Trend Alert! It's All About Navy Blue Dresses

When it comes to trends, there’s always a certain style, a color, a fabric, etc., that never gets too old. It could go out of sight for a few seasons but it will always come back. This is exactly what happens with navy blue; it keeps returning.

The truth is, navy blue is a classic, a life savior when you have no idea what to wear and you don’t want to go for a bold color but you don’t want to stay with black either. Navy blue will forever stay a classic color that keeps coming back and we are glad to announce that it’s currently trendy again!

Blue Is the Color of the Year 2020

(The color experts at Pantone have declared Classic Blue the color of the year for 2020. And classic blue is almost the same as navy blue which we can easier to find in our daily life)

Similar to navy blue is the classic blue, which has been declared as the color of the year 2020 by Pantone. This color is very similar to navy blue and can also be found in our everyday lives: navy blue dresses for weddings and cocktails, classic blue cardigans, etc. Let’s now revise some positive characteristics of blue:

  • Psychological effects: according to color psychology, blue is a color that reduces stress and anxiety as well as high blood pressure. If you need some peace, going for an outfit that includes blue will be your best choice.
  • Easily combined: blue is a kind color that will allow you to combine it with a wide range of other colors. You can match it with red, fuchsia, yellow, gold, silver, green, orange, grey. Get creative and try the combination that best suits you!
  • Elegant look: this is the most important and widely known characteristic of navy blue. Whatever you choose for your outfit, it will always be more elegant if it’s blue!
  • Subtle: as I mentioned earlier in this article, navy blue is a great option if you don’t want to choose colors that are too bold and you don’t want to go for black either. It remains subtly but it’s not too dark or plain.
  • Clean: navy blue is a clean color meaning that if you get a stain, it will not show too much. Imagine you are at a wedding party and you accidentally spill part of your drink on your dress. Well, you will just have to wait a few minutes until it dries a bit and you’ll see the stain will not be very obvious. This is impossible with brighter colors, which show every single stain.

Our Top Picks of Navy Blue Dresses

Fell in love with the color blue by just reading this article? I feel you. If you have a coming party and you still have to choose your outfit, then a navy blue long dress is a great option. This list of dresses including navy blue sequin dresses will give you a general idea of what’s trendy nowadays, both with classic and with navy blue!

1. Romantic V-Neck Sequined Dress


This absolutely stunning navy blue dress has a deep V-neckline with the bust covered in sequins and a romantic floor-length skirt with layers of tool for a relaxed look. You can easily style this dress with a loose hairstyle and silver shoes and a purse. Want a more shocking look? Go for red shoes and a purse instead of silver.

2. Informal Long Blue Dress

For an outfit to wear during a day at work or for lunch, this exquisite dress will totally make a good impression. With a V-neckline and a delicate belt, this ankle-length dress will give you a fresh yet elegant look for the day. You can style it with subtle jewelry such as a necklace or earrings in silver tones and if you want a soft combination, black shoes or boots will do it. For a warm season, beige shoes will add a special touch.

3. Long Sporty Blue Skirt

A different yet valid outfit for the day is a blue skirt combined with your favorite clothes. This middle-length skirt shows some legs but not too much. If you want a formal look you can combine it with a white shirt and black shoes. For a more relaxed look, choose your favorite t-shit and dare to add a denim or leather jacket. Want a bolder look? A red or yellow shirt will do!

4. Casual Silk Blue Dress

If you are looking for an outfit for the day, then this is another good option. A bit sexier than the ones above, a blue silk dress will have all eyes on you. Here’s a great example of how well red matches blue. A red coat and shoes and you’re ready to go! To highlight your figure, a belt is always a good choice.

5. Sexy Shiny Deep V-Neck Navy Blue Dress


Thinking of what to wear for that coming party you have? Bored with your black dresses? This absolutely stunning dress features a deep V-neckline, sexy spaghetti straps, and a floor-length skirt with a deep thigh slit to show off your beautiful legs. With a shiny fabric all over the dress, you don’t need much to complement it: just a nice hairstyle and a pair of delicate sandals.


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