined New Year’s Party


Just like the first outfit option, this outfit is best choice for formal parties: very classy and elegant. Best for short girls, this outfit makes you look a bit taller. It features a deep V-neckline, a tulle skirt and it’s full of sequins for you to glow all night long!

5. Classic Sequined Short-Sleeved Dress


Looking for a more conservative style that does not show too much skin? Sexy yet glamorous, this dress features short sleeves, a round neck, a flowy skirt and beautiful sequins with a regular pattern. This red dress make you look a holiday goddess: simple, formal, and sophisticated.

Useful money saving tips for New Year’s Eve outfits shopping that you should know:

Admit it we all want to look good in this occasion but there is always an urge in saving money. No worries, looking good doesn’t always mean, expensive spending here are some practical tips.


Establish a fixed budget: there are a lot of cute New Year’s Eve outfits you can find but the first thing you need to know is the budget itself. In this way, you can narrow down your options and even save time. How much money would you like to set aside for your shopping? By answering this, you can easily determine where you’re buying from and you’ll be in control.


You might have it on your wardrobe already: attending parties doesn’t mean you need to buy a new dress or outfit every time, sometimes you need to take a look at your wardrobe and the cute New Year’s Eve outfit that you’ve been looking for might be there. If you want to recycle it, you just need to put a little upgrade accessory such as a belt, coat, or nice purse.


Try Thrifting: thrift stores are famous in terms of cheap but nice outfit finds and surprisingly you’ll find great brand deals. There is nothing wrong about thrift stores, what’s wrong is not having a beautiful outfit!


Try online stores: there are many online stores offering countless options for your New Year’s Eve party. All you need to do is make sure the website is safe and also, that they ship to your country.

With all these New Year’s Eve tips to throw the perfect party on a budget and the list of dresses and outfits for you to choose from, there are no more excuses! Go ahead and start planning!

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