Calling All Brides! Check the Latest Summer Bridesmaid Dress Trends


Even if the pandemic had hit hard for the past months, there’s nothing stopping love from happening. And as the famous song would say, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.

If your big event is coming up but there are fewer Bride saloons and festivals to check out the latest news on the matter, we are here to help you get some inspiration. We know that the bridesmaid dresses are paramount to the event, the number one point of interest, so they should reflect your (and their) style and taste.

Check out below the latest bridesmaid dress trends for the occasion. As a comment, this year it’s all about individuality and uniqueness – and we are talking about the individuality of colors and uniqueness of style and luxury of fabrics.

2021 Standout Summer Bridesmaid Dress Colors


This is probably the hardest decision when talking about bridesmaid dresses, and not only for this year. As the theme is paramount for the whole puzzle, consider that these dresses are going to show up in most wedding pictures.

The hottest trends in colors for bridesmaid dress trends this year are (and you will be surprised), the neutral tones – cream, beiges, and powder pink, completing with the sorbet pastel color palette. The next in line is the classical burgundy (one of our favorite). And don’t forget to add to your list of potential color themes the Pantone for this year – namely the combination yellow and grey.

There is no surprise in this – the neutral tones make for very romantic, elegant, stylish, relaxed, and summer-ish dresses. Cream and beiges are perfect for tones of tan, as well as the glowing powder pink, truly feminine and forever-young. But the sorbet pastel colors are groundbreaking – pastels of mint green, baby blue, or violet can give the touches you want to contrast with the white wedding dress. Burgundy is the natural choice for organizers who know what they want, and, as a comment, is easy to style and accessorize. And the color-of-the-year picked by Pantone can be a challenge to work within a bridesmaid setting, but not impossible for the well-versed creators.

What Fabric to Choose for your Summer Bridesmaid Dress


While preparing for the big event, we shouldn’t neglect fabrics, and while doing that we will look a little to the 2021 famous trends for the season – satin or eco-cotton, tulle, and crepe.

Satin items make affordable bridesmaid dresses and go perfect for slip dresses as well as maxi dresses, which can be tailored for a large variety of body figures and complexions.

The eco-cotton is a more recent trend in the bridesmaid dress district and is a sensational option for a minimalist cut on monochrome tones or rather neutral ones.

The tulle is one of the classical fabrics for bridesmaid dresses and is the obvious choice for princess cuts, asymmetries, and romantic looks.

And finally, crepe is one of the most versatile fabrics there are, if not the most versatile. And this is a very inspired option for long dresses, midi ones, slit cuts, and others.

Finally – Style, All the Way

We hint that you don’t match, but mix! Leaving things to the imagination of your best friends who are to accompany the bride on her special days can result in a memorable mix of personalities and tastes.

As dress cuts, we would recommend the slip dress (preferable in satin or silk), the maxi dress – which is versatile and feminine, elegant and perfect for a black-tie city wedding, as well as for a garden wedding party and long dresses with a side slit.

And don’t forget, for 2021, the open back is a breakthrough on the catwalk, and we are seeing more and more returns to the 1990s on famous runways in the form of an ode to minimalism – even if we are, for now, seeing them digitally.

The 5 Best Bridesmaid Dresses for SummeR 2021

See here our 5 top picks for bridesmaids this year!

· Pink Satin Dress


This pick mixes the hottest trends of this summer – full length in satin, with a backless top of the silver sequined fabric, mixing lavender and lilac. See what we were talking about when we said mix, don’t match?

  • Burgundy Tulle Dress

This burgundy tulle dress can easily and naturally take the Oscar of dresses – relaxed cut, yet very elegant lines, perfect for summer heat, and suitable for all body figures. It’s hard to top this one.

· Different Style


Our third pick is the neutral option – with or without sleeves, in a large variety of lengths, perfect for all hair colors and even more on a shade of tan. Romantic, cute, and nice for sexy, playful, or shy bridesmaids.

· Satin Slip Dress

full length of joyful young woman in black blazer and slip dress standing with hands on hips on grey

Finally, this satin slip dress on mint green is the very definition of bridesmaid dress trends in the summer, as a fresh cocktail on a night at the beach. It’s so fresh, yet so elegant that you will want to wear this dress over and over again for endless hot romantic summer nights.

We hope that this was a helpful insight into this summer’s bridesmaid dress trends for 2021, looking to unite affordable, versatile options that you can re-wear for other occasions, summer breeze colors, and never-dying items.

If you feel courageous, you can always mix not only fabrics and cuts but also colors – like burgundy and mint, for once. We hope you’ll have an amazing, one-of-a-kind event and we can hardly wait for your pictures.

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