How To Choose Plus Size Dresses According to Your Body Shape: Celebrate Your Curves with Ever-Pretty

Formal occasions require all of us to dress smart outfits that make us look great. It is often common that plus size women have a hard time trying to achieve this as sometimes brands do not adapt to their needs, making the task of finding the perfect plus size dress an ordeal.

Whether you’re looking for a plus size bridesmaid dress, a plus size wedding dress or any other plus size formal dresses, Ever Pretty will accompany you through the whole process to make sure you totally nail it!

Several factors need to be taken care of when choosing the dress: fabric, colour, length, style and most importantly, your own body shape. Keep reading to learn more about Ever Pretty plus size dresses and make your choice.

Looking for long sleeve bridesmaid dresses or perhaps deep V-neck dresses? Looking forward to being in the spotlight thanks to the most beautiful dress? We are here to help you on any occasion, from weddings, proms, even parties to homecoming and graduation. If you want to look like a princess, wait no longer and choose a gorgeous dress specifically designed for plus size bodies.

How to Identify Your Body Type

If you want to do your best to flatter your figure, you might want to identify your body type before selecting the right dress. These tips will help you!

Measure your body. Having your measurements will not only help you identify your body shape but also choose the correct size when purchasing it.

If your shoulders and hips have a similar width together with your waist, then your body type is rectangle. However, if your belly is a bit more pronounced, your shape is a circle. The hourglass shape is characterized by similar width in shoulders and hips but with a small waist. Pear shaped bodies have a small torso and prominent hips. Inverted triangle body shaped bodies, on the other hand, tend to have wide shoulders and torso but small, narrow hips. Take a look at the picture for guidance.


What to Choose According to Your Body Type

Thankfully enough, big bodies are no longer stigmatized and everyone is completely free to feel sexy. We designed this guide to help you choose the best dress style for your body shape, isn’t that great?

1. Apple-Shaped Body Type:

The best styles for this body shape are V-necklines that make your torso look longer, short dresses that show your legs and A-line dresses.

These two plus size dresses for weddings, prom, or any other formal parties are perfect for apple-shaped women. While the first one has a slit that perfectly shows your legs, the second one is shorter and irregular, making you look taller.


2. Pear and Triangle-Shaped Body Type:

Strapless and off-shoulder dresses help slim your shape in a natural way and highlighting your waist will add the final sexy touch, cutting the triangle shape in a nice way.

The first option has a heart-shaped neckline and a slit. As you can see, the waist is super highlighted. The second option shows a bit more of skin at the shoulders area and highlights the waist in a beautiful way.


3. Rectangle-Shaped Body Type:

What you need to do if you have a rectangle shape is simply exaggerate your natural curves and create a deep waistline. You can also add texture and volume to give a natural feminine shape.

Option one is a glittery fabric that adds volume. The slit and the belt make the waist a protagonist. Option two, on the other hand, makes a great impact on the waist zone, naturalizing the feminine shape.


4. Hourglass-Shaped Body Type:

This body type is the one all of us really want! Big bust area and big hips with a small waist. Well, you know what to do! Stress those curves! Bodycon dresses will help you with your best attributes.

Option one is just perfect. Sleeveless and tight with a sexy slit. Option two really highlights the hourglass shape with the heart-shaped neckline and the mermaid skirt.


Important Factors to Consider When Choosing your Plus Size Dress

Now that you’ve identified your body shape and the ideal type of dress for you, let’s see what you need to take into account when selecting it.

Factor 1: Occasion

Choosing the outfit for an event depends a lot on your specific role at the occasion. Being the bride or bridesmaid is completely different from being a regular guest. Let’s take a look at these styles!

1. Bride: The first plus size wedding dress features an off-shoulder neckline combined with spaghetti straps: delicate and sexy. The second plus size wedding dress features a deep v-neckline and a mermaid skirt. Ready to look sexy!?


2. Bridesmaid: Both options are great for plus size bridesmaid dresses. The first option, however, is a bit more subtle thanks to the long sleeves. The V-neckline shows just enough. The second option is a bolder one, with one-shoulder neckline and a flowy skirt.


3. Wedding guest: Being the guest is just easy! Not many rules, girl! There are many Ever Pretty plus size dresses for you to choose. The first option features short sleeves if you don’t feel like showing too much and a subtle V-neckline. The second option features a one shoulder neckline with sweet flowers and a maxi, floor-length skirt. Both options are great!


Factor 2: Trending Elements

Of course, it’s also important that you’re aware of the latest fashion trends when choosing your formal outfit!

1. V-neckline: At Ever Pretty, V-necklines are simply classic. You’ll always find countless options for plus size formal dresses for weddings with a V-neckline. These two options are both beautiful and peculiar, especially the first one. The combination of colours and textures make this spaghetti strap dress unique. The second option is a bit more classic, with a mermaid shape. Sexy, right?


2. Long Sleeves: Long sleeve bridesmaid dresses are always a great option if you’re not comfortable with showing your arms at your friend’s wedding. The first option features a deep V-neckline and a sexy slit, highlighting the waist. The second option, a teal bridesmaid dress with an elegant V-neckline, has a complete skirt and some shiny details on the torso area.


3. Fabric: Fabric is a big deal, actually. If you want a bump-friendly dress, then pay attention to the fabric. The first option features velvet, the queen of fabrics, especially during winter. It’ll be an ally in cold weather! Silk, on the other hand, is just great for hot weather. You don’t have to worry about uncomfortable sweat!


Factor 3: Color

Wondering the trendy colors are this year? We’ve got 3 winners.

1. Teal: Especially the darker version. It’s elegant, subtle, and cheerful in a special way. This is a great color if you want a subtle plus size wedding dress but black is not an option. Check how this amazing color works wonders in different body shapes.


2. Burgundy: Just like teal, burgundy is great if you want to keep it subtle yet have some color in your outfit. The first option is great if you don’t want to be seen too much, while the second option is perfect if you want exactly the opposite! Both feature sexy V necklines.


3. Purple Orchid: Now, let’s forget about dark tones. Purple orchid is just perfect! It easily adapts to all seasons and give you a sweet, fairy-tale like style. Looks great both on pale skins and darker ones!


We’ve now given you many tips and examples so that you can, first, identify your body type, then learn about the best dress style for your body, and then learn about this year’s fashion trends, including fabrics, colors and styles. What are you waiting for? Choose your next formal plus size dress. You’ll surely look completely amazing! Oh, and don’t forget to take many pictures, you won’t regret it!


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