Coronavirus: How to Celebrate Mother's Day This Year

We are almost getting the middle of this 2020, and believe it or not, we have spent most of it at home trying to do our best to continue working, doing exercise, eating healthy, trying not to go bananas as a result of the lockdown and also, celebrating birthdays and other special dates. Speaking of celebration and special days, this month we have one of the most important dates in the year: mother’s day.

Whether you live with your mom or not, being in a lockdown doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate her day. You see, a mother is the most important person in our lives and we should never skip any chance of celebrating and honoring her. Because we truly mean what we say, we’ve written this article to help to choose you mom’s present for this coming Mother’s Day 2020.

It’s a Special Mother’s Day This Year


You are lucky enough to live under the same roof as your mom? Great, easier to give her a beautiful mother’s day present. You have moved out and don’t have your mom around anymore? Don’t worry, many companies providing services and products are already working and will be more than glad to deliver anything for you.

A mother is usually the most special and beloved member of our families: they take care, give love, nurture, protect, teach, correct and inspire us during our whole lives, and that’s the simple reason why we should always celebrate their special day as a way of showing them we are thankful and we love them

Lacking ideas for mother’s day? That’s not a problem at all. Here are some ways in which you can celebrate her:

  • You can buy her a present and have it delivered: If you are willing to spend some money, you can always investigate her interests and search a nice present she’ll love.
  • You can give her an experience: if you don’t want to buy her something, you can give her a beautiful experience she can enjoy after this quarantine ends. Make sure it will be valid after a while.
  • You can cook for her: this option is valid only if you live with your mom. Cooking her favorite meal for dinner or preparing breakfast that special day will absolutely draw a smile on her face.
  • Do something wilder: sing for her, record a video, make a collage with pictures of you too, and the options go on and on! If you don’t have any money to spend, you can always be creative!

As you can see, quarantine or money are not valid excuses to pass on your mom’s day celebration as there are many options to choose from, so take a sit and starting thinking and deciding what is it gonna be!

5 Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day

We have given you some general ideas of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day for you to start thinking of what’s better for her. Still not a clue of what to give you mom? Take a look at this list of top 5 mother’s day gift ideas she will absolutely love. With these unique mother’s day gifts, you’ll be the rock child this year!

1. Something as Sweet as She Is


A low-cost present always involves food, doesn’t it? So here’s the deal: you can order or buy a cake or you can also make breakfast for her. If you are going to order, make sure the company delivers the same day for a fresh product. Not convinced yet? For mothers who have a sweet tooth, you can but some delicious chocolates and candies and arrange them in a box decorated by yourself. She’ll surely melt!

2. An Experience


Maybe you don’t know what to give her because she isn’t the kind of person who wants presents, and that’s ok. What about giving her an experience? For example, you can contact a spa center and ask them to make a voucher for your mom: massages, manicure, or whatever best fits her. Bigger budget? Give her a trip. You can go with her. As in today’s situation buying tickets and making reservations is not possible, you can make a voucher yourself with the saying “Valid for a trip together after quarantine ends” or something of the sort. We are all craving trips right now, so this present will absolutely drive her crazy.

3. Show Your love Without Spending Money


It’s fine if you can afford a present, yet it’s not a valid excuse for not celebrating with her. If you live with your mom you can give her a “relaxing day” in which you will be in charge of your home and she can rest in bed watching a film. You can even join her!

Another option? A movie night: she can choose what to watch. Make pop some popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy a moment with her.

4. A Book


This option is ideal for reader moms. If you want it to be a surprise and you have no idea of what to select, go through her library and check what type of books she likes. Another option is directly asking her what book she’d like. Books are always a great gift and at this moment, an ideal get away from home!

5. A Dress


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, refined dress to wear whenever this quarantine’s over? Picture this: the virus is gone, they announce we can finally go out and people will start throwing parties and looking for excuses to celebrate whatever comes in the way. A dress needs to be waiting in your closet. Luckily, has a wide variety of high-quality dresses at affordable prices and what’s best, it ships worldwide.

This elegant see-through dress features a figure flattering ruched waist, long sleeves and a bust made of lace, a floor-length skirt and a padded bust for no bra option. It comes in many different colors and sizes for you to be able to choose your mom’s best option.

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