Everything You Should Know About Red Wedding Dresses

What color would you go for when picking a wedding dress? Did you dream about yourself in white on your special day? No? Maybe too boring for the wild woman inside you? We thought as much.

We attribute meaning to colors, and that can be applied perfectly when talking about wedding dresses too. White is ascribed to purity and new beginnings. Red, however, is the color of passion, and if your relationship and future marriage are passionate, then red is the perfect option for you too. Let’s cruise together on this story and see the secrets behind the color red and the red wedding dress meaning.

Red Wedding Dress Traditions


You might be accustomed to the somewhat “traditional” white piece for a bride on her wedding day – as this is the classic Western approach to the attire. It might strike you as daring and unbelievable, but Western traditions are a tad newer than those of the Far East – where red wedding dresses have been the standard for millenniums.

For China, Singapore, India, and even South Sudan, red is the most suitable and fitting color to be worn on that special day. Going way back, Athenian women wore light red robes on the day of their weddings, as a symbol of welfare, fertility, good luck, and happiness. The Han period in China prescribed certain colors for the wedding gown considering the seasons of the year – and red was the fitting color in summer. Closer to our days, the Korean brides wore silky robes in red, green, and yellow in the fourteen century.

Even to our days, Chinese and Indian brides wear read down the aisle. Chinese brides wear glittering skirts and veils, and Indian women have been wearing saffron red for centuries to this day. In the Indian culture, red is attributed to symbolize feminine power, fertility, peace, prosperity, passion, and new beginnings. Today, in the Far East, Chinese brides wear the Qipao, a one-piece red dress with a metallic design. The Chinese attribute the color red to loyalty, fertility and love, and believe that red casts evil away.

Why Some Brides Choose Red Wedding Dresses

Back in the days, choosing the color of your wedding dress might not have been an option, but today wearing red to the aisle may be for a number of reasons:

  • Red could simply be the favorite color.

It represents power, determination, and strength; and you might love it just because of its meaning. And no matter the city, be it New York, Mumbai, or New Delhi, today you can pick your color and stick to it. Even print it on the invitations too.

  • Respect for the color and heritage.

If you are from India, Singapore, South Sudan, or China, your culture and heritage are part of your identity. If you feel strongly about it, pay your homage to tradition and wear red as your ancestors did. And you will look absolutely stunning!

  • You look perfect in red.

Red might be the color that best accentuates your shapes, and if that’s so, don’t be afraid to show the inner you on the big day. It is, indeed, your big day! It suits all figures and shapes, with all kinds of complexion, hair and eyes colors.

  • You have a red color scheme.

An idea which, to be honest, is stunning. Both you and your groom will shine bright on your perfect day. We cannot even imagine your first dance as bride and groom dazzling the dance floor in red. Red can symbolize your passion and burning love for each other.

  • You want to stand out from any other bride.

And red will assure your success on the matter. Don’t be afraid to shine!

The Hottest Red Wedding Dress Styles You Should Know in 2021

1. Half-White Half-Red Wedding Gown


If you are into the red but don’t want to go all the way, this is a perfect option and a mix of what’s best in both worlds. This half-white half red wedding gown goes perfectly for the romantic bride and showcases a beautiful white complexion and long hair. Silk is the epitome of elegance. You cannot go wrong with this option.

2. Red Wedding Dress With Sleeveless Corset


This amazing red wedding dress with a sleeveless corset and full-length tulle in saffron red is stunning. For darker complexions, this fits all figures and will make for an unforgettable outfit. Speak your truth no matter the place or season, as this is one of the most feminine, daring, and powerful statements.

3. Indian Style Luxurious Wedding Dress


This makes for a bit of Indian inspiration. Luxurious in all senses, saffron red and golden and silver details are amazing combined. It is a one-of-a-kind dress, even more, memorable if you are not getting married in India. For all the daring brides out there, we applaud you!

4. Traditional Chinese Red Wedding Dress


Here you have a Chinese-style option for a red wedding dress, with long sleeves and a full-length skirt. Long, elegant, sober, and feminine, with golden details, if you want to leave a bit to the imagination, this is the perfect item.

5. Red Flowery Mermaid Wedding Dress


And the mermaid dress in red is of the utmost splendor and sensibility, with this item showcasing a beautiful slender figure with perfect handmade flowery details. Nothing is more fitting for a bride-to-be, don’t you think?

Finally, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue for your perfect day doesn’t necessarily have to be the standard. Break with tradition or continue yours, start your marriage and your perfect love story by showing who you both are and what you are made of, and don’t be shy when picking your color scheme.


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