How To Style A Slip Dress In Winter

2021 has arrived with lingerie-inspired items for women worldwide, slip dresses being the item for all sorts of formal and informal occasions. And the slip dress trend 2022 isn’t planning to be any different, having this particular item glowing among any other competitor.

Let’s see below what makes the slip dress so special, why you should have one at least and how you should be styling it to make the most of your outfit.


A slip dress is a must-have and season-proof staple

It’s hard to pin down a particular season where and when slip dresses apply. This item is particularly sexy, following the natural curves of your body and begging to be at least mildly touched, if not actually taken off. All ladies know that slip dresses are the tool to tempt, tease and make themselves noticed in any situation, be it a trip to the mall, a fancy party or during their travels abroad.


The slip dress remains as every fashion girl’s prized piece. So it’s high time we made the slip dress all season’s staple. If you were looking for tips to choose you or for tricks for slip dress styling, then you are in the right place.


5 New Ways to Wear A Simple Slip Dress In Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside, but this doesn’t ever mean that we should give up standards regarding how we look. We want to make the most of our chilly evenings, and Instagram posts should be as fabulous as ever. So check our slip dress styling ideas, and start having fun wearing your treasured slip dress.

1. With a Chic Blazer


Want to go for a smart, casual but extremely hot outfit? A lady wearing her slip dress styling it with a blazer – be it a crop one, a lengthy or one with a tail – will have all eyes on herself. Adding her stilettos will simply steal the show, this combination being a killer for any rival.

We advise you to opt for complementary colors, daring contrasts in terms of colors and textures, which allow you to be both playful and creative with your daily outfit.

2. With an Oversize coat


Having a slip dress embracing your amazing body features, revealing just enough, in contrast with the hit of the season which is the oversized coat, will work miracles. You can look extremely tempting and still feel warm and comfortable while doing it, right? The slip dress trend 2022 will start with this combination, so imagine the surprise on everyone’s faces when taking out the oversized coat just to reveal the little glowing gem underneath.

3. Layered Over Turtleneck


Contrasts are everything in this season’s trends, so a delicate slip dress rising from underneath a turtleneck, styled maybe with some boots or winter gear, will look impressive under the Christmas tree. The difference between the tender, delicate satin in a slip dress and the wool or cashmere of a turtleneck will be outstanding.

4. With a Leather Jacket


Again with the contrasts. Delicacy, femininity and grace embodied by a slip dress will contrast profoundly with the leather jacket, rugged, raw, and wild. It will also generate a lovely impression. The leather jacket allows even a tone-on-tone combination due to the shiny versus matte—a winner for all purposes.

5. With Fur + Heeled Boots


But the star combination of slip dress styling is defo the slip dress, a lovely fur coat and heeled boots, allowing yourself to go crazy and a bit overboard. Pretentious yet laid back, avant-garde and classical tones and influences in a very simple but effective outfit. Go for a statement clutch, and you’re all set for a premiere and will steal the show yet again.

The Anatomy of A Good Slip Dress

This is a simple dress, only that it’s not. If you’d like, among all dresses, the slip dress is the one showcasing the look of “I didn’t try too much to look this splendid,” but the architecture behind it is pretty elaborate.


It is designed to actually look a lot like a slip, a last-minute option. The slip dress fits closely to the body and includes quite narrow straps, seemingly spaghetti straps. It reveals just the perfect amount of your curves, but it needn’t be too fit or loose.

The perfect slip dress is the Kate Moss- classical 90s one, just above your ankles, with a wide V-neckline and a bit of lace above your décolletage.

But the defining trait of the slip dress is less the length ]or the cut (you can even go for a daring item with a side-cut); it is the fabric, the garment, the layer that will embrace your body in a sensual embrace. The most suitable fabrics would be – of course – silk satin but may as well go for the less pretentious crepe de chine, viscose, rayon, and even lightweight linen. It depends on the occasion and the effect you will be aiming for.


The colors best known for the stupendous slip dress trend 2022 would be the classical black – together with silver, or even beige.

Associated with John Galliano, the slip dress is an immortal item, best to be worn on a special occasion, but which can be quite versatile and adjust to every woman’s needs and wishes.


Slip dresses are very much in for the season of 2022, reason enough for us to focus on leading trends and styling options both for cold and warm seasons. Make sure you grab yours as soon as possible, as the slip dress trend 2022 is on the rise.

Ideal for a very formal soiree, for a night out on the town with the girls, for a premiere or even a coffee at the mall, the slip dress will become as much as your second skin.


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