Why You Should Consider A Fall Wedding In 2021


If you believed that summer and spring were the obvious seasons for your big day, then you can think again. It looks like a fall wedding is tops, and because of good reasons. Everything from the stunning foliage to beautiful weather makes it simple for you to fall in love with this season, then why not consider tying the knot in it?

The crisp air and changing leaves along with being the most amazing time of the year for your favorite designs when it comes to outfits and spices when it comes to the menu, the fall season offers you a bit of each of the beautiful aspects you love in other season weddings without the main drawbacks of temperature and weather. Read on to find the top 6 reasons for getting hitched in the splendid season of fall.


Wedding Themes For Fall 2021

Fall weddings have become immensely popular these years, and it has been most people’s choice in 2021 due to COVID-19. With this pandemic outbreak, many people had to, unfortunately, postpone their weddings and are booking more frequently for next October and November. Whether you had your wedding canceled due to the 2021 pandemic or considering fall for your big day, it is a gorgeous time of the year for getting married.

When it comes to wedding themes for fall, the season has plenty of modern and fresh ideas to offer. You can go from playful to elegant and anything in between. For giving you an inspiration for your special day, we have gathered some brilliant yet effortless wedding themes for fall that will help you in making your wedding just the way you had imagined.

  • Fall Leaves: Possibly, the one most well-known fall wedding theme has to be the fall leaves. It is almost sinful not including this color-changing, stunning foliage in your wedding day photoshoot. They are an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way of decorating the food displays. You can also spread them down on the aisle or use them in various ways as props for your photoshoot. The ideas are simply limitless, so go ahead and get artistic!
  • Pumpkins: Early fall is all regarding pumpkins, and it is another most popular fall wedding theme on the list. You can do so much with it in terms of texture and variety, such as you can opt for a bountiful, lush cornucopia packed with pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, and candles. Or you may try a modern aesthetic way like wrapping white pumpkins with berries, which can make fantastic cardholders. Both look amazing and can seamlessly embody the fall tablescape.
  • Fall wedding stationery: Nothing fairly fits a fall wedding than the stationery wedding theme. There are a lot of gorgeous autumnal motifs, which your stationer may use for adorning your special day invitations. Apples (perfect in this season), leaves, berries, and pumpkins will help you capture the autumn beauty.

6 Reasons to have a fall wedding

A lot of people do not realize that autumn has some major advantages concerning weddings. Besides making you look pretty, the amazing temperature sets this time apart from other seasons all through the year. Worried about buying wedding dresses for yourself and your girl gang in this COVID-19 situation? With several possibilities of buying dresses online, you will find affordable and elegant dresses that will not only match your dream wedding but will be as unique as you. One excellent online store for wedding and bridesmaid dresses (and any dress you want) is www.everpretty.com: you can find stylish dresses at affordable prices and they ship everywhere!

This amazing season screams several fall wedding ideas and for this reason we will discuss top 6 reasons for you to get married this fall.

  1. Pleasant Temperature: A summer wedding may mean extremely uncomfortable guests and a perspiring bride. With fall cooler temperatures come along with sufficient daylight without much humidity. And the stunning foliage further uplifts the vibe!
  2. Earlier Starting Times: As the sun sets sooner during fall, the festivities can be scheduled easily. This makes fall the ideal season for an early afternoon or brunch wedding.
  3. Long Gowns with Sleeves: Fall with its outdoor vistas and cooler temperatures may get chilly. This means that you may wear long gowns with sleeves or even long boots for an autumnal transition. The sartorial references for beautiful designs are endless.
  4. Bold Dresses for Bridesmaids: One of the striking things about fall is the endless palette possibilities. When it comes to choosing the color tone for your best friend’s dresses, there are many options. Bridesmaids may opt for rich jewel tones as they are flattering and beautiful on different skin tones. Plus, they can also be re-worn for a holiday party outfit later.
  5. Various Flower Options: If you prefer unique looks and styles, you can be stunned by the availability of in-season flowers during fall. But you aren’t limited as many flowers are accessible off-season as well but for a price. The beautiful hues of burnt orange, rich greens, and reds will make a good choice for floral fall wedding decorations along with bouquets.
  6. Holiday-Inspired Dessert Options: As apples and pumpkin spice are always available in the fall season, they bring with them a plethora of options for incorporating their flavors into the desserts, plus have your guests happily enjoy your special day.
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