How to Choose a Flattering Plus Size Party Dress 2021

Size is just a number, and this is not just an empty saying to make people feel better. If you stop and take a look at Adele or lovely Keely Shaye Smith, Pierce Bresnan’s wife, you’ll know what we’re talking about. You don’t need to be Victoria’s Secret size 0 or 00 models to be labeled as beautiful; and we, ladies, don’t need to be labeled at all to feel beautiful.

So for all the extraordinary beautiful ladies out there with feminine lines and full figures, let’s see below some shopping trends for party dresses in 2021 which will look good on you rather than on lifeless mannequins. Check out our insights for party dresses for women.

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Plus-Size Party Dress

If it’s a party, dressing is paramount. Here are the essentials to never go wrong when you’re choosing the party dress for plus-size divas.

· Be careful about the cut


It’s very well known that in dresses, vertical lines draw the eyes up and down your body; and the more closely spaced between the two areas, the better. You don’t want something that will visually fragment the body, but something that will rather reinforce the idea of a whole. It’s important when choosing the print, as well. But the cut and the line are everything when choosing a plus-size party dress online, most importantly if you don’t try it for size beforehand. From A-line to empire or the straight line, these options elongate the figure and produce a welcoming eye effect. V-neck is also a safe option.

· Print me with your print


As for the cut, the print is also very important. And no, it doesn’t need to be all-black all the time, even though black is the new (and old) black in the industry (giggles). But don’t go for horizontal lines and you’ll be just fine. Other than that, you can play with prints without fear of being seen or judged – you’ll be judged as feisty, but we don’t think that would be a problem.

· No need for large prints anymore


You can go for little details on dark backgrounds for a very feminine touch – and strawberries or little red dots on a black background is a very good option both for day and night dresses for plus-size party dresses.

· When picking a look, take a closer look at the basics


Backgrounds are very important – and so are lingerie pieces in the larger puzzle. Plus size undergarments, especially bras, are hard to pick and adjust. So, consider asking a professional to assist. And better off, consider ditching the bra and going for a slimming bodysuit instead, which will assure comfort, style and never bother you to arrange it during the big night out.

· Finally, go with the flow


And stop obsessing about size and numbers. You look fabulous, and people love you for your style, not for what the scale tells you. Wear your body with pride and honor it with the love it deserves, in its entire splendor. Wear something that highlights the best features of your body, and especially wear your hair down for a feminine touch. The perfect earrings, delicious perfume, and a huge smile and attitude will do more for you than a slimming diet. And don’t forget that men don’t want a stick for a partner, ever!

Top 5 Party Dress Ideas for Curvy Girls

1. Splendid Shiny V-Neck Plus Size Dress


A beautiful V-neck full-length dress with a side split is a perfect evening option, and it comes with shiny details which can steal the show. Perfect to highlight your beautiful neck, cleavage, and long beautiful legs. It goes amazing with high heels, a simple clutch, long earrings, and your hair is worn down. Dare to impress and be seen. Be memorable! It’s one of the impressive plus-size party dresses available online.

2. Sexy V-Neck Irregular Hem Plus Size Cocktail Dress


Now, this is not a sight for the brokenhearted or the weak. Speak your truth with daring multiple prints layered in this wonderful piece – as lace and hems are perfect for a night out to a dancing party. Imagine how this will capture looks when you sway or salsa, huh? Don’t forget to match your lipstick and smile to the occasion.

3. Elegant Sequined Plus Size Dress


Spaghetti straps are an option that will not fragment your arms, and these full colors showcase everything, without actually showing too much. This full-length sequin gown is quite elegant, without being too sober, and is suitable for all ages and skin tones. It is bright and dashing in all sizes. Go for burgundy, and you’ll have a dress for all exquisite occasions. You won’t be able to wait to wear it another time.

4. Romantic Double V-Neck Plus Size Dress


This dress is full of romantic details because it’s all in the details. This is one very valid option for plus-size party dresses, highlighting beautiful décolletage and beautiful long arms. The tasteful leaf-print is a very good pick and contrasts a bit with the monochrome background, without being too much. See all color options for an informed choice and pick your style according to your complexion. But this is, again, a fancy dress for multiple occasions.

5. Vintage See-Through Plus Size Dress with Puff Sleeves


Just like taken from the Victorian era, these puff sleeves have their old-world charm. And in this combination, they both hide and highlight beautiful arms but have the opposite effect from a Victorian dress. The daring dress length is for fierce and courageous ladies out there, and the cleavage cut will raise blood pressure wherever you go. Black is back, in this beautiful and sexy party dress.

Don’t forget about this other detail: be bold and walk your path. Queens like Alicia Keys and Beyonce are far away from the official beauty standards and are not beautiful, but exquisite. Choose to wear items that will showcase who you are, and remember that, at the end of the day, for both men and women, personality, style, and sense of humor tie the knot!

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