How to Choose The Right Shoes To Match Your Evening Dresses

If you have an evening event coming soon, you need to think about what shoes you should wear; thinking about the dress shouldn’t make you forget about the shoes. So put those things in your mind; pairing the perfect evening dress with the right shoes will give you the confidence you are searching for. There are a lot of factors that come to play in your choice, and we will talk about them later.

It’s Not All About The Dress



Yeah, I know you may think I am a little crazy, but believe me, the wrong shoes can lead you to the worst dressed for the day if you get the wrong shoes.

Whether you are getting ready for prom, a night out or a wedding day, wearing high heels is not the most comfortable option. However, they certainly help make your legs look fantastic. The right shoes can make the difference in how restful and stylishly dressed you feel. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you pick the right shoes.

There’s just one golden rule in the fashion world when it comes to shoes; if there’s going to be an overly embellished item, it can be only one: the shoes or the dress.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Shoes To Match Your Evening Dresses

We arranged a set of tips for choosing the right shoes to match your evening dress and help you choose from the evening dress collection out there.

1. What evening dress are you wearing – long or short, fitted or flowy, plain or embellished?

The dress type is one factor that will affect your choice; if you go for a long dress, you will need to pick the right shoe height that will not make you giant among other people. On the other hand, you don’t want to wear short heels that will make your dress sweep the flower and make you fall when you are moving.

If you got a plain dress, go for embellished shoes. This is a great option for affordable evening dresses. On the other hand, if your evening dress is embellished, go for simple plain shoes. 

2. What colour is your dress and what colour should your shoes be matched with it?



Of course, black is a solid colour and can work on any dress, but it’s too conventional and predictable. If you wear a white evening dress, try white shoes with them. It will guarantee an angelic look; also, the white choice can work with all evening dresses in the pastel colour. If you wear a dark evening dress, we suggest gold shoes. The nude colour will work with all solid colours as well.

3. What fabric is your dress made with – silk, satin, lace…?

If your evening dress is made with a simple and solid fabric such as silk or satin, the perfect choice is embellished shoes or something with a pattern to make a statement in the look.

However, if your fabric has beading, crystals, prints, sequin or embroidery, you need to go for simple shoes or classic ones with one shade of the colours in the dress.

4. How high do you want your shoes to be – ankle strap heels, platform pumps, stilettos…?



If your evening dress is shorter than knee-length, you can choose any heel length.

It’s simple; take it easy. If your dress hemline reaches the floor, you will need a high heel to not interfere with the dress. On the other hand, if the heel is short, you will be in a lousy situation where your dress will drag on the flower and may cause you to fall down while walking.

If you want that classy look for your evening dress, the perfect choice is the stiletto, which gives you an elegant look with height and lengthens your legs. It’s ideal for pairing with a classy dress above the knee length. Opposed to what you may think, stiletto isn’t the show type; it’s the heel instead. And that is what we are referring to: a pointy, thin and narrow high heel.

Ankle strap heels are perfect if you wear a short evening dress and want to show off your legs. They are moderate-high and ideal for tall ladies as they make them look slightly shorter.



As regards platform heels, there are 2 categories. The first one is the whole shoe with the same height (wedge), which is easy to walk in and gives the perfect bohemian look with a maxi evening dress. The second one is the platform heels, which are incredibly high heels that provide a little support in walking. It gives a bit of 70’s vibe to any dress.

If your dress gets all the attention and you want something that classic, we recommend the peep-toe heels as they’re timeless and simple. 

5. Do you want a closed-toe or open-toe shoe to show off your pretty pedicure toes in style for the evening party season ahead?


Whenever you decide the heels height, it’s easy to know what to do next. Here is an expert tip if you have pleasant and pretty pedicure toes, show them! If the occasion is too formal, you may give it a second thought and decide to wear the closed toe.

6. Make Sure Your Shoes Are Comfortable.


Balance is essential. You need to balance between being comfortable and chic. If you aren’t a heels person and you can’t find comfortable ones, we recommend you to try sling back heels. They are about 3 inches: super easy to wear.



Whatever you choose to wear, do it with confidence. After all, natural beauty comes from your comfort and self-confidence.


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