10 Classic Summer Looks Which You Can Never Go Wrong

Summer is here, did you ever feel you can no outfits to wear although you have plenty of clothes? If so, you cannot miss out on this article, because we will wake up your summer wardrobe!

Today, we will introduce 10 classic summer looks which you can never go wrong! How classic? Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana both wore before, and these classic summer looks are still loved by today’s fashionistas!

You can easily copy these classic summer looks every day, keep scrolling to find more styling inspirations now!

1. Striped T-shirt And White Shorts

We guess that everyone has a striped T-shirt in your wardrobe now, how to wear it in style this summer? Fashion icons used to love to pair it with white shorts to make a navy style look which is classic and sexy.

We suggest you go for a pair of loose white shorts which are more popular nowadays. As for striped T-shirts, you can choose any color, with no specific requirements.

2. Blouses With A Well Tied Knot And Denim Shorts

Tied of plain blouses and denim shorts? A well-tied knot can freshen up your summer look.

As we introduced in the previous post Time To Try The 3 Hottest Tops Trends 2020, tops with a well-tied knot is on big trend this season. You can pair with any shorts, not only denim shorts. A straw hat and a pair of sunglasses complete your vacation look!

3. Crop Tops And Loose Pants

Crop tops are sexy, and loose pants are cool, these two items are the perfect complement to each other.

If you want to try this style, we suggest you go for loose pants with a high waist which is friendly to more body shapes.

4. Blouses With Lace Hems And Blue Jeans

Jane Birkin is a big fan of blue jeans, and she loved to pair it with a simple T-shirt and blouses with lace hems, the pictures above will give you an idea of what we mean.

Nowadays, this pastoral summer style is loved by French women. You can also change blue jeans to black jeans, or go for blouses with big puff sleeves which are on a big trend.

5. Boyfriend Style Shirts And White Loose Pants

White on white easily creates a sense of high fashion, and white is one of the most popular colors in summer.

You can change to shirts or blouses in other styles nowadays. This is a summer look that perfects both for business and weekend out.

6. Bra Tops And Suits/Blazers

The sexiest way to wear a suit or blazer is to pair it with a bra top. This is also the classic look of Kate Ann Moss.

Nowadays, you can choose from a great range of bra tops. You don’t have to go for a suit set, a pair of jeans or loose black pants add a more casual vibe for daily wear.

7. White Blouses And Midi Skirts

This is one of the most classic looks of Audrey Hepburn. A basic blouse and A-line midi skirts are all you need for this classic summer look.

You can roll up your sleeves for a more casual vibe in summer. A pair of comfortable heels completes the chic business look.

8. Dresses And Ankle Boots In Dark Colors

Dresses and boots are a classic cool-girl look. You can see this classic look in many movies.

Nowadays, white dresses are more popular, you can easily make both sexy and cool summer look with a white dress and black ankle boots.

9. Cardigans And Floral Dresses

Princess Diana loved to wear cardigans as shawls. A floral dress is full of pastoral style.

We suggest you go for grey, khaki, or navy blue cardigans which can pair with any floral dresses in different colors.

10. Slip Dresses And Strappy Sandals

A sexy slip dress and sexy strappy style sandals are maybe the sexiest summer look for most women. Many celebrities of the 90s chose this sexy look in many big events.

We suggest you go for a midi slip dress which you can wear for more occasions in summer!

That’s today’s introduction about the 10 classic summer looks. Which one is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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