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Try A Colorful Trench Coat This Spring!

I received many comments from our readers asking how to style other colors of trench coats after our popular post How to Style a Classic (like khaki or camel) Trench Coat. Sure, Ever-Pretty is always here to help! And colorful trench coats are indeed on trend this spring. Today I will introduce 3 other colors of trench coats which are also worth buying. Let’s check it out! 1. The Cool Choice – Army Green As we know, the origin of trench coat is related to soldiers, so the army green trench coat is naturally cool. It is the best choice for people who love neutral styles but want to add some color. An army green trench coat is cool but that doesn’t mean it is not versatile. I highly suggest you try army green and pink which helps you to create a look both cool and sweet this spring. In addition, lace or ruffled dresses and blouses are good friends to an army green trench coat. 2. The Classic Choice – Navy Blue Navy blue is the second most classic color of trench coats preceded only by khaki. Navy blue is close to black but more elegant, and it makes people look more vigorous than khaki. However, navy blue can easily age you if you don’t pay attention to how to style. To avoid this problem, I suggest pairing with some youthful items such as baseball cap, sneakers and white layering piece as a transition. 3. The Gentle Choice – Pink How can we forget about romantic pink when it comes to spring? It’s easy to create a spring vibe with a pink trench coat especially when you try macaron color pairing. However, I don’t suggest bright pink because it is difficult for most people to hold this color in daily life. Instead, I highly recommend grey pink which is easy to pair with and perfect the everyday fashionista. That’s today’s introduction about 3 other colors of trench coats. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! You can also check our other articles about outfits inspirations by clicking here: Get a Pair of New Shoes to Welcome Spring 2019 5 Tips to Style a Short Cardigan This Spring Why Sock Boots are the Perfect Pair for Dresses and Trousers How to Style a Classic Trench Coat  

Get a Pair of New Shoes to Welcome Spring 2019

The weather, while still frigid, it starting to show signs of warming, meaning spring is on its way. It’s time to introduce some spring trends to you! Let’s start with shoes which really set the tone for your whole look. When it comes to shoes, many of you might shy away from colorful shoes because you think they are too difficult to match with. Actually you don’t have to worry about that only if you choose the right saturation and style. Yes, the first spring item I’m going to introduce to you today is colorful shoes! Let’s check it out! 1. Pink The recent Oscars red carpet told us that pink is a major trend and who can say no to sakura pink, especially in spring? Get a pair of pink shoes this spring to start off on the right foot. Nude pink shoes are probably the most low-key of colorful shoes because this color is essentially a neutral in its own right, pairing equally as easily with any trousers, dresses, and any style of outfit. 2. Blue Baby blue shoes are very gentle so you can pair with white or other gentle colors which help you to build an elegant but interesting look in spring. Blue on blue is one of the most classic looks. You can wear different shades of blue or choose the same blue which would both show your taste. 3. Yellow Yellow is warm-tone color just like the weather of spring. The yellow shoes are magic items which make the whole look brighter at once whatever you wear. Sometimes yellow shoes could even turn an otherwise bad look around. Yellow shoes are good friends with blue jeans which can never go wrong. That’s today’s introduction about colorful shoes. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! You can also check our other articles about fashion by clicking here: Earrings! What You Didn’t Know Your Outfit Was Missing! Why Sock Boots are the Perfect Pair for Dresses and Trousers Uninspired When Shopping? It’s Time to Try Corduroy! How to Rock Burgundy Red: 3 Color Pairings that Can’t Go Wrong (All Images are from Shutterstock) Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!

