How to Accessorize a Leopard Print Dress

For all the women out there not shy of showing off their true color – designers brought back to us the most daring and fierce item: leopard print dresses! Flashy, compulsive, savage, and raw is what describes the leopard print best. Maybe it’s not for everybody, but maybe we all have an alter-ego like Beyonce’s Sasha just waiting to roar and swim to the surface from underneath.

You know leopard print has been with us for decades – and celebrities love them! Angelina Jolie, J Lo, and Kate Moss are just the tip of the iceberg from the hall of fame ladies who rocked this appearance.

Leopard Print Dresses Will Never Be Out of Date


These dresses are always trendy, and the only downside would be that this print is not for every occasion, but it certainly can be used for most situations. They are always in style in all seasons and weather and can easily be accessorized, not matter if you are wearing a leopard print midi dress or a leopard print wrap dress. And it draws out the sensuality even from the timidest person, and that is a strong fact!

And if you disagree that leopard print is for any occasion, just take a sneak peek at this beautiful and still very feminine and elegant line of this wrap dress. It’s perfect for a day at the beach; rocking the looks with very feminine long sleeves and a string tied in a beautiful bow around the waist, highlighting your beautiful figure while showing out just the right amount of skin to showcase your legs.

Now you can trust us when we say that leopard print when approaching the right leopard print wrap dress, can bring out the best of your body, right?

10 Ways to Accessorize a Leopard Print Dress

Someone with a really clear view on wardrobe once said that a woman’s dress makes no sense at all if it doesn’t inspire men to take it off – and very right he was, indeed.

But a dress in itself doesn’t stand a chance without the right attitude and the well-chosen accessories to go with it. So here are our top 10 suggestions for complimenting your leopard print dresses and your inner beauty:

1. Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, and it doesn’t always need to be diamonds


When choosing leopard print dresses, go for daring but balanced jewelry as well. Some statement earwear and a delicate necklace can showcase your tender neckline and jawline while complementing the outfit brilliantly!

2. Belts are a must!


No matter the color or fabric, belts complement the beautiful feminine lines and waste and go well with the fierce print. Dare for more, ladies.

3. Red never fails!


Leopard has been with us for decades – so much so that it is a neutral print these days. And red goes together with leopard-like magic! So a touch of red, either in lipstick, sun-glasses, or high heels (mmmm, Louboutin…) just flawless. Don’t be shy to put on some color, and show us the savage inner you.

4. For cold days


This item is not only for beachwear and summer but can be a valid option on cold nights at the opera too. Go for a linen coat in dusty pink or beige to contain the fire within, when the occasion shows itself.

5. These boots are made for walking, girls!


A leather piece that will highlight your beautiful legs and ankles is just the thing when playing with leopard print midi dresses, don’t you think?

6. The right pair of hosiery is a good sign of manners and grace

The right pair of hosiery is a good-sign-of-manners-and-grace

This pitch-perfect print goes perfectly with skin tones, but explodes on a canvas of black hosiery and together with black high heels. This is the right combination to show both your graceful, elegant side, together with the wild one. Just the right amount and touches of what counts, the best of both your worlds.

7. Pearls, spice, and everything nice


And when you thought that you couldn’t possibly upgrade the leopard print, here we go again with a statement pearl necklace to show off your feminine side and still not contain the inner goddess within. Be bold, be strong, be you.

8. A woman’s silky touch for the night


Ladies, our magic powers consist of being able to show just the right amount while leaving something to the imagination. Black silk can never go wrong, so adding another evergreen piece to the table will be a great choice. Style your outfit up with an upgrade of long or short silk gloves without hesitation – and not only on New Year’s Eve.

9. The clutch will never fail us


This we guarantee! A black simple minimalist clutch to go together with your leopard print mini dress is a safe choice, from dusk until dawn. Simple, slim, you can go for any monochrome print and fabric and will never go wrong.

10. And last, but not least, the star of the show…


And the most iconic piece of them all – the red stilettos! Remember we told you that leopard is now considered to be a neutral print, and here you have the proof. Leopard print dresses always go flawlessly with stilettos – and we now leave the decision up to you, for everyone has its limits.

Whatever style you choose, don’t ever be afraid to show your true colors and release a bit of savage love for everyone to see! Long live the leopard print!


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