The More Sweaters, the Better is Wrong: You Only Need These 4 Must-haves

It goes without saying that sweaters are a must have in winter and when the weather gets frigid it’s tempting to buy as many sweaters as you can find. And while we love the cozy ease of sweaters we believe there are really only 4 styles that you need. Have you ever have difficulty finding a perfect sweater to pair with your coat or down jacket every day even though you have tons of sweaters? Why? It is probably because we shop without any plans, so we always just buy the same style we love. As a result, we are always short of one or two or three or four sweaters that can pair effortlessly with any coat. So I am going to introduce 4 must-have sweaters to solve the majority of your clothing pairing troubles this winter! Let’s check it out!

1.Formfitting Turtleneck Sweaters

Formfitting turtleneck sweaters are the perfect pair for nearly any style of coat and they are truly functional! Keeping your neck and chest nice and warm when the weather gets frigid. These classic silhouettes should be your first choice when you don’t know what to wear whether your coat is thick or thin, oversized or close-fitting.

A popular way to style a formfitting turtleneck sweater is to layer it underneath a shirt first, then the coat. You can unsnap more buttons which creates an effortless casualness while preventing you from looking too boxy.

Formfitting turtleneck sweaters are also great paired underneath hoodies or puffer jackets as they excellently balance the bulkiness of the outerwear.

2.Crew Neck Sweaters

Crew neck sweaters are another classic style of sweater that you should absolutely have in your winter wardrobe. These are an excellent alternative to turtlenecks, especially if your neck is on the shorter side if you just don’t like having something very fitted around your neck.

Crew neck sweaters are probably the most low-key of sweaters, pairing equally as easily with skirts, trousers, and any style of coat.

Crew neck sweaters are good friends to white T-shirts and lace/ruffle shirts, allowing any fun elements on these to pop when properly layered.

3.V Neck Sweaters

V neck sweaters are a classic and for good reason. They are easily the most flattering sweater style, especially if you have broad shoulders or large breasts. These sweaters instantly elongate your torso and make your upper body look more proportioned rather than boxy.

V neck sweaters always have big necklines which opens up your layering options. You can wear a big shirt or even a turtleneck sweater underneath a V neck sweater without looking overlayered.

Among all the different kinds of V neck sweaters, I highly suggest the ones with stripes framing the neckline and wrists. They have a certain kind of prep school charm and the added details mean they look great even without any other layers.

4.Oversized Sweaters

We saved the best for last- oversized sweaters! Who doesn’t love a great oversized sweater? The ultimate in cool weather comfort, these are easily my favorite style of sweater. The perfect soft and slouchy oversized sweater cannot be outdone.

The most frequently asked question about oversized sweaters is if they are too big to wear a coat. The answer is yes, they are. If you want to pair your oversized sweater with a coat effectively then you need to choose an oversized coat as well.

The most popular way among fashionistas to wear a coat with an oversized sweater is simply thrown over the shoulders rather than actually worn.

Have you already got these 4 must-have sweaters? Do you have any other better ideas about sweaters? Share with us in the comment below!


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