Trend Alert: The Best Ways to Style a Slip Dress

If there’s one dress you need in your wardrobe, it’s a trendy slip dress! This elegant negligee has emerged again after decades, and I am here for it. A slip dress has limitless possibilities for layering. It is the perfect piece for your minimalist wardrobe. With a lightweight t-shirt? Perfectly casual. With a belt? Waist defining. With a chic blazer? Perfect office attire. Slip dresses are nothing more than an essential basis.

If your wardrobe is missing a slip dress. I suggest you go shop for one now because I am about to show you a few slip dress trends in 2022.


Why slip dresses can maintain high heat in every season


On the hottest days, getting dressed up can be a sweaty dilemma. Instead of entering basics like a tank top and shorts, opt for something trendier: a slip dress. However, slip dresses don’t have to be excluded from your fall/winter wardrobe. Consider these 4 reasons why slip dresses are perfect for hot summer days and chilly winters.

1. Comfortable

The sleeveless dress drapes perfectly on your skin without clinging to it. This dress can adapt to any temperature. If it’s chilly, cover it with a chic sweater. Warm? Accessorize with sandals or sneakers.

2. Chic

Thanks to Kate Moss, this dress gained its status as a chic wardrobe piece way back in the 90s. Today, countless celebrities are seen wearing their slinkiest slip dress to formal events.

3. Easy to match

The best thing about the slip dress is that you can match it to any vibe. It can either be dressed up or down. This staple piece goes well with almost anything.

4. Suitable for mix and match

This easy-to-wear piece can be matched with trenchcoats, corsets, t-shirts, sweaters, or anything you can imagine. If you’re unsure whether an accessory goes well, chances are it can make the look even more intriguing.


How to style a slip dress in spring and summer


For the warmer seasons, slip dresses need to be styled with minimal layers. Here are 6 tips to help you style your slip dress when there’s high humidity.


1. With a lightweight t-shirt


A casual yet gorgeous look. You can never go wrong with a graphic t-shirt under your slip dress. This style has been trendy since the 90’s. Just like 20 years ago it still works now.


2. With white sneakers or flat sandals and slides for a casual look


If you’re casually going to run some errands, you can just throw on the slip dress. To complete the look, wear white sneakers, flat sandals, or slides.


3. Choose a light and airy fabric for your slip dress


On those hot summer days, you don’t want to be feeling like you want to rip off the dress. This can be helped by choosing light and airy fabrics like silk and chiffon.


4. Add a belt to define your waist


Sometimes all you need is a waist-defining moment. You can match the belt to any other item you choose to wear, for example, some nice sandals.


5. Opt for a bright and bold color or print

Pretty beautiful woman brunette hair natural makeup wear fashion clothes yellow silk long dress midi style date party walk sandals interior studio stairs art chair flowerpot summer journey romantic.

Not because they are a staple do they have to be a neutral color. As a matter of fact, bright or bold color gives any look an extra pop. Try a floral or tiger print if an eye-catching color is a bit too much for you.


6. Accessorize with a sunhat and sunglasses

If you’re an avid lover of accessories, you can easily style a slip dress with your favorite sunhat. Finish this look by wearing sunglasses. As a plus, this look gives you extra protection from the sun.


How to wear slip dresses in autumn and winter


Autumn and winter happen to be the best seasons for fashion. So not even these cold seasons should keep you from wearing a timeless slip dress. If you’re looking for the secret of slip dresses in cold seasons, we’ve compiled six ways you can style a slip dress when it’s a bit chilly.


1. With a Leather Jacket

Want to feel edgy but still stylish? Just top your slip dress with your favorite leather jacket. You can pair this look with combat boots for the complete edgy feel. The great thing about this look is that you can also wear it in the spring on a chilly night out.


2. With a Chic Blazer

A chic blazer on top of your slip dress is perfect if you opt for a modern office look. Complete this look with a pair of sunglasses and ankle booties.


3. With knee-high boots

A neutral pair of knee-high boots are the perfect way to spice up your slip dress in autumn and winter.


4. With an Oversized Jacket

A slip dress is always appropriate for a casual get-together. You can go crazy on the layering, or you can simply cover it with an oversized blazer.


5. With a Cardigan

Fashion indoor portrait of beautiful glamour woman posing near grey wall at sunny day, wearing silk dress, warm knitted cardigan and black hat, autumn spring, influencer style. Fashionable and luxury.

Who says you can’t look cozy and elegant at the same time? I prefer to be both, and a cozy cardigan over a slip dress does precisely that.


6. Under a Comfy Sweater

Sexy pretty woman brunette hair fashion model beautiful face wearing casual trend clothes dating walk summer collection white sweater and beige tight shorts background interior stairs boho flower pot.

A perfect style hack is to use the slip dress as a skirt. Top it off with a comfy sweater, and you’re good to go. For those who want to add more shape to this look, simply fold the sweater underneath at the waistline.




Mixing up your wardrobe can seem like quite the challenge. The examples above prove that a slip dress can give you the comfort of loungewear and the sophistication of casual wear. So don’t be afraid to get a trendy slip dress to up your wardrobe a notch and try these different slip dress styling tips.

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