Why Milkmaid Dresses Are So Popular And How To Choose The Perfect One

We believe that you are familiar with milkmaid tops which are on hot trend these two years, how about milkmaid dresses? Actually, milkmaid dresses have many similarities with milkmaid tops, they both have puff sleeves and big necklines which make your face look smaller and elongate your neck. We can see more and more celebrities and influencers wear milkmaid dresses this season, so we think milkmaid dresses will at peak level in 2020 and 2021.

Compared to milkmaid tops, one-piece milkmaid dresses are more easily paired because you don’t need to spend time thinking about how to choose the bottoms.

Today we will introduce milkmaid dress history, milkmaid fashion, milkmaid dress trend and show you how to style milkmaid dress, and how to choose the perfect one! Let’s check it out!

Milkmaid Dresses Have A Long History

Here comes the first question-what is a milkmaid dress? Milkmaid dresses are milkmaids’ work clothes in Europe. The famous painting above was from Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer in 1660. The name of this painting is The Milkmaid. You can find that the dress had a big neckline, loose/puff sleeves, and an A-line skirt.


Other artists like Jean-Baptiste Huet also had many artistic works about milkmaids. Such as LaLaitière (left) in 1769 and The Milkmaid (right) in 1780.

Compared to the milkmaid dresses this season, we can find many similarities with the traditional styles. In other words, nowadays milkmaid dresses are the simplified version of the traditional ones. The pictures above will give you an idea of what we mean.

How To Choose The Perfect Milkmaid Dresses?

Many of you may think that milkmaid dresses are unfriendly to all body shapes because they have complicated designs and big necklines which means showing much skin. However, milkmaid dresses are friendly to most people only if you choose the right style.

  • Long Milkmaid Dresses Are Perfect For Pear Shaped Women

Pear-shaped women usually have narrow shoulders than hips, typically with a smaller bust and waist, and thick thighs. Milkmaid dresses are usually tight on the top while loose on the bottom which is perfect for pear-shaped bodies. And people who have a pear-shaped body can show their sexy waistline when they wear milkmaid dresses.

  • High Waist Milkmaid Dresses Are Perfect For Apple Shaped Women

milkmaid dresses

Women with the apple body type usually have an upper body (shoulders and bust) that is wider than the hips, sometimes with a less defined waistline. The most classic ikmaid dresses usually have a tight waist design which is unfriendly to them. However, many short milkmaids dress this season have a high waist design which is perfect for people who have apple-shaped bodies!

  • Small Puff Sleeves Milkmaid Dresses Are Perfect For Women Have Wide Shoulders

The classic milkmaid dresses have big puff sleeves which easily make shoulders look wider. However, people who have wide shoulders can choose small puff sleeves milkmaid dresses which are on hot trend this season. And the big neckline will draw more attention to your bust.

That’s today’s introduction about the milkmaid dress history, how to style milkmaid dress and how to choose the perfect one. Are you going to add it to your shopping list this season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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