International Women’s Day 2019: 6 Women Who Inspire Us

Happy International Women’s Day! While we believe in celebrating women every day, we think it’s nice to take a little extra time to celebrate the women in your life today. Whether that’s your friends, your sisters, your moms, your wives, or the idols you’ve looked up to since you were a little girl show them all some extra love today! In honor of International Women’s Day we are taking the time to celebrate some of our idols. Check it out! 1. Jeanette Johnson of J’s Every Day Fashion One of our all time favorite influencers, J has managed to maintain an authentic voice in an oversaturated industry. Known for putting together creative budget friendly outfits, we have always admired her sense of fun when it comes to fashion. But perhaps what we love most is her mission to encourage people to embrace the “audacity to enjoy yourself.” From putting together the best rainbow inspired outfits to writing beautiful poetry, she is walking the walk and providing inspiration- fashion and otherwise- to us all.   在 Instagram 查看这篇帖子   A beautiful sunset + this $33 dress make a pretty amazing combo!! ⛵☀️? <> #budgetfashion #lookforless #sunset #travelgram #retrostyle #southernstyle #ForEverPretty #mtdora #mountdora #orlandoblogger Jeanette Johnson (@jseverydayfashion) 分享的帖子 · PDT 2018 年 6月 15 日 上午 7:49   2. Beyoncé All hail the Queen! Beyoncé needs no introduction. Besides being one of the most decorated recording artists of all time, she is an entrepreneur, mother, and bootylicious fashion icon. She has proved time and again that “girls run the world” and has reminded girls every that “you are not bossy. You’re the boss.” 3. Gloria Steinem The mother of the modern feminist movement once said “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” To which we say AMEN. The world would be a very different place today if not for the trailblazing efforts of Steinem in the 60s. She showed the world that a modern feminist could embrace her femininity while still demanding equality for all and that is something we admire to this day. No women should have to hide part of her identity to make change. Every woman deserves to be whole and world needs your wholeness. 4. Serena Williams The GOAT, Serena Williams dominates on and off the courts. Holding the most Grand Slam titles of any active player, she is a tennis icon who continues to push boundaries. Beyond her athletic accomplishments Serena is a fearless advocate for herself and has taught us all how important it is to stand up for yourself. From calling out sexism on tennis courts to demanding treatment during childbirth that saved her life, she shows us that only you know what is best for yourself and you should demand it unapologetically. 5. Lyn Slater of Accidental Icon Lyn never set out to be an influencer. In fact, that’s probably not how she would define herself anyways. Holding a master’s in criminal justice and a Ph.D. in social welfare, Lyn has spent the majority of her career working with women and girls in areas of trauma- work she continues to this day. A professor at Fordham University in New York, Lyn has always had an adventurous sense of style and believes in “not just consuming garments, but living life in them and dressing honestly.” Oh and her age is the least interesting thing about her! Lyn is “Open to serendipity, she can let go and follow where chance leads her. A huge fan of accidental occurrences’ and making something of them, she believes in fate (like a professor becoming a fashion icon).” And she invites women to “share with me the pleasures and passions of everyday life and living.”   在 Instagram 查看这篇帖子   Arriving…NYFW. #fashion #nyfw #hairstyles #photography #fashionweek #ageisnotavariable #color Photo: Calvin Accidental Icon (@iconaccidental) 分享的帖子 · PST 2019 年 2月 4 日 上午 4:36   6. Malala Yousafzai If you haven’t already read I am Malala add it to you must read list stat! Malala Yousafzai is an activist for female education around the world. Her non-profit The Malala Fund works to support local educators and education activists in areas where girls are most likely to be removed from the education system. By empowering these local educators, she hopes to see all girls in secondary school within her lifetime. After surviving an assassination attempt at only 15 she has gone on to meet countless heads of state to advocate for girl’s education and become the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. This is just a small sample of the amazing woman that inspire us every day. We’d love to hear who inspires you in the comments below. Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!

