How To Wear Accessories In Style This Summer 2020

Compared to cooler months, people usually show much more skin in summer, which means we have more chances to wear accessories in style. The right accessory can enhance your outfit and sometimes the accessories are the star of the show. Today we will introduce three easy ways to wear accessories in style this summer 2020, let’s check it out!

1. White T-shirts And Golden Necklaces

White T-shirts are always a perfect basic fashion item in our wardrobe, especially in summer. You can almost pair anything with a white T-shirt and you can never go wrong. When white meets gold, high fashion is born. The best and easiest way to try this color pairing is a white T-shirt and some golden necklaces. 

White T-shirts And Golden Necklaces

We highly suggest you wear two or three golden necklaces at the same time when you wear a white T-shirt. If you only wear one golden necklace, especially the small and thin style, then the accessory is easy to be ignored and the whole look is too normal.

It is worth mentioning that you’d better choose different necklace styles to create a more chic look. We suggest you at least go for a short necklace and a long necklace. Check the pictures above to get some inspirations!

2. T-shirts And Bucket Hats

You can pair a bucket hat with a T-shirt in other colors. Bucket hats are one of the most classic accessories in summer for many years. Compared to straw hats, buckets hats are more practical to use in our daily life. First of all, you don’t need to worry your bucket hat go moldy, and you can fold it into your bag without being out of shape.

T-shirts And Bucket Hats

If this is your first time to consider buying a bucket hat, we suggest you try white, because adding white to your outfit is an easy way to freshen up your whole look and you can pair with lots of colorful T-shirts, and you can never go wrong.

Of course, you can try a bucket hat in other colors, such as pink and blue. However, compared to a white bucket hat, you need to pay attention to the color pairing of your outfits if you plan to wear a colorful bucket hat. The easiest way is wearing the same color as your bucket hat to make a color match.

3. Floral Dresses And Straw Bags

If you are a fan of French style, you must try a floral dress and a straw bag this summer 2020! It creates a strong vacation vibe right now when you wear them together.

Floral Dresses And Straw Bags

There are two common straw bag styles, one is a soft tote bag, the other one is a bucket bag.

And for floral dresses, we suggest you try sexy slip dresses and warp dresses which are more of a vacation vibe than other floral dress styles.

If one piece of floral dresses is not your style, you can also try floral skirts that have the same effect. We suggest you pair a knit top with a floral skirt when you wear a straw bag, which is one of the most popular outfits pairing of French women.

That’s today’s introduction about how to wear accessories in style this summer. Are you getting inspired and plan to have a try? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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