2020 Evening Gowns Trends

Evening gown is a compulsory part of every woman’s wardrobe. Compared to short evening gowns, long evening gowns are more popular and give the chance to recognize what it is like to be a queen. We think any woman should shine through the crowd and show off her merits by following the long evening gowns trends 2020.

From artisanal crochet and polka dots to an ombre look and the most popular color in 2020. Let’s find out the top 2020 fashion trends of evening gowns 2020. Welcome to what’s next!


The 5 Most Popular Evening Gown Trends In 2020

1. Ombre Long Evening Gowns


We believe that you remember we couldn’t get enough ombre just a few years ago. Well, it is coming back in the form of a soothing gradient in 2020. Long evening gowns in ombre style will add an instant glamour to your look! Start with darker color and grade it down to light shades to make you look slimmer. You are sure to make a statement at any formal occasion!

2. Long Evening Dresses In Tiers

The same as wedding dresses trends in 2020, long evening gowns in tiers add a sense of mystery and keep other people wondering about what exactly they see when looking at this evening gown. You can also play on the color solutions with these evening gown trends 2020.

3. Long Crochet Evening Dresses

As the fashion industry looks for ways to become more sustainable, there is a special trend that embraces a slow, handmade technique that can be passed down generation after generation. Crochet is getting a cool update in 2020. It’s not your grandmother’s crochet, but feels modern with a special touch of grandmother’s handmade crochet which is one of the popular evening gown trends in 2020.

4. Long Polka Dot Evening Dresses

Maybe you already had a polka dot dress hanging in the wardrobe, but next spring is the season to refresh the classic print in new shapes and sizes. Go for a graphic dot print evening gown with your favorite boots for any events in 2020 because the trend shows no sign of slowing.

5. Classic Blue Long Evening Dresses


The color experts at Pantone have declared Classic Blue the color of the year for 2020, which means classic blue hues will be a popular and gorgeous option for evening gowns this year. Classic blue evening gowns are always a safe choice that you can never go wrong with it for any formal occasion. And now they are “oh so hard to resist” when classic blue becomes the color of the year.


Useful Tips For Shopping Long Evening Gowns


We have to admit that shopping for the perfect evening gown is a tough task. However, you will feel like queen in it when you find the right evening gown. We will take you through some of the useful shopping tips when you are choosing you evening gown.

1. Plan Your Budget For An Evening Gown And Stick To It

It is often said that you should set a budget first after you want to buy something. We suggest the maximum is $100 if you plan to get an affordable evening gown, and do your best to resist impulse shopping.

2. Know Your Body Type

In order to enhance your best features, knowing your body type is the primary factor in finding an evening gown that will look great on you. Click here to find out which body type you are first. Different body types need different dress tips, check our previous post here to learn more details. By choosing a dress style that flatters your body type, you will look and feel confident and attractive.

3. Check Coupon and Discount Information In Advance

Decide which store you will shop, visit each website and sign up for email newsletters, because retailers often offer coupon and discount information to their members. This step usually helps you save 10-40%.

4. Check The Shipping Information and Return & Exchange Policy

If you plan to wear your new evening gown on a specific date, and you want to shop online, then you must check the shipping information before completing your payment. For return & exchange policy, it is always important to read it in case you need to return or exchange.

If you don’t know where to shop your evening gown, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Ever-Pretty, you can always find affordable evening gowns. Hundreds of long evening gowns are at an average price of $50 in high quality! Most evening gowns come in a whole range of colors which make it easy to allow your individuality to shine. And good news is that evening gowns for sale 2020 is on! We have everything to make sure that your awesome new year’s look and distinctive style will captivate everyone’s attention!


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