The 2020 Yoga Outfit Trends You Need to Know

Ever found yourself thinking or planning of starting some workout routines or getting into the whole gym thing, but never really getting into it? Well, think no more! Because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, everyone is stuck at home with not much to do. While most people have become decidedly lazy and are slacking off, this is actually the perfect opportunity to get in shape and give your body and mind the care and attention they deserve.

Worried about what clothes are the best for this discipline? Relax, we designed this article specifically to give you some ideas! Get comfy and read on!

The Best Time To Start Practicing Yoga is Now!

When there is no activity our muscles tend to become stiff and rigid, and yoga ensures that they remain flexible plus it makes you leaner and is great for the cardiovascular system and detoxification of the body. Moreover, you can do it at home! No need to go out and put yourself at risk. Just get the proper active-wear and you’re good to go! We’ve done research on the 2020 yoga outfits for you, so you don’t have to tire yourself over it and go straight to buying.

Why now? We’ve been locked up at home for many weeks and if you haven’t done any exercise, then this is your moment.

2020’s Biggest Yoga Outfit Trends

The first step to motivate yourself to start doing yoga or any workout for that matter is to get the proper outfit in which you feel comfortable and which makes you feel good going into the exercise. Of course, these days, you would prefer something that’s also trendy and makes for cute Instagram pictures.

With the rapid advancements in the fashion industry, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. Something that’s popular today could be outdated tomorrow and replaced with something new. Not to worry though, we’ve got that covered for you. There are various fashion elements that exist even when it comes to something as simple as sportswear, especially women wear. We’re here to tell you what all the rage is these days in yoga clothes for women, and don’t worry, these are trends straight from the wardrobes of all your favorite fitness influencers and enthusiasts, the celebrities of the yoga world. Just follow these simple guidelines on what you should get and you’ll be on your way to your wellness goals.

yoga outfit

  • According to the editors at famous fashion magazines like Vogue, you should get something that’s versatile and can be used for multiple tasks. For examples, a pair of black tights which are comfortable to do yoga in but also sleek and stylish enough for an out-door jog. Of course, black isn’t necessary and you can get anything colored or patterned.
  • Two-piece yoga clothes are probably the most upcoming and popular trend in women yoga clothes in 2020. They come in different ranges and a variety of designs like sleeveless or with sleeves, cropped tank tops, plain or with some print on it or just color variations.
  • Whatever you decide to get, you just cannot miss out on pastels, especially in this season. For the past few years, pastels have become increasingly famous and this year they are more prevalent than ever. So, keep an eye out and try to get a hang on one of them.
  • Meshes are the perfect example of sports meets fashion. They’re not in mainstream activewear that much but are definitely something you should invest in since they’ll be taking over other sportswear before you know it. They provide a futuristic look, are light so are perfect for summer workouts, breathable and give a relaxation feeling.

5 Yoga Outfit Ideas You Should Know

Now you’re familiar with the general outline of what’s in these days and what you should go for. However, if you’re still unsure and would like some very specific ideas, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Yoga pant are the easy part; you just need to pick a design. The real problem arises when looking for a top. Below we’ve compiled a list of the ideal tops to wear with yoga pants and these also make for some trendy yoga clothes in general.

1. Cute cropped yoga hoodie

If you’re a hoodies person, this one is for you. You can get a copped zipper hoodie for a top and match its color with your yoga pants. They also come in a pair and you’ll have a huge variety to choose from, although some soft pastel colors would look best and really make you stand out.

2. Military Style Yoga Outfit

A military style in blue and grey: these are the two colors that are taking the activewear industry by a storm. You might soon see them replace black even. They give off a cool, relaxing vibe while also making you feel like a total boss. Top that off with military prints? Couldn’t be more badass.

3. Floral Patterns with Sleeveless Yoga Cropped Tops

If you like things that look more feminine or if you just like flowers, a beautiful but not over the top glitzy floral pattern may just be the thing you’re looking for. The best to opt for in this case would be something with a darker background with a contrasting, not too bright floral print on top.

4. Soft Irregular Polka Yoga Outfit

Now a polka dot print might sound boring and outdated which it sort of is, but an irregular almost pebbled polka pattern? That’s a far cry from boring and old. A light or baby blue color in the background, or any pastel color of your liking, with this pattern on top should make for your go to outfit.

5. Animal Prints Yoga Outfit

Any list would be incomplete without including a short top which has a cute animal print on it like a cheetah’s or a tiger’s. They add a modern exotic look. You can pair this top with plain black tights or be a little extra and have a bit of the print on one of the legs.


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