The Standards of Beauty and the Women Who Shaped Them

Famous model and actress Farrah Fawcett once said, “God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.” Not only did Fawcett empower women, but also paved the way for other women to feel comfortable talking about beauty and the female body. Women have long battled against beauty trends in a fight to love themselves. Spoiler alert: we’re winning. Here are some iconic women who’ve pioneered the changing of beauty standards: 1960s — The Powerful & Pretty Girl Throughout the 60’s, style started to become a prominent part of advertising and any form of entertainment. People started paying attention to politics more, and feminist icons like Gloria Steinem spoke up and sparked change. Steinem fought for women’s liberation in the 60’s while also co-founding Ms. Magazine, the Women’s Action Alliance, and the National Women’s Political Caucus. While some called her out for being too “glamorous,” Steinem used her love for fashion and politics to pave the way for other women who strived to do the same thing. Being fashionable and smart can go hand in hand. In 1968 women protested the Miss America Pageant for rewarding only a specific type of beauty. This was a rebellious act of self love where women discarded their bras to feel more free and liberated. Little did we know, this would spark a feminist movement for years to come. 1990s — The Supermodel The 90’s were vastly different from the 60’s. These early years brought a fresh new crop of models, including the iconic Naomi Campbell. As one of the first five supermodels, this Londoner was discovered at the early age of 15. She holds the title as the first model of color to cover TIME magazine, French Vogue, Russian Vogue, and the first British model of color to appear on the cover of British Vogue. Throughout her modeling career, she has participated in campaigns with brands like Chanel, Versace, Burberry, Prada, and many more. With sharp cheekbones and strong beautiful eyes, Campbell brought a whole new meaning to the word “fierce.” Out of the 90’s, came spanx, low fat diets, and the rise of the modeling empire. Supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, and Heidi Klum rose in popularity as they became the new “it girls”. Body types praised in the industry were still thin and not as diverse as they soon would be going into the 2000’s. A standout rebellious moment from the 90’s was Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. While on her Blonde Ambition Tour in Japan, the pop singer revealed herself in a cone shaped bra as an outfit for her show. This never before seen piece sparked fashion risks on the runway and in pop music after that moment. Today — The Digital Diva In today’s time, women look up to what we call the “digital diva”. Ashley Graham is a prime example of this. The Nebraska native not only models, but uses her social media platform to show women everywhere that all bodies are beautiful. Graham strays from the stereotypical model type, proving a curvy body can also strut down a runway in slinky dresses and bikinis. She’s appeared on the cover of various famous magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This modern day model has participated in various fashion and beauty campaigns to empower women to feel confident in their skin; recently modelling in a new swimwear collection for all body types, as well as a Revlon campaign titled “I Can. So I Did.” There’s no doubt Graham has left her mark on the fashion industry and continues to pave the way for all woman seeking self-love. As this era continues to thrive on positive beauty standards, brands have started to shift their marketing efforts as well. Online lingerie company, True&Co., focuses on creating bras for all body types while following their mission to make women feel beautiful in their own skin. Other brands making a conscious effort for inclusivity like ASOS, Aerie and Modcloth are throwing the ‘perfect body image’ mindset away, and instead they’re representing all ages, races, and sizes. Here at Ever-Pretty we are working diligently to expand our size range so that more and more women have access to beautiful special occasion dresses at affordable prices. How beautiful is that to see? We wouldn’t have been able to get to this point if it wasn’t for the courageous women who got us here! With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, it’s time to celebrate our favorite fashion icons who’ve paved the way for us!! How do you plan to celebrate International Women’s Day this year? (All Images are from Shutterstock) Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!
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Oscars 2019 Best Dressed: Our Top 6 Red Carpet Looks

The Oscars wouldn’t be the Oscars without the incredible red carpet fashion, and this year is no different. On Hollywood’s biggest night, the world-famous celebrities present themselves in a way that they’ll be remembered (hopefully favorably) decades from now. Keep reading for a round of our favorite looks from the red carpet: 1. Helen Mirren in Schiaparelli At last night’s Oscars, Valentine’s Day hues dominated the red carpet. Many stars all wore shapes of overstated, fluffy pink. Helen Mirren really leaned into this trend and looked fabulous doing it! 2. Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen Lady gaga brought a bit of old Hollywood glamour with a classic black ball gown and matching arm-length gloves. Congratulations to her on her Best Original Song win last night for the song Shallow from A Star is Born. 3. Jennifer Lopez in Tom Ford Is there a red carpet that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t own? This time she was a prize herself in a shiny long-sleeve, high-neck Tom Ford gown. 4. Emilia Clarke We all know that Emilia Clarke is the Queen of Dragons, but last night she was also the queen of the red carpet in this shimmy lavender gown. 5. Gemma Chan in Valentino Yes, like I said before, pink is clearly the major trend of the 91st Oscars. Gemma Chan wowed in this hot pink gown with a ruffled high-neck and some serious volume. 6. Billy Porter in Christian Siriano Billy Porter, star of the FX series Pose made a name for himself tonight with a velvet tuxedo gown. This one will be hard to top! What were your favorite looks from the 2019 Oscars Awards? Tell us in the comments below: (All images are from Shutterstock) Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!