How to Style a Summer Dress

Summer is close and as a beautiful woman, you must think a lot about a new look to wear. There are some secrets you can know beforehand; for example, if you want a maxi summer dress, you can add a unique touch to it by selecting matching jewelry. The outfit in this season is of vital importance as summer allows us to use light, colorful clothes. If you create outfits that are adapted to you, you can easily get rid of clothes, accessories, and other elements that you don’t like or simply don’t fit you well.

Summer dresses are usually short, soft, semi-transparent, and very delicate because the hot season demands them to be so. However, styling them is a milestone. This article has the very specific objective of giving you some tips to style summer dresses and some trendy shoe ideas.

Fashion Tips for Wearing a Summer Dress

There are many ways in which you can wear a summer dress, these are just a few we especially collected for you.

· Don’t wear long or tight sleeves.


During summer, some locations are too hot and that’s where it’s vital to choose clothes that allow good airflow. You can wear a sleeveless dress, which would be ideal. If you don’t feel comfortable about showing your arms or shoulders, short or loose sleeves will be enough.

· Wear belts.


You can complement your dress with an elegant belt that contrasts and highlights your curves. Depending on what dress color you choose, your belt can be beige, brown, white, and, why not, red.

· Complement your dress with a hat.


Besides protecting you from the sun, a hat will be perfect to complement your dress outfit. If you have a subtle style, a small hat will do. If you like prominent accessories, a huge hat will give you a luxurious look.

· Wear light-colored clothes.


We all know dark colors absorb the heat, and during summer you’ll want to avoid that. Light-colored dresses will not only keep you fresh but will also reflect your beauty when the sunsets. Black, gray, green, or red colors should be avoided. Instead, light blue, pink, or white are encouraged.

· No classic sportswear, please!


For a moment, forget about classic long leggings and tight sweatshirts. Create your sporty outfit differently by selecting tank tops and shorts.

· Forget about denim for a while.


With the oppressive heat, wearing denim may not be the best option for you as the beautiful fabric is too thick. So, to avoid feeling too hot, forget about denim jeans or dresses and wear thinner pants or dresses instead so the airflow runs better between your legs.

· Don’t wear tight clothing.


Although tight clothing makes you look beautiful because it highlights your natural shape, it can also be a nightmare if you wear it during hot weather. Loose and thin dresses will make you feel comfortable.

· Use fabrics that breathe.


As you can sweat a lot during the day, choosing breathable textures will contribute. You should not wear synthetics, but rather stick to linen, silk, and cotton fabrics. To use new textures, you can try the seersucker and eyelets.

What to Wear under a Summer Dress?

After giving you some tips on how to style and choose your summer dress, we consider it’s good for you to know what to wear the outfit, especially during summer where we have to try to put on the least amount of clothes possible. Here’s a list of some good tips:

· Spandex shorts.


These amazing shorts can help you firstly, to protect yourself from the deceiving wind which can blow your skirt suddenly and secondly, to hide some curvy parts you don’t want to show. Try neutral colors that will not show under your dress, such as blue, gray, or black, and even a neutral color to match your dress. These shorts are very comfortable, breathable, and easy to put on.

· Neutral panties.


If your dress has a fabric that’s too thin or even a bit transparent, then white, brown, or beige panties will avoid transparencies to show your underwear.

· Don’t wear shorts.


Shorts may not fit well with your summer dress if you want to look fashionable. You must choose between short alone or dress for the day but not both simultaneously. They simply do not complement each other.

· Don’t wear long stockings.


Regardless of the footwear, avoid wearing long socks. The idea is that you can show some more skin during summer. This will also allow your skin to breathe better.

Shoe Styles to Style a Summer Dress

To perfectly complement your summer dress, here’s a list of good, fashionable shoe styles:

Glossy floors. You can transform your look from gorgeous to stunning by wearing a pair of sparkly sneakers. These sneakers are very fashionable these days. If you wear a blue dress, you can put on a few different colored flats to make an interesting contrast.

· Tan sandals.


A great option for you to show off your dress is by wearing tan sandals. Once you try these sandals. You won’t want to take them off because of the comfort they provide. Tan sandals can be combined with a long or short dress, giving great subtlety and freedom to your look.

· Silver sandals.


If you don’t want your dress to look boring, you can wear silver sandals as an accessory. These will give priority to your dress and are easy to match with any color.

· Ankle boots.


Ankle boots also enter the selection of footwear for your summer dress, and they look very elegant with almost any dress style. Bear in mind that these are not ideal for weathers that are too hot.

· Classic shoes.


If you’re going to wear a summer dress with tights, you may need classic shoes to style it. Classic shoes with thin socks will always perfectly style your outfit.

· White boots.


Another way you can wear a summer dress with tights is with pointed white boots. These boots are the latest fashion trend because you can complement them with almost any dress color and style.

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