4 Ideas To Take Interesting Photos To Get More Likes On Instagram

How to get more likes on Instagram is a big question which many people want to know. Under normal conditions, an interesting photo is always popular on Instagram and usually that is the first step we should do. Today, we will introduce 4 ideas to take interesting photos which is on hot trend to help you to get more likes! Let’s check it out!

1. Take Photos With A Vase



Attention! This time is not take a perfect selfie with flowers which we introduced before, but with a real vase! No more need to take the flowers out of a vase, just take the whole vase with flowers.



You can go for any type of vases with any flowers you like. This is the easiest way to take an interesting photo which is on trend these days.


Of course you can pick an interesting vase to get more likes just like the French blogger Camille Charriere did in the photo above!

2. Take A Selfie With A Small Mirror


Mirror selfies have already become a classic Instagram phenomenon for years. However, the most popular mirror selfie nowadays is no more any big mirrors or taking a selfie which includes the whole body, but with a small mirror and only takes a part of the body.



Compared to the old mirror selfies, you don’t need to worry about perfect pose or perfect outfits when you take selfie with a small mirror, just show the best part of you!




You could also show your new outfit, shoes or accessories by taking a selfie with a small mirror!




A beautiful mirror is always a bonus point to a mirror selfie. Gold-rimmed mirrors are a great choice as many photos above proved that.

3. Stretch Your Legs


We believe that many of you have seen this classic photo of Victoria Beckham. She stretched her legs and manicured at the same time, such an excellent time manager!



When you doing this pose, remember not let your head down, you can use your hand to hold your head and doing some cute facial expressions.




We suggest you stretch your leg and bend your another leg at the same time, because that looks more natural and relaxed. You could also read books/magazines if you don’t want to doing any facial expressions.

4. Fake Picnic Photos



Nowadays “fake picnic” becomes the new trend especially on Instagram, we can see many bloggers often show their picnic photos.



A perfect picinic photos need the right picnic props, a table linen is necessary. Compared to a simple white table linen, check or printed table linen is much more of picnic vibe.



Food, flowers and books are also good friends to a picnic photo. Don’t forget to take some colorful fruits! If you want to a have a small party on your table linen, bread, cakes, wines and beautiful tableware are also good ideas.





When it comes to your outfits, we suggest you go for a pastoral style dress which lives in harmony with nature. If you don’t know how to pose for a picnic photo, reading a book is a good idea!

That’s today’s introduction about how to take interesting photos to get more likes on Instagram. Do you plan to have a try now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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