Top 5 dresses ideas for 2019 Thanksgiving Dinner


November is coming, which means Thanksgiving is on its way! A wonderful holiday season, a time of family and friends, fun and the creation of new memories is around the corner!

It’s Time To Ready Your Dress for 2019 Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s always interesting to dress up during holiday season, especially when you’re gathered around extended family and friends that you probably haven’t seen for a long time. However, finding the perfect Thanksgiving outfit is almost as difficult as the cooking. Because some people want to make a splash at the Thanksgiving dinner, while some people want something that’s also loose, comfortable or stretchy to allow them extra give to indulge in as much food as their stomach can handle. Don’t fret, we are here to show you Thanksgiving dinner dress tips to inspire your outfit choices this coming holiday season!

Wise 5 Ideas for Wearing A Dress to A Thanksgiving Dinner

1. A Velvet Dress for A Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving usually tends to be the catalyst around which people really notice that winter is coming. So when it comes to the question- what dress should I wear to Thanksgiving dinner, a festive wrap velvet dress is always the first choice. Lush and warm, moody and chic, velvet is the perfect fabric choice for the cooler months. A gorgeous velvet dress will draw every eye in the room especially when paired with some matching heels and make excellent Thanksgiving dinner ensembles. What’s better, velvet is stretchy which allows more delicious food and keep you looking elegant and classic at the same time.

For color, we highly suggest you choose a rich and vibrant burgundy because November is often a dull, somewhat gloomy month for many people, a pop of color can brighten your outfit and lift your mood.

2. A Sweater Dress and Over the Knee Boots for A Thanksgiving Dinner

If you want to look gorgeous and festive, but you also want to have room to eat all the turkey, stuffing and pie you can handle without a zipper or seam, then a sweater dress and a pair of over the knee boots can save the day. This simple outfit formula will keep you warm, comfortable and stylish. What’s better, no pants means no uncomfortable waistlines, then you can eat more delicious food at the Thanksgiving dinner.

In general, a sweater dress and a pair of over the knee boots are a lovely look for attending Thanksgiving dinner with friends or family, it is one look you could so easily pull off.

3. A Slip Dress and A Sweater for A Thanksgiving Dinner

A beautiful slip dress is essential in any girl’s wardrobe especially in summer. However, you could also wear a slip dress in cooler months only if you add a cozy sweater on top. A simple slip dress might seem clingy and form fitting, but an oversized sweater on top is deceptively comfortable and you will get a super cozy and chic look at the Thanksgiving dinner. You can keep accessories pretty minimal, opting for a delicate bag and loose hair.

4. A Skirt and A Sweater for A Thanksgiving Dinner

A skirt is one of the most versatile pieces in girls’ wardrobe. When the dress code for Thanksgiving is a flirty skirt or classy ensemble, the only option is a nice warm skirt (a midi skirt or a short skirt are both ok, depends the temperature.). Make it extra warm with a cozy sweater and wear a pair of chunky heels or boots to make your outfit look more Thanksgiving-chic.

5. A Sequin Dress for A Thanksgiving Dinner


If you want to be the center of attention at the Thanksgiving dinner, we’d suggest you go for a floor length sequin dress with a deep V neckline. Sparkly sequin dresses are particularly on trend and can be dressed up even more with jewelry. You must be the show stopper of the Thanksgiving night.

However, the biggest disadvantage of a sequin dress is not stretchy, and sequins are usually solid which means not comfortable. So we suggest you prepare another comfortable outfit to change in case you need it.

Simple Guidelines for Dress Code of Different Thanksgiving Dinner Themes

People usually consider incorporating a theme to Thanksgiving celebration to make it stand out and become an unforgettable event. For different Thanksgiving dinner themes, there are different dress codes.

  • Color Themes: Perfect autumn colors are brown, burgundy or orange. Then dress code for Thanksgiving is the same color of the theme, casual or formal outfits are both okay.
  • Outdoor Theme and Harvest Celebration: People usually set the dining area to resemble a picnic and decorate with colorful leaves, branches, gourds, corn husks and dried flowers. For an outdoor or harvest celebration theme Thanksgiving dinner, we suggest you choose casual and comfortable outfits, such as a sweater dress or a casual midi dress.
  • Formal Affair Theme: Turn the Thanksgiving celebration into a formal affair by using the best table linens, candles, soft music and hand each guest a glass of champagne. Obviously the dress code for Thanksgiving is formal dresses. Floor length velvet dresses and sequin dresses are the perfect choices.


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