The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gowns for Curvy Brides

Being a bride means that after you said ‘yes’ to the proposal, you have another big ‘yes’ to say to the dress. Every bride deserves to be the star on her wedding night. I know you may seek the perfect dress you saw on an actress, but you know it will not be the same for you.

We are here to support you. As women, we are supposed to look different. So we want to let you know the ideal dress is the one that will lead you to the spotlight in confidence, so we are here to give you our recommendations for a plus-size wedding dress for 2022.


How to Find the Perfect Wedding Gown for Your Body Type


We know all brides come in all shapes and sizes. So being Curvy is a plus to be proud of your curves on this occasion. Once you know your body shape, the rest is easy to handle. Knowing your body shape will make you choose the fitting silhouette to feature your best form and hide your worries.


Women have many body shapes: apple, pear, rectangle and ballerina. Choosing a suitable plus-size wedding gown for your specific shape is essential because it will show off what you’re best at.

Being a curvy lady doesn’t mean you don’t have a shape. It’s completely different, and it’s easy to know your shape if you take measurements for those three parts bust, waist and hip.

Those three measurements make it easy to identify your body shape.


We also recommend researching the look you want for your plus-size wedding gown. Have a vision for what you want to look like on your wedding day, and remember that one of the most beautiful ladies on earth, Marilyn Monroe, was a curvy woman. Nowadays, the fashion industry is changing to include more and more curvy ladies in the industry. So please don’t be shy and bring it all on your wedding day. Be proud of your curves. It’s the key to having an iconic dress, don’t be afraid to show them what you have.


There Are Many Different Styles Of Plus-Size Wedding Dresses To Choose From


As a curvy lady, you still have many fantastic options to rock the night. Those are some of these options that will make your wedding day remarkable.



1. Mermaid wedding dresses are perfect for curvier brides because they highlight your curves.

If you have a total bust, go for the mermaid wedding dress; it will give you a romantic look and a gorgeous hourglass figure. This dress also has options like wearing it as a sleeveless dress or with a sleeve, so it’s a great option in both cases. However, we recommend avoiding the mermaid wedding dress if you have a border shoulder or broader hips.



2. Ball gowns with full skirts and fitted bodices will give you a classic look on your big day.

Ball gowns are a perfect option if your body shape is a rectangle, as they create the illusion of curves. Ball gowns are ideal if you have a fuller bust and are slim-hipped, as they make the perfect balance between them.



3. A-line wedding dresses are also a good choice.

As they create the illusion of being taller and thinner, and it’s the perfect choice if you have a pear or triangle body shape as it de-emphasizes your hips by getting the attention away from your hip. In addition, it’s an enormous advantage as it gets around the waist, giving the illusion of a slimmer waist while flattering the bust. A-line wedding dress is almost the one type that will work on all body shapes.



4. If you want to show off your figure, try a sheath dress or trumpet gown.

We recommend this dress as it may look simple, but it’s the perfect one that creates your curvy look if you have a rectangle shape as the flowy party creates some curvy as an illusion. We would love to explain also the difference between a trumpet gown and a mermaid wedding dress. Trumpet flare at the thigh, while mermaid wedding dresses flare at or below the knee.



5. Lace is always popular for wedding dresses; it looks great on curvy women.

Lace wedding dresses, especially with small patterns, can make a curvy woman look slimmer. Also, it provides the romantic look the bride is looking for. So don’t hesitate to search for a lace wedding dress.



6. Avoid wearing too much fabric – it will only make you look bigger.

Yeah, it’s a common mistake to overwhelm the dress with more fabric as some brides think more material equals more glamour, but not really. Instead, we recommend using the design exactly as it is and don’t choose the design with a lot of fabric; it will make you more significant than your actual size and make you shapeless. We also recommend seeing a dress from taffeta, satin, and organza; even lace and silk work well.



The golden tip here is to get the attention to your most flattering features, and remember you need to be comfortable as you will wear this dress for many hours. Also, choose the dress you will feel confident and happy about. Don’t take the dress just because it’s the right fit or silhouette for your body shape. It’s your night so take your time to decide what will make you happy.

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