Why Sock Boots are the Perfect Pair for Dresses and Trousers


I didn’t understand why sock boots were so popular until I finally got a pair myself. Now I think that whoever designed these shoes is truly a genius because sock boots can pair perfectly with any style of trouser or dress. Think I am exaggerating? Let’s check it out!


We received some comments from our readers asking what shoes to pair with flare or bell-bottomed pants in cooler months. It’s really tricky because leather shoes or sneakers are too cold while ordinary ankle boots or high boots usually cannot pair harmoniously with wide legged pants. This is where sock boots save the day! Sock boots are usually made up of nylon or elastic knitted fabrics which are soft and stretchy so they can perfectly wrap your feet, ankles and calves. Pointed sock boots balance the larger proportion of the flare pants and help you to build a chic look.

For pairing skinny pants, I suggest you opt for the same color of pants and sock boots which elongates your legs and makes them look more slender.

In addition to pants, sock boots can also pair well with dresses. However, I have to caution that sock boots are not very friendly to mini skirts or short dresses as they will cut you at a weird place in your calf making you look shorter and wider.

On the other hand, sock boots are best friends with long dresses and skirts. It is the perfect chance to show your ankle which is the most slender part of your leg when you opt for a pair of sock boots to pair with your long dress or maxi skirt.

That’s today’s introduction of sock boots, do you plan to add it to your shoe cabinet in 2019? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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