How To Get Affordable Prom Dresses on 2019 Black Friday

Thanksgiving is less than a month away, which means Black Friday, the most anticipated shopping day of the year is just around the corner! When Black Friday meets the holiday season, the best chance to shop a new prom dress is born. Here comes the question, where to learn prom dresses 2019 Black Friday discount? How to get affordable prom dresses on 2019 Black Friday? Don’t fret, that’s why we are here to help!

Whether you’re shopping in-store, online or both, you should do your research before Black Friday to make the wisest buying decision and get the best deal on the prom dress you want. The earlier you begin, the more organized you’ll be when the big day rolls around. We’ve pulled together the most essential shopping tips and advice to help you survive the madness and save as much money as possible!

1. Plan Your Budget for a Prom Dress and Stick to It


It is often said that you should set a budget first after you want to buy something. This might be easier said than done because Black Friday deals are so attractive, you are easily to buy some items that you weren’t intending to buy if you don’t have good self-control.

Create a budget for your prom dress, we suggest the maximum is under $100, and do your best to resist impulse shopping. For example, 70% Off something sounds wonderful, however, if that discount brings it beyond the price you’re interested in paying, it’s still a bad purchase despite the Black Friday sale.

2. Start Shopping for Your Prom Dresses on Black Friday Early

Black Friday has morphed into a whole week of deals and savings instead of a one-day event. As a matter of fact, some of the best sales aren’t even released on Black Friday, they’re actually unveiled through Thanksgiving week. So we suggest you start shopping for your prom dress early, to increase your chances of finding the perfect prom dress you want on sale and in stock.

3. Know Discounts, Coupon, Promotions and Credit Card Rewards Program before Buying Your Prom Dress on Black Friday


Decide which stores you will shop, visit each website and sign up for email newsletters at least one week before Black Friday. It’s the easiest way to stay on top of Black Friday promotions. Because retailers often offer Black Friday deals, coupons and gift cards to their members.

For example, Ever-Pretty which has over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry is a good choice which you can find the perfect prom dress. Our prices are always great but our 2019 prom dress Black Friday sales are crazy! We will start to offer our Black Friday deals in detail to our email newsletters from November, 23rd. Click here to sign up and get our email delivered directly to your inbox!

And don’t forget that many credit card companies feature reward programs. Find out which of your credit card offers the best cash back program and use that card over the Black Friday to earn the most money back when possible.

4. Compare Prices When You Shop for Your Prom Dress on Black Friday


When you find what looks like the perfect deal of your prom dress, you should use a price-comparison engine/site such as Google Shopping, ShopSavvy or Price Grabber to make sure you’re getting the best price on the prom dress you want to buy.

5. Check the Shipping Information and Return & Exchange Policy

If you plan to wear your new prom dress on a specific date, and you want to shop online, then you must check the shipping information before completing your payment. Many online stores offer free shipping service during Black Friday sale, but most free shipping delivers within 3-7 business days. If you want to receive your prom dress less in 3 days, usually you have to pay $7.99 or even $25.99 to guarantee the delivery time. In the case, we suggest you reconsider your decision (in-store shopping is more efficient) and always keep your budget in mind.

For return & exchange policy, it is always important to read it regardless of whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift. Some stores may extend their return period, but it might also be valid for only 30 days; while some other stores might restrict them or increase their restocking fees. “Final Sale” and “Clearance” products tend to have the strictest policies, so make sure to check return & exchange policies for Black Friday Sales. Also, be sure to ask for and save your paper/electronic receipts, you will need it if you need to return or exchange.


After all the Black Friday shopping tips for prom dresses we’ve pulled together, do you have a go-to strategy for the big shopping day?

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