How to Choose Vacation Dresses: A Complete Guide

When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is how to choose and style your dresses, or worse – to worry about refreshing your wardrobe last minute. That’s why we are here to assist with the latest trends for dresses for holidays, so you needn’t fix this one yourself.

A Type of Dress for Each Type of Vacation


The word holiday itself sends us to a blissful stage, and we think there are dresses to suit each season.

Hot Summer Nights, Hot Vacation Dress Ideas


There are vacation dress ideas suitable for hot weather, from airy and light fabrics – such as chiffon, silk, cotton, which will caress your skin and help you feel comfortable all day long on a spring break, a hot summer city break, or a day by the pool. Complementing your holiday dress with flip flops, an oversized necklace, a strawy hat, and cat eyewear can only make the outfit perfect, don’t you agree?

Born To Be Mild!


Mild weather poses no challenges when you have the ideal dresses for holidays ready, packed, and running. We can go for cotton, taffeta, tartan, and linen vacation dress ideas, and style them up with a leather or denim jacket, a comfortable and tailored scarf, and even assorted hand gloves, while wearing the perfect Converse or Oxford shoes to fit the picture. Add a nice small purse or backpack, and you’re off to explore Rome or Nice in no time!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


And whoever said that dresses are not the thing for winter probably have never visited the Christmas winter fair in Wien! December yells for the perfect winter holiday dress made from tartan, linen, or velvet, styled with the most perfect leggings and with the fuzziest fur and gloves. You have to admit, these vacation dress ideas will make for the most beautiful holiday pictures!

Our Top 5 Vacation Dress Selection for You

1. Flowery V-neck vacation dress


The Boho long and airy holiday dress fits all relaxed chicks waiting for their Daiquiris by the bar! There is something in the air just looking at this item, and this look just takes you directly to your vacation. Style this vacation dress for the beach wearing your hair loose, large statement earrings, and colorful flip-flops – and just imagine yourself wearing this at a pool party. The cinched waist and the full length elongate the figure, and the half sleeves and V-neck are advantageous for all figures and heights. Making for a perfect afternoon by the beach together with your book will just invite pictures and new friends in no time!

2. Flower print long-sleeved vacation dress


Another classic to be, the floral print dress with full sleeves, will introduce an exquisite and sensual note to the beautiful owner of this holiday dress, don’t you agree? The button-up just leaves the imagination running, while this beach dress brings a sensual touch to the picture. Styling it up with some large and bold bracelets and introducing your favorite sandals will turn this outfit into your classical pick among your dresses for the holidays. The palmetto print is simply made for the holiday. The full-length is an everlasting trend both for urban chic and for holiday wear. Adding some spice with a straw hat and a maxi bag for all your readings and accessories to fit in, means you’re turning beautiful to practical.

3. High slit V-neck casual holiday dress


We are calling this vacation dress casual, but there’s nothing simple about it! This summery holiday dress is so raw; it can easily be imagined climbing down from the runway. This item, among all vacation dress ideas, is a perfect fit for a garden party; the feminine touches from this wrap are stupendous, they highlight the beautiful curves and angles of the woman’s body, and the slit is elegant yet daring. The flowery print on a dark shade goes perfect with some flowery flip flops and with some large earrings. Still, we can see this item being worn with sandals at a party without emotions. A breathtaking holiday dress for all the elegant and proud, beautiful women out there.

4. Retro sleeveless polka holiday dress


The bold ones not afraid of showing some skin can enjoy this summer vacation dress, which can easily be turned from a beach dress to a party dress as fast as you can spell stiletto. This is for all the ladies enjoying the retro style, and the button-up design takes you back to the 20s. This adorable ruffled look with polka dots is perfect for each shoe choice and can look sweeter only with a lovely mini-purse with a bow and some large white sunglasses. You will never grow tired of this holiday dress!

5. Mini Gingham spaghetti holiday dress


We saved the urban and versatile for last! Check out our fifth and last suggestion of a vacation dress with this mini dress with spaghetti straps and a Gingham pattern. It can make you look classy on the beach, playing with your toes in the sand, or with some Converse sneakers during a hot summer party in the city. Pair it with your favorite denim jacket and you can get away with murder on a chilly afternoon during spring break. Among all dresses for holidays, this monochrome mini will make you noticed in no time!

We hoped you made good use of our vacation dress ideas and notes, and we can’t wait for your comments and holiday pictures! Make sure to add to your favorite holiday wardrobe the mandatory ingredients – your favorite book, your favorite lipstick, and a broad smile to go with all the above! Pack these five-holiday dresses and worry no more! You are good to go! Calling all passengers for your dream holiday getaway!

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