What Kind of Hosiery to Wear with a Prom Dress

Prom season is notably one of the best experiences of school. Many people look on to their prom night memories many years later with longing and happiness. It is more than just dates and dances, prom is a time to pull out your best dresses and have fun with the people you love. Photos will be taken to forever remind you of this night that ushers you into a new phase of adulthood.

Why Should You Wear Hosiery?

Having a great prom experience majorly comes from getting the right outfit that flatters you and makes you feel confident. The perfect prom dress is complemented by a proper choice of hosiery. Depending on the type of dress, a good pick will make you feel more feminine and well groomed.

How to Choose Hosiery for Prom Dress?

When it comes to choosing the hosiery for your prom dress it is not much straightforward as it come in different types, shades and texture. So, you need to know which pantyhose, stockings and tights may suit you. As there are many colors in the market such as neutral, skin-toned or black. Yet many factors come into play when selecting in between these and they should be carefully considered. However, there are fun colors as well but you need to follow certain rules. The following are some prom dress outfit tips 2020 for wearing hosiery to prom:

  • Pantyhose


Pantyhose are ideally worn with skirts and dresses to cover the legs and their imperfections especially in a formal settings. When picking the right pantyhose, pick a color that is closest to your skin tone for a more natural look. You may wear them with stilettos or any other closed shoe. A shiny one makes the legs appear longer and is perfect for evening wear too. Sheer pantyhose may be paired with short dresses, short skirts or anything worn without bottoms to show off your legs without being indecent at the fairly formal event.

What kind of prom dress is suitable for wearing pantyhose?

Well, this part is quite important that which type of dress you are wearing as it will affect the look of the leggings you are wearing underneath.

Short to mid length dresses: Mostly, you can wear pantyhose with short to mid length dresses as they look best.

Mini skirt prom dresses: You can also look great when you wear them with mini skirt dresses. As they will allow you to look a little more modest and you can display your legs in a better way.

Knee skimming prom dresses: The dresses that end around the top of the knees are considered perfect for wearing pantyhose. You can get extra warmth and an additional color to your legs.

  • Garters


To spruce things up, you may also consider wearing a garter to prom. It is a fun way of making moments with you and your date memorable. You can have one that matches his outfit or accessories to make you two look amazing together.

Always match hosiery to the material of your dress.

Well, if you have chosen a dress which s darker in tone then you must not wear transparent garter with it. You would rather pick darker toned hosiery or you must choose semi-transparent types, so that you look classy in it.

How to choose the perfect garter for your prom dress?

The garter color should match either the color of the prom gown or the accents on the jewelry. The garters come in different materials that you may choose according to your liking. It could be satin, lace, fishnet, mesh or even leather.

  • Stockings


Stockings are also a good idea to fit into your prom look. They are quite feminine and attractive especially when paired well. They could be thigh high or knee high depending on the length of the prom dress that you will be wearing.

Pair stockings with long skirt dresses.

You can choose either a more structured dress or a looser skirt when wearing stockings. As most come with adhesive silicone bands for attachment and keeping the stockings up. To rev things up, pick a pair with a beautiful print to add onto the prom dress. You can also experiment with different materials like lace to find the best fit.

What is suitable to wear in mermaid prom dress?

Well, mostly women wear shape wear under mermaid style prom dress as it totally covered and you can show off your body type in a best way.

How to protect yourself from injuries?

Get stockings that come with extra paddings under the feet. These will make your feet comfortable especially in heels that you might be wearing for a while. Many people love wearing pantyhose because they offer an extra layer of padding between the shoe and the skin, thus protects you from friction related injuries. For the same reason it also offers protection from friction burns caused by your thighs rubbing together.

Always Choose the Right Type of Prom Dress.


To be able to choose hosiery for your prom dress, you will need to pick the right prom dress first. Pick a dress that flaunts your beautiful features and complements your body type. Incorporating hosiery into your prom outfit is also another way to keep warm as it adds a layer to your clothing by holding in the heat that your body is producing. This could be of help especially in cold weather.

To conclude, as it is previously considered a thing of the past, fashion experts are bringing back the hosiery haze in 2020. Most can be seen throwing in pantyhose, stockings, body stockings, socks and tights into their styles and outfits, even to red carpet events. They are a great way to funk up your prom outfit to something nobody will stop talking about for days on end.

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