How to Choose the Perfect Bump-Friendly Wedding Dress

Don’t dare to think we’ve forgotten about moms-to-be! This blog is specifically devoted to pregnant ladies, so if you’re one of them, keep reading!

Bump-Friendly Dresses to Wear as your Little Love Grows Under your Heart

Having a little bundle of joy on his or her way to your loving arms is a true blessing, and no future mother can wait to hold her little miracle within her arms. Although this is true for every single future mom and hero; pregnancy naturally comes with taking on some weight and experiencing the enlargement of certain body parts. But that doesn’t mean you cannot still navigate your way through bump-friendly wedding dresses if you are considering having a wedding previous to the arrival of the little genius.

If, on the other hand, you are invited to a formal event, there’s no reason to skip, as we are looking for ways to make your life easier when choosing from bump-friendly dresses for the special occasion.

Bump Friendly Dresses work for both during and after your pregnancy


You might be planning to lose weight the second you give birth, but as most mothers know, this usually isn’t the case. It takes nine months to grow your baby inside you while she or he is listening to the beats of your heart from the inside, and it takes another nine or even more to lose those extra pounds and roundness in places you would rather have flatness. But as time goes by, you will learn to be patient to jump right back, so having one or two plus-size bridesmaid dresses in your wardrobe will prove to be smart and healthy in the long run.

So stay tuned with us to see some useful tips on how to choose the perfect bump-friendly dresses, which would qualify to match your glow and happiness.


Tips on choosing the most stylish dresses for formal occasions

While you are pregnant, no matter the trimester, you may feel you are changing at an even more rapid pace, and you start to appreciate different things.

1. One of those things is comfort


Carrying a baby is not an easy task, and it puts pressure on all your body parts and functions. So you might want to go easy on yourself when picking a dress. At this point, it is evenly important to look fantastic in your bump-friendly dresses and to feel fantastic. Pregnancy is not the time to pick band-aid dresses or the ones making you feel even more uncomfortable. Moms all over the place, you’ve been there. At this point, hoodie over short skirts, right?

2. Health first


No physician is going to recommend any dress which would put pressure on your bump, so try to stay away from those which do. We say you should go for bump-friendly wedding dresses which would not affect your or your child’s safety. If the dress feels awkward or unsafe when you sit down or bend over, this is not a good pick.

3. Dresses don’t need to dig a hole into your budget


Even if these are smart investments, we advertise that our picks are good price per quality suggestions, with a balance in your favor.

4. Maxi suits you in this scenario


Pregnant women need to sit and stand in positions you wouldn’t consider otherwise, and comfort is paramount in these nine months (enjoy them, a life of work and discomfort awaits). So a maxi dress makes sure you will be able to enjoy all sorts of sitting positions while assuring you don’t need to hide from everyone else’s eyes.

4. Lastly, you don’t need to hide your precious bump


You will look at pictures and feel nostalgic about the pregnancy period (even if you don’t believe us now). So even if the other bridesmaids are skinny babes, you shouldn’t try to hide away that you are carrying a baby. Wear your belly and plus-size bridesmaid dresses with pride; you are beautiful in every way!

How to choose the perfect wedding dress for a pregnant bride in a stylish and adorable way without feeling any discomfort?


Is there such thing as a feminine, exquisite and plus-size wedding dress for a pregnant woman? Oh, yes, there are! Check out below our top three suggestions for bump-friendly wedding dresses, which will reflect and enhance your beauty while matching that glow that only pregnant women ever enjoy.


Attention all amazing brides! Number one is a lovely pick, feminine, delicate, a bit modest, very comfortable, and which will be a lovely option even after you give birth, as it can serve you as an amazing dress for a summer garden party. The V-neckline is splendid; the loose short sleeves work to your advantage if you are far from your pre-pregnancy shape, and the full length is in style and will never go out of style anytime in the next 100 years.


Number two is the romantic option, with full-length and loose long sleeves, exposing those beautiful collarbones. Who could resist?


Number three is the perfect V-neckline maxi dress with airy sleeves and showing off just a bit of those beautiful legs. We don’t think you can resist any of these three.

Dare to glow in your perfect bump-friendly dress as a guest!


Everyone loves glowing pregnant women, and you can choose from lovely cuts and romantic colors to fit the season and make sure you can reuse them even after your little one steps into this world.

The trends favor romantic colors like lavender, powder pink, and soft flowery prints. Maxi dresses are very much in for the moment, so beautiful plus-size bridesmaid dresses will be astute investments.

Check below for another three fantastic suggestions and dazzle everyone at the party!

Bump Friendly Dresses stunning enough to wear as a bridesmaid or wedding guest


If you want to send a shade over the bride, option one is amazing during and after pregnancy. Lavender tulle with precious details in the upper part revealing those beautiful elbows and arms, and only showing a small portion of your fantastic décolletage (yeah, we know, the perks of pregnancy) makes for a splendid pick. That beautiful color is fit for any season, doesn’t it?


Option number two, with transparent crop sleeves, a beautiful and Sunday-look V-neck with a beautiful bow to celebrate that amazing bump, is a lovely pick for romantic ladies worldwide.


And number three is perfect among plus-size bridesmaid dresses, as it showcases your bump, neck, and beautiful arms in an amazing flowery print.

We hope our suggestions help. These amazing picks will help you glow and feel comfortable at the same time, while not putting your health in danger. Lovely, affordable, and sexy dresses in this bump-friendly gallery. Pick yours and share amazing one-of-a-kind memories with us, will you?

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