10 Timeless Black Evening Dresses For Every Style And Budget

What if I told you you can get your mom’s black evening dress into a wedding and you will look stunning? Yes, that’s the charm of a black evening dress. It’s timeless, iconic and with the right accessories you will rock any party.

Why You Should Have a Black Evening Dress in Your Closet


You can wear black at any time. A black evening dress is a must have for your wardrobe, it’s timeless, elegant and will save the day in case of any event that happens without having enough time to prepare. Here are 3 reason why you should keep one in your wardrobe:

1. Black evening dresses are always in style and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion


A black evening dress can pop up in a classy look with the right pearls around your neck for your best friend’s wedding or a black velvet evening dress with diamond earrings for a romantic dinner with your husband. Starting from Coco Chanel, who first introduced the little black dress in 1920 to Janelle Monae and Kate Moss who wore the black dress to Met Gala 2022. It’s never too late to have black evening dress in your wardrobe.

2. There is a variety of styles, cuts, and fabrics to choose from so you can find the perfect dress for your body type

Black evening dresses can be simple and basic, like A line dresses or sophisticated like a crinoline dress. Whatever your body shape, there is an enormous amount of cust styles in the black evening dress field.

3. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a black evening dress


There are many affordable options available. You will be amazed that black evening dresses are the most affordable evening dresses as they are simple to add more sophistication on them with the right accessories.

Check Out These 10 Stylish Black Evening Dresses That Will Make You Look And Feel Fabulous!


Here we go, this part I will show you 10 amazing black evening dresses that will always be iconic whenever you wear them.

1. Cross Spaghetti Strap Pleated Sparkly Bodycon Evening Dress


This Spaghetti Strap Evening Dress with glittering fabric will make your flaws hardly noticed. You can get this dress and all you need is the right earnings to have the amazing and iconic look you need to start the evening.

2. Tulle Sequin Sleeveless A-Line Evening Dress


This tulle Sequin Sleeveless Evening Dress with the sequin for the upper part and tulle for the rest you will have the romantic look as the flowing tulle is perfect to give you an elegant look. With the scoop neck collar you can wear a simple necklace. Of course this dress is also perfect for all seasons but it’s specially ideal for summer weddings.

3. Shiny V Neck Sequin Long Sleeves Evening Dress


This Long Sleeves Evening dress is perfect for the shiest ones as it doesn’t show much of your skin. However, it is sexy indeed! As this Shiny V Neck Sequin Long Sleeves Evening dress is a statement by itself you don’t need to add anything to it to dazzle the evening. It features your body with a thigh high slit, and long sleeves.

4. Sleeveless V-Neck Maxi Evening Dress


This beautiful sleeveless dress is made of chiffon: a light, breathable fabric which drapes well and will give you a very good shape. The fit and flair of the design give it that glamor needed while it’s simple and elegant. The most fabulous thing about this dress is that with the right accessories, you can wear it in the morning or evening.

5. Double V-Neck Fishtail Sequin Evening Dress


This is what we call the perfect dress for every occasion, starting from prom to a wedding. This V-Neck Evening Dress has the elegant look you are looking for. It has a V-neck which is not so showy but still sexy, a silhouette that flares your curves and a skirt with tulle for the romantic yet elegant look you want. Choose loose hair style with a dark shade of lipstick and you will shine like a diamond.

6. Elegant Round Neckline Long Sleeves Sequin Evening Dress


This is the perfect dress if you seek some modesty and you love to not show a lot of skin. This gorgeous sequin evening dress have some classic advantages that you will love, like the A-line skirt which fits every shape. The sequin section gives you the glamorous look but keeps it classy. The high waist is above the classic waist level to give a thin look. Don’t hesitate and put this dress on your list for black evening dress shopping for the next time.

7. V-Neck Cold Shoulder Floor-Length Evening Dress


This dress is a royal one that has a V-neck collar and slit in the front, giving you a sexy look. All you have to do to convert it from cocktail party dress to a wedding party dress is adding the right accessories, like a pendant necklace or statement bracelet.

8. Women’s Off Shoulder Ruffle Thigh Split Evening Dresses


This amazing dress is made of chiffon, which gives you the romantic look and shows off your shoulders enough for a sexy look. What’s great about this dress is its simplicity, making it adaptable to semi formal and formal events. Want to spice it up? Add golden or silver jewelry and you’re all set!

9. Elegant Double V Neck Velvet Evening Dress with Sleeves


This elegant dress has a cut that emphasizes your shape. The velvet fabric is on of the best fabrics to use in evening dresses and is perfect for fall and winter and it gives the dress a little depth and drama without any kind of additional accessories. To add a sexy touch, this dress will show some skin with its double V neckline.

10. Trendy Round Neck Long Mermaid Evening Dress with Sleeves


This dress is great if you want to take those perfect photos you always seek. It emphasizes your shape and the tulip sleeve gives a sophisticated look to the whole dress.


Black evening dresses are simply perfect. They make an affordable choice to provide multiple options for any event. So put in your mind that black is timeless and iconic and what is timeless and iconic is a must have in any wardrobe.


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