How to Style Your Leggings During Summer

You cannot afford to ignore the core piece which is known to provide the snugness that you want, especially in summer. Leggings are one of the most comfortable staples for almost every women’s wardrobe as they are not only associated with working out, but they are also a perfect item to wear year-round. They are fashion-forward too, so if some of you are considering its trend, it’s not going out of the streamline in any way. Basically, these days, there is no clothing piece as inescapable as the perfect leggings.

Leggings are the perfect go-to option for working out, going grocery shopping, or simply hanging out with friends. However, as summer arrives, usually some thoughts pop up in our minds, should I be wearing them when it’s boiling outside? How can I control the sweat in my legs? How to style leggings for summer? Well, wonder no more! All queries are going to be answered here.

If we think about the countless options fashion gives us, there are always some chic ways to style the all-purpose pants when it is ridiculously hot outside, but it all depends on the fashion sense and style you have. To have some ideas and inspiration, you can check the social media and spy big celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Jessica Jones, and Kendall Jenner, who portray how to wear legging on almost every occasion. So without forgetting the legacy, let’s move forward. Let’s learn how to style our outfits. One interesting idea could be a summer dress with leggings!

Tips for Choosing the Right Leggings for You

When you consider adding a neutral or vibrant collection of leggings to your wardrobe, you must take into account the factors that are important to consider while you are choosing them. These are some tips for choosing the right leggings:

  • Size. Make no mistake!

When choosing them, they should be the same size as your pants or, if very stretchy, they can even be one or two sizes below that.

  • Make sure the fabric is stretchy and opaque.

When choosing leggings, what you want is that they embrace your shape without showing your underwear.

Some good fabrics could be cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, and nylon-spandex. Consider the quality while you are buying them because here quality matters as you want to feel comfortable throughout the day. It should be like your second skin. Usually, leggings of neutral tones work wonders as they can be paired with almost every shade, so go for the monochromatic tones. Another great option is black, which can be paired with literally anything.

5 Ways to Style Leggings in Summer

Summer dresses with leggings seem like the perfect match as they give next-level comfort and take your style to a brand new place. So regardless of the type of leggings you have, take a look at how you can make this summer looks super cool and snug at the same time.

1. Leggings with Crop Top

Young sportswoman with gym bag and sports shoes walking to go to training

If you are willing to make your style statement impressive and snug, just add some spice to your personality by pairing the leggings with a crop top. Moreover, you can have a long sleeveless coat on it, and yes, a cute baseball cap is going to give you more value. This look is perfect for summer lunches, formal meetings, and for going to work. Keep playing with this style with whatever you have in your wardrobe!

2. Leggings with Knotted Tee

Sporty beautiful sexual woman hipster in fashionable sports clothes with a ball lying on the pavement and wearing fashion sunglasses, top view. Girl rest on the street

Keep in mind that leggings are too easygoing, so you need to always give them a chance when it comes to casual or informal outfits. You can perfectly match your leggings with workout shirts and loose t-shirts (striped, bold, or a tee with graphics over it!). You can either tie it at your tummy or half wrap it up.

As for the shoes, pick a decent pair of sandals (nothing too extravagant, yet no elastic flip flops — those are for the pool or beach, right?) and afterward finish the outfit with a charming cap (which is something that adds boldness to the look). You can pick a baseball cap, a fedora, or another style!

3. Leggings with Petite Suit for a Business Look

High fashion portrait of young elegant woman. Suede jacket, tight black pants, black heels

This is an illustration of a perfect business look you can make by matching a petite suit with stockings. Some cute summer legging outfits include polka dots for a special look, and you can add a thick dark belt to complement the midriff in case the suit is excessively free and flowy or too long. A couple of burgundy siphons and timberland green bags wrap up the overall style.

4. Capri Length Leggings with Oversized Shirt

Female beauty concept. Portrait of fashionable young girl in classic clothes posing on gold background. Perfect hair and skin. trendy style. Studio shot

Who said legging should be exhausting? Choose a head-turning tone in a Capri length (reward if they have stylish enumerating like a belt). Pair them with a fun oversize printed button-down and bright extras for one genuinely stylish summer legging outfit. You can complete your day-out look with a vibrant-colored cross bag and roam on the streets with the cool personage. Moreover, when it comes to shoes, you can choose sneakers as they will add more chicness. Give your Capri leggings a raised look this mid-year by matching them with a ribbed-sew tank and moderate heels (if you want something aesthetic).

5. Capri Leggings with Flowy Tunic

A long shirt or flowy tunic combines remarkably with leggings, bringing some spring and summer life into a couple of dark capris leggings. Wavy print tunics are trendy and look modern. Matched with black leggings, you can elevate the look with a black bag and black flats. It is a perfect style for formal looks and you can easily adapt it for summer dinners also. Who has ever thought a summer dress with leggings could look so stylish?

With all the tips we gave you, you’re sure now ready to rock your summer legging style, aren´t you!?